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  1. This was written by one of our frustrated nurses because nothing ever works on our postpartum floor. The ice machine has been broken and on order for about a year, 1/2 the tv's broken, 1 blood pressure machine that works etc.......... NURSES NOTE: Antepartum pt arrives to the ward via w/c with no legs rests and one arm rest, Pt states, "I can't hold my legs up anymore." Pt oriented to room broken call bell within reach. Pt states, "Is there supposed to be a dial tone on the telephone? (there isn't) Is this TV broken?(TV snow), How do you make the bed go up" A horrible metallic grinding sound was heard through the building (sorry ma'am last bed on the floor) Pt stated, "Where is my bedside table? Can I have a pillow?" (table stolen from greedy neighbor, pt given rolled up sheet as pillow) 18 G IV started in L forearm, IVAC pump repeatedly reads FLOW ERROR! FLOW ERROR! (flow meter missing) replaced IV tubing with Gemini. Nurse-on-a-stick (BP machine) reports AIR LEAK! AIR LEAK! Beyond repair. Bedside-table-blood pressure-cart wheeled in and plugged into broken emergency outlet. Upon auscultation of pts lungs RN had to get a second opinion when she thought she heard crackles.(It was later discovered that if you stretch your neck back as to hold the stethoscope straight you won't get the external noise interference through the cracks. Temperature taken with the only working thermometer (shhhh don't tell the mom the wires are frayed) Pt temp 101.1 pt request ICE (new ice machine replacement on order over 9 months) and snack. Apples moldy d/t pt refridgerator temp 78.4. Pt states, "I'm chilly can I have another blanket" Linen cart empty (second trip to peds for a blanket ) RN attempted to get FHT with broken Doppler that repeatedly shut off and sounded emergency alarms. Orders not placed in computer d/t computer being down. Laboratory throat culture hand written on the Standard lab specimen slip. Husband was recruited to go to administration for retreaval of stamper card and returned stating, "the computer is down they cannot give me any paperwork" (Handwritten name and social on each individual document) Dietary came with request to fill out each meal and a need to fax ASAP. FAX MACHINE REPORTING. ERROR/UNABLE TO SEND!!! Pt medications irretrievable d/t medications not being in computer (orders hand carried to pharmacy) Husband became human IV pole d/t no poles. Pt requested toilet seat to be cleaned d/t blood on the seat. Disclaimer: The above events are based on a true story if you don't believe it ask the staff!
  2. kennedyj

    How soon to shower?

    sure let em shower as soon as they feel ready. they usually feel better too. we get some moms that go out for a smoke a few hours after their delivery. lol The smokers always ambulate well.
  3. kennedyj

    cord care

    now you gotta admit that her hips were meant for childbearing. lol. wow a 5500 g baby!
  4. kennedyj

    "Get a load of this"

    SOUNDS GOOD , Where do I sign up!!
  5. kennedyj

    male ob nurses

    Hey if you find an area you like persue it. I am on OB/gyn nurse and am currently working on my Midwifery degree and possibly a perinatal nurse practitioner so I can do more high risk and ultrasounds. At our labor and delivery unit there is also another guy. best of luck, Jared
  6. kennedyj

    What is your sure-fire ENERGY tip???

    Red Bull is a great energy drink. But I think it may be illegal in the US.
  7. kennedyj

    good stet brand?

    I agree with shelly a good all purpose one at a low price is the Classic 2 SE . I had a littman cardio 2 and liked it very much but I think they dont sell them anymore since the cardio 3 came out
  8. My school BethEl college of nursing / Univ of Colorado A 96-100 A- 90-95 B+ 87-89 B 84-86 B- 80-83 C+ 77-79 C 74-76 C- 70-73 under 70 failing we would ave about 5 A-/A's for 30 students per core course hope it helps Jared
  9. I agree with Fergus, but feel it would depend on the situation and diagnosis. To see someone very sick may impact your ability to properly care for that patient. Your instructor should have complied with your wishes to not take that patient. I do congratulate you on a job well done and your courage to take on the situation under those conditions. It shows you a strong nurse. Once when I sold computers a made a system for a couple that asked me if I could buy them Pot. They poured me a large glass of Jack and coke when I was putting together their computer. They were also very strange. A few weeks lated I saw her as a patient during my Psych rotations. When picking assignments I did not pick her. Jared
  10. kennedyj

    assumptions of title

    I did an ABG a while back and went in and told the patient I was a vehicle mechanic. Its an Army joke because we train our infantry and mechanics to do IV's and stuff. The patient asks who you are and I say Im a mechanic here learning how to do Iv's. Especially when a few other nurses have already stuck them unsuccessfully. I do tell them i was kidding later..
  11. kennedyj

    Anyone have a Master's in Forensics?

    hi, I graduated from Beth-El in colorado. I took one of the classes as an elective. it was great. most are if I remember well are 4 days long each and all day long. You have to turn in a paper after the course. The main Instructor Virginia Lynch is amazing. She lectures all over the country and has established a great program. If you already have a masters you can take the 15 sem hrs and get a masters certificate or also a BSN certificate (the classes are the same) if you dont want to take all the grad junk courses. good luck, Jared
  12. kennedyj

    Diabetic Preganacy

    The largest risks to the infant are during the first trimester. You would want to monitor your sugars closely. This is when the major organs develop especially the heart. High glucose can increase the risk of fetal cardiac problems. Glucose tends to ne a little harder to control during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. At this point the major risk is Big babies (which is easily managed) and moreless an increased risk of delivery problems. If you are preparing to become pregnant and are taking any oral diabetic medications (Orinase, Micronase, Glucotrol etc) you should move to insulin instead. hope this adds to the info rd and Jolie has posted.
  13. In the military our CNA's or med techs start our IVs. I usually give them 1-2 tries or do it from the beginning if it seems like a difficult stick. But I love doing IV sticks especially the hard ones. A little trick a CRNA taught me is to go in slow, get your flash then turn the bevel down after its in the vein and as you advance putting the cath tip just a little toward the surface. Makes it harder to go through the back wall in small veins. This works for me very well. As nurses I think we should all be proficient in IV sticks. You never know when you may need to drop in one quickly.
  14. kennedyj

    fibroid tumors

    funny One of my course case studies was fibroids vs. carcinomas. Fibroids are benigh tumors located in the smooth muscle and vary in size. You can almost call them the Hemhorroids of the uterus. LOL. They are usually located on the inside and outside of the uterine wall (rarely near the cervix). Most remain small. They drcrease in frequency with menapause and are higher in Blacks, people who are obese. When pregnant they enlarge rapidly. you can shrink them with growth hormone or Progerterone or excise them if symptoms are bad. If they cause continuous serious bleeding a hysterectomy may be considered.
  15. kennedyj

    Kill or Cure Show On Discovery Health

    In many cases a home delivery can go well. But i feel as rd. There are many home deliveries that go bad (somewhere around 15%). There is nothing worse than wheeling a woman into the ER during fetal distress. You lose transport time, wasted time setting up for a c/s if needed and no one knows very much about the woman when she arrives. Many of the midwives who do home birth can not practice in hospitals so they push for homebirths. It works out great for women who have had previous uncomplitated deliveries (especially if they went fast). Most of these have routine prenatal care done. Personally I think the best place is a nice comfortable birthing center. We have a high risk OB center and if women wanna go natural we just hep lock em and let em go with occaisional fetal heart monitoring and continuous when near second stage.
  16. kennedyj

    DTR' s, How do you do it?

    reflexes give an idea but are somewhat subjective. Some people will write a 3 and some a 2+. But dont worry the purpose of DTR's is not to get a # but to assess the patients status. This can be done in several ways. The overall goal is to evaluate the level of Mg effect. Mg levels are desired to be kept around 4 -8 (during labor and 24hrs postpartum and until labor stops and is stable in PTL). Patellar reflexes are almost absent around 8 and this is where respiratory depression begins. Most patients will also feel drowsy. Mg is excecreted by the kidney - if urine output is low Mg levels will increase faster especially in small women. I had a patient on Mg once who just didn't have reflexes (strange). We had to rely on other assessments. You can also draw a serum Mg level if reflexes seem low and the pt seem more drowsy than normal. sorry to be long winded. Im procrastinating putting off some case studies I have due tomorrow. Jared