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  1. cmggriff

    Tell me about your first save as a nurse

    I don't remember my first either, I remember my best. I was the charge RN on the night shift in an ICU. I had 3 newbies working with me. They had all started about the same time less than 2 years before. I had helped train them after they came down to the night shift. I was used to being their resource and answering their questions. This night one of their patients went south and eventually coded. They did the whole code without me. Did everything right and never missed a beat. Yeah, that was the best night of my career. Gary
  2. cmggriff

    ICU vs ER - question

    hogan, :roll :roll :roll Gary
  3. cmggriff

    Poor wittle guys. *sniffle*

    Having a y chromosome I saw this as more a documentary than a comedy. :chuckle Gary
  4. cmggriff

    If you were a cyborg

    Cybernetic Mechaical Guardian Generated for Rational Infiltration and Forbidden Fighting. But I'm a pussycat? Gary
  5. cmggriff

    Ever testified in court? Need advice...

    Amy, I too have been on the stand to testify re: the method of blood draw and the chain of evidence. In one case the prosecuting attorney asked me to a question about mixing ETOH and valium. That was his mistake as I am not a toxicologist. I got grilled by the defense attorney about my reply. The defense tried to make me angry and imply that I was incompetent. I remembered that I was not the one on trial. Speak to what you can honestly answer to and admit ignorance whereever you need to. You'll do fine. Good luck, Gary
  6. cmggriff

    Thesis Sounding Board

    Susy, reading all this makes me want a beer. Better you than me. Good luck, Gary
  7. cmggriff


    Many studies and my own practical experience have indicated that triage is so important that it must be done by the most experienced medical personnel available. The triage RN must know not only anatomy and physiology, he/she also has to know appropriate treatments and the resources of the facility. Diagnosis should not be done at the triage point. Therefore DR's asn especially surgeons make for lousy triage. Airway-Cspine, Breathing, and circulation are first primary assessments. If any of those are not intact and working everything else must stop. In the military those with compromises here are generally expectant. In the civilian world there is no such category. From there the head to toe assessment is done in1 to 2 minutes per patient. If there is no life threatening condition found in the first 60 seconds of assessment the pt is either delayed or minimal. To do all of this in so short a period requires a lot of experience and a lot of practice. Triage is an ongoing event until the pt is released. Everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully they never result in death of a patient. But sometimes they do. When you make a mistake in triage you try to learn from it, and never repeat the error. There are a number of classes designed to introduce the concepts and practice of triage. If you have to do this take every class you can. Good luck. Gary
  8. cmggriff

    please look at this Issue

    I think you should try to grow some male gonads. Gary
  9. cmggriff

    I was wondering......

    I belong to the ANA, AACN and ENA. Gary
  10. cmggriff

    Understanding men!!!???

    I thought it was pretty funny. So did my wife the blonde. Gary
  11. cmggriff

    ER Jam

    That needs to be recorded. I think it will go platinum. Gary
  12. cmggriff

    Is Health Care a Right?

    Actually, I think every human being born on the face of the planet (or any planet) has theses in alienable rights. I believe goverments should protect and secure those rights. But governments do not grant those rights. Th US Constitution does not grant rights to people. It defines and and outlines the means of securing those rights. So I believe the women of muslim nations are also born with those rights. But the people of those and all nations consent to a government that does not protect or even recognize rights for women. Just because a citizenry consents to a government that denies these rights does not mean that these rights do not exist. Thanks Susy, you're the best. Gary
  13. cmggriff

    Is Health Care a Right?

    Human beings are born with certain inalienable rights. These are defined in the Constitution of the United States. The right to heath care is not listed so far as I can find. If I choose to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day in spite of all the evidence that this is unhealthy, I have the right to do so. (So long as cigarettes are legal.) But why should I be afforded the best in health care if I chose to finance my addiction with money I could have used to purchase heath insurance? As long as ETOH is a legal drug, I can choose to poison my liver with any number of spirits. If I can't afford booze and insurance, how have I earned the right to multiple blood transfusions to correct the problems I created? A community (nation) can choose to provide health care to all regardless of ability to pay. But that does not make it a human right. Some communities have tried to gather together all resources produced in that community and then give each member only what was needed. No one gets more than they need or less than they need. This has not worked out well on a large scale or for a long period of time. Health care is a luxury, not a right. Gary
  14. cmggriff

    Is Health Care a Right?

    No, health care is not a right. Gary
  15. cmggriff

    miss anything?

    Welcome home Kewl. Glad to hear the happy lilt in your voice again. But I warn you to think long and hard before moving. Been there and done that and it was a huge mistake for me and my kids. Good luck and all the best and be sure to check out Heather's Nightmare the thread, Gary
  16. cmggriff

    The 'Dilbert Principle'

    Barbara, The correct word there is effect and I think the military was the worst for that. Someone who could not do the job but that couldn't be discharged would get a job with little or no real work to do. They would create problems for everyone below, but wouldn't bother those above. It is in life as it is in plumbing, the fecal matter flows downhill. Gary