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  1. how do you handle this?

    call the urology group and get an acute urinary retention tray down there............ ever see it done? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not me looks painful as He**
  2. Should a new grad try ED or not?

    I started in ER out of school. The first 3-4 months seemed overwhelming. After that the learning curve dropped a little bit at a time over the next two years. After 2 years I was completely comfortable. I stayed there 7 years, then went to PACU. Howe...
  3. Too much pain medication

    Most ridiculous ever.............. Dilauded 4 mg IVP Fentanyl 100mcg IVP Demerol 50mg/Phenergan25mg Im Demerol 50mg IVP Morphine 14 MG IVP ALL in 1 hr and 10 minutes. 28 yrs old wide awake complaining we are not helping his pain and denies drug use....
  4. Too much pain medication

    I work 2 jobs right now. ER and PACU - In the ER most docs I have met are always hesitant to give much more than 50-100 of Demerol much less anything else. I can tell you that, one patient will passout after 4mg of MSO4 IV, and the next may take 8M...
  5. I can tell you from working in pacu, with adults it is horrendous to keep the patients tame afterwards. However, our peds ER uses it also. They come as suckers that the patient can suck on. They love using it, it works great for kids. Rick
  6. CEN questions!

    once a year paycheck here: $325 before taxes
  7. Propofol

    We do in PACU at times. Also I float to the pain center. They use it all the time for spinal blocks. Propophol is dose based, and wears off quickly. I believe you can only use it here, if the pt is intubated or anesthesia is present.
  8. Last clinical in ER

    Not sure? Seen quite a few. The only thing I can say, is it seems like as time goes on and you see more, it isn't as bothersome. Although, every now and then there are certain situations that can tear you up. The only thing that gets me every time...
  9. None - went in right out of school, stayed 7 years and went to pacu.
  10. Ours was doc dependant. 90% Compazine. If they are allergic to compazine (allegedly), Demerol vistaril. After CT Toradol. Always the variance of triptans and sometimes DHT.
  11. propofol

    Quanik - I didn't say you were downing the use of propophol. On your quote "Maybe age, weight, fluid status, circ time, biotransformation, metabloism and a few hundred other factors might play a role." That all goes back to amount given. If the pa...
  12. Nursing shortages/careers

    True for all of the above. However, despite a hospital being a bussiness it needs to consider the staff and other issues. At the same time, I know they are being crunched by the insurance companies and medicare. Which at times seems to be nothing bu...
  13. propofol

    just for the record, patient response after propophol is no different than any other drug. It is based on the amount given. In reality, you can give someone 2 mg of versed IV, and have them become unresponsive and need bagging. So that statement i...
  14. ER Nursing--Can I start in MAY 06?!?!?

    I went to ER out of school. Despite the cries of my teachers "That's not real nursing", "You can't do that, you need experience", "they will never hire a new grad", blah, blah, blah. While when I look back, I clearly see that experience is what make...
  15. propofol

    Our ER is not allowed to use it, without an anesthesiologist present. So the ER docs would use versed and Demerol. Which I did not really like. To long to wear off and hit baseline. As an ER nurse I also thought propophol was a bad idea. I left...