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  1. Sleeping

    Is there no one else on such a large unit that can go and get them? There has rarely been a time I've worked in a large unit that absolutely no one could step off the unit for 3 minutes to grab someone from the break room. Or offer them your cell pho...
  2. Sleeping

    I work with a lot of people who nap on their break time, but they take one hour just like the rest of us. It always surprises me that people complain about sleepers. It doesn't matter what they do on their break as long as they come back on time. And...
  3. Is working in the NICU physically stressful?

    It does often involve a lot of standing like any nursing job, but I'd say it's less physically demanding than a lot of specialties because our patients are light.
  4. It's a 24 hour job:) I have heard a lot of people say nights is easier, slower, quieter, whatever. I always tell them if it sounds like such a great shift to work, they should sign up to do it. Few do. I'm looking forward to starting a day shift job ...
  5. Need some advice on Faststaff

    The housing their travellers had was ok at my old hospital. Not great, but ok.
  6. How do you count HR in the DR

    Palpate cord, 6 seconds times 10. But, I also tap out the heart beat with my other hand on the bed so the other team members have an idea. Some nurses tap it with their feet too. Then even if you don't calculate quickly they still know what's going o...
  7. What's the Difference?

    I'd go with the first hospital. Children's hospitals that do all the wierd stuff are a great place to learn and all that, but they don't give you as much of the general experience. If you want to move around to other units and other hospitals, you're...
  8. 1 year experience

    Please listen to the others. There is nothing worse than working with a traveller who doesn't know her stuff yet because she doesn't have enough experience. The reason they pay travellers what they do is because you're supposed to be able to function...
  9. Best travel agency that pays the most?

    Fastaff. Work lots of hours, get lots of money.
  10. NICUs in Dallas?

    A friend of mine worked in Baylor's NICU for years and really liked it. She also speaks highly of Presbyterian in Plano (the Texas girls all seem to just call it PresbyPlano).
  11. I'm never primarying again, y'all

    I'm glad you asked for a bit of a breather:) The sad truth is, if you couldn't find the strength to do that, then changing specialties won't help you. You'll wind up quitting nursing altogether because you'll get burned out anywhere you go unless you...
  12. I'm never primarying again, y'all

    I'm so sorry for you. I know what it's like to look after a baby like that. I think the other posters have given you some excellent advice. Get the ethics team involved and step back a bit from that family. If you think the other nurses you work wit...
  13. We follow the ratios the majority of the time. Occasionally we do have push assignments (where we have an extra patient), but it's rare. If hospitals are routinely operating outside of ratios they can be reported and fined.
  14. Humiliating IV questions

    It really depends on the type of catheter you're using. We use those safety clicking angiocaths (not the kind with the button). I used to have trouble advancing those. The key for me was to go in VERY slowly. Then after I felt the pop I would advance...
  15. Circumcision

    Work nights. It isn't an issue then cause OBs don't want to do them during the night. I don't participate in circs and don't feel guilty about it. My coworkers know me well enough to know that it isn't me trying to get out of work and I do more than...