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  1. who does your casting and splinting?

    Both the RN's and the Techs are instructed on splinting. The Techs do it mostly but the nurses do it when the Tech is busy or when we have no tech. The Docs never. Occasionally Ortho will come in for complicated reduction and they will cast. We ...
  2. How do you deal with Non-Urgent Patients

    Two reasons in my opinion that we get so many nonurgent pt's in our ED. First MD offices are so booked that the instant response of many office personnel is, we can't see you, GO TO THE ER. The other big reason is money. People with no insurance o...
  3. Per Diem?

    Per diem is a casual position. You work only when you are needed. There is no guarantee of time and no benefits. Yes, you can work when you want to but they have no obligation to use you if you are not needed.
  4. Moving to Pittsburgh

    Sewickley Valley Hospital is a nice size community hospital. I don't know what positions are available there or what starting pay is for a GN. Allegheny General Hospital is a level 1 trauma center on the north side of Pgh across the river but not fa...
  5. ICU jobs in Pittsburgh...

    When your contract is up, try AGH Suburban campus. Small 6 bed ICU, nice stepping stone for a larger ICU experience.
  6. ER: The dumping place

    Just an additional thought. Along with what everyone else has said, we a now are a society of quick fixes. It seems like people have no patience for nonurgent illnesses. Everyone wants a pill for this and a pill for that. Some of the most demandi...
  7. patient belongings

    We only do belonging lists on pt's who are admitted. We have a checklist of what they are keeping with them in the hospital and they sign it. If they can't sign, have decreased LOC or no family with them, security takes their stuff and locks it up. ...
  8. Dealing with the loss of fellow nurse

    We lost one of our nurses a few years ago. She was found dead in bed, was young and had no medical problems. It was quite a shock to all of us. We collected money and gave some to her favorite charity in her name and with the other monies bought a ...
  9. How much did you start as a nurse and when.

    $6.00/hr as a new RN in 1975. Now making $32.00/hr as a charge nurse. My salary increased very slowly over the years and was stagnant for quite a while in the late 80's and 90's. Jumped quite a bit in the last 6yrs, but is still considered on the l...
  10. causes for a non reactive pupil

    For sure a head CT was in order as well as an admit at least to an OBV bed, with eval by a neurologist. I've never seen a minor narcotic OD result in one non reactive pupil. You were right to be concerned, but you can only do so much. Can you do a...
  11. Dispensing medications

    OTC or not, I would not dispense any medication without an order from an MD.
  12. Started as a GN in SICU/Trauma- 3yrs there then 4yrs in CCU then to ER. Been in the ER now for 24yrs.
  13. Awesome ACLS Website !!!

    Just did ACLS renewal and they mention changes but are still teaching the same stuff. I may be wrong but I believe they said the new material will not be introduced until fall 2006.
  14. Cna Classes In Pittsburgh??

    Try Community College of Allegheny County or Beaver. You may want to call HR at Butler Memorial and see if they have any info.
  15. Advice needed concerning job search-Pgh

    Sewickley Valley Hospital and Ohio Valley Hospital still do babies. They are located closer to the North Hills. I don't know if they hire GN's for OB but you could check them out.