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    ICU and Bed baths?

    nights...great time to do a skin assessment.

    Once you go ICU, you never go back.....

    Well, then thank goodness this is adult ICU.

    Hypothetical Question re: prn meds

    PCA's aren't appropriate for EVERY pain pt, IMO. I don't see a prob with the order...we get those ALL the time. Just use good judgement and you'll be fine.

    Hypothetical Question re: prn meds

    You're making this too hard. Why not just give the next 2mg at 1830 and call it even? I have one question though....how come it took an entire hour to assess that the IV med wasn't effective enough? You should be able to get that info in the first 10-15 minutes after IV administration. I could understand waiting an hour for a PO med, but IV??? It doesn't take that long to get in the system and work. This patient could then have been given the other 1mg of pain med a max of 15 minutes after the first dose ............. and this question about med timing never would have been an issue. Anne


    When the child can unbutton your blouse by himself, he's too old to breastfeed.

    Seeking OB/GYN opinion...

    Problem with the ovaries? I'd definately have them checked/ultrasound. The hormones from dysfunctional ovaries could be what is causing the symptoms....and the positive pregnancy test. 'What do the test results mean? Because the placenta produces HCG, it is an indicator of pregnancy. This test is not able to tell whether or not the pregnancy is healthy. Certain conditions besides pregnancy may cause a positive pregnancy test. These include: - a tumor of the placenta with death of the fetus - ovarian cancer and other types of cancer in some cases - blood or protein in the urine, which can interfere with the result - use of medications to prevent seizures, drugs to treat Parkinson's syndrome, or phenothiazine drugs, such as chlorpromazine, by the mother.' I would get a second opinion ASAP.

    Las Vegas nursing info?

    Where's LasVegasRN when you need her?

    Help - I got savaged by the tangle Fairy

    :rotfl: How about the Thieving Pen Gnome.....never can find that darn pen when I really need it.

    Anyone attend Penn Valley in KCMO???

    Yep, graduated from Penn Valley in May 2001. I felt very prepared when I started my first job out of school. As I have proven, you can go into ANY area of nursing after graduation. :) What exactly do you want to know? Anne:D
  10. KC CHICK

    Kansas City area anyone?

    http://www.mudirect.missouri.edu/degrees/rn-bsn.htm Here's the MU-direct RN-BSN website. I'll be starting this summer w/N180.
  11. KC CHICK

    Kansas City area anyone?

    bizzle, it's my understanding that HCA is the only unionized system....it's also my understanding that it hasn't done much good for the conditions anyway. Truman Medical Center also has hiring bonuses and, because it's a state hospital, you can qualify for the Missouri loan repayment program. There's a gal in my Nutrition class that is currently in the Rockhurst fast track to BSN program. She says it's fast paced, but she seems to like it.
  12. KC CHICK


    Found out yesterday that the Organic Chem class I was in (Chem 205) was not the correct one to take....too low a level for CRNA program. OK, that's cool....dropped the sucker like a hot tater. Not worth risking my GPA if it's not even something I need. Problem starts when I get a schedule for next semester....look up the right Organic Chem class (Chem 221), see that it has a prereq of Chem II (Chem 112), and see that Chem II has a prereq of Chem I (chem 111). Mmmmm, I've had Chem 105 for Healthcare Professionals. This totally sucks! I now have three semesters of chemistry to look forward to after I finish my BSN. Jump through the hoops, Anne....Jump through the hoops! Just focusing now on my Bachelor's, although it's nice to know what I have to look forward to after I graduate next summer......NOT! Anne:D
  13. KC CHICK

    Kansas City area anyone?

    ....as usual, people down south forget that life exists north of the river. The Kansas City, MO northland is growing in leaps and bounds. I'm located close to KCI airport (5 min away) and it's amazing how much growth has happened over the past 10 years. The Park Hill school system here is highly rated....as is the Liberty school system. Just down the street at I-29 and Barry Rd., construction has been phenomenal. I call it "Little Johnson County". There is presently a project underway to build a one million sq/ft shopping center. There is also a Super Wal-art, Lowe's, AMC 24 movie theatre, Barnes & Noble, "2" Starbucks, Hy-Vee grocery store, Panera Bread, Old Navy, and tons of restaurants right down the street along with superb highway access. (I probly left a ton of stuff out....there's so much there.) Research the areas of KC, that's all there is to it.
  14. KC CHICK

    Kansas City area anyone?

    ....and you didn't PM me??? Liberty Hospital is Level II and is located just north of KC. (Have to throw this one in cause this is my home.)...and I'd love working with you. http://www.libertyhospital.org/ The pay here is very competitive. Don't know too much about what the pay is for an experienced nurse, but, new grads start at 18.30/hr, night shift diff of 3.00/hr, and weekend diff of 2.00/hr. (I work weekend nights...wink, wink.) Truman Hospital-hospital hill is Level I and is the downtown KC, MO state hosptial.http://www.trumed.org/ Not sure about the pay...there is usually a sign on bonus. Saint Lukes is Level I and is downtown as well.http://www.saint-lukes.org/slhhp.asp North Kansas City Hospital is Level I....and is in NKC. http://www.nkch.org/ Spoke with HR here about 4 months ago about pay....they were going to pay me at least a buck less/hr and the diff wasn't as good as Liberty. ....hope this is enough to get you started. Of course, the Metropolitan Kansas City area is a very spread out place. The hospitals you'll look at will greatly depend on what area of the city you are going to be living in.....and what state (kansas or missouri). Anne:D PS: Kansas City, MO is much bigger than Kansas City, KS.....also KCK proper isn't known for being a very good area to live in.
  15. KC CHICK

    Once you go ICU, you never go back.....

    Mmmmmm. Let me put this as delicately as possible.....they can't talk back! These pts are sedated (with propofol/diprovan) and are totally helpless. They do require more care than most...i.e tube suctioning, turns, paperwork for restraints, etc. - but - that's better than some of the conscious patients I've had in the past.
  16. KC CHICK

    Once you go ICU, you never go back.....

    :rotfl: JMP....that signature of yours is soooo true.