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  1. kaycee

    who does your casting and splinting?

    Both the RN's and the Techs are instructed on splinting. The Techs do it mostly but the nurses do it when the Tech is busy or when we have no tech. The Docs never. Occasionally Ortho will come in for complicated reduction and they will cast. We do a lot of Peds, so the Peds Ortho is who we see the most along with his residents.
  2. kaycee

    Dispensing medications

    OTC or not, I would not dispense any medication without an order from an MD.
  3. Started as a GN in SICU/Trauma- 3yrs there then 4yrs in CCU then to ER. Been in the ER now for 24yrs.
  4. kaycee

    Awesome ACLS Website !!!

    Just did ACLS renewal and they mention changes but are still teaching the same stuff. I may be wrong but I believe they said the new material will not be introduced until fall 2006.
  5. kaycee

    ER Dept Scrub Color

    We wear black scrubs in the ER but can wear any color top or jacket. ICU and PCU are navy and white. Med surg is white pants with any color tops or jackets. Aides are wine pants with any color tops or bottoms. Secretaries wear street clothes. Housekeeping wear khacki pants and white shirts. There's more colors in other depts but I can't recall them right now. Patients only know who's who if you identify yourself. Name badges are pretty small and hard to read unless you're up close.
  6. kaycee

    Nurses over 50 &/or with health issues affecting work

    Wow this is an old thread. Happy to report, I had my R hip replaced at 47, with no complications. It's been 3 years and at 50, I still work in the ER, 4 10hr shifts a week. I'm on my feet all day and I pull my own weight. I may have to get the L one replaced in the next couple of years, but hey, I'll be the bionic nurse. Just wanted to let you'll know, I'm still workin and going strong.
  7. kaycee

    IV Phenergan and Toradol "Push"

    Yes, Toradol burns, I've also been on the receiving end and had pt's tell me it burns. I also dilute the Toradol with NSS before giving it. Maybe the combination of two very irritating drugs made you even more predisposed to DVT. We don't use Phenergan very much but when it's ordered IV it is diluted. We use a lot of Reglan and Zofran. I've found Reglan can cause people to get very anxious sometimes. Anyone else had this happen?
  8. "I haven't eaten all day." After arriving by ambulance for a sore throat, "I'll need a cab pass home" "I only had one beer" ETOH 269 "Are you the doctor, or JUST a nurse" "I have to be otta here in a half n hour, can you hurry things up?" " I have an apt with my doctor in 1 hour but I just couldn't wait" "Could you write me a prescription for Tylenol?" "I was not almost dead" after Heroin OD with a little Narcan. "I just know I'm really sick and need to be admitted" walks in with suitcase syndrome. " I never had to wait this long before" there are so many more but just thinking about them makes me mad. #1 that bothers me the most "I PAY YOUR SALARY"
  9. kaycee

    UPMC Passavant???

    http://www.upmcnurses.com/Benefits.htm Try this link, I believe all UPMC facilities are the same.
  10. kaycee

    Pittsburgh Nurses...is there a shortage?

    Yes there is still a need for nurses in Pittsburgh. Any of the major health systems, West Penn Allegheny, Mercy or UPMC have bigs ads in the paper every Sun.
  11. kaycee

    How many hours do nurses work in a week?

    Four 10hr shifts 7a-5p Mon-Thur. Every Thurs, Fri, & Sat off.
  12. kaycee

    mandatory scrubs?

    We are color coded per unit. In the ER we wear black. I didn't think I would like it, but it actually looks pretty nice. You can wear any color print top, but you have to have black pants. Years ago when we wore blues, they were hospital provided. As soon as we picked our own colors, we were on our own. We have never been provided a uniform allowance. At least I can keep all my receipts and use it as a tax deduction.
  13. kaycee

    Need Advice with a Charge nurse.

    Has he been a nurse longer then you? Sometimes it is difficult for a more experienced nurse to have a boss that is less experienced. Just a thought. I think what you plan to do is a good idea, however you may find no matter what you do his behavior will not change. How exactly does his behavior affect pt. care? If that is what concerns you the most, that is what you must focus on in your chat with him.
  14. kaycee

    12 hour shifts too long?

    I work four 10hr days. 7am-5pm Mon-Thurs with every Fri, Sat and Sun off. It works for me.
  15. kaycee

    New signs to post at the door

    If you can stand at the door and complain about waiting, you don't need to be here.
  16. kaycee

    CVP and SV02 monitoring in the ED

    I agree with Dixielee. We don't have the time or staff to do invasive monitoring in our ED.