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  1. Anyone have any info about this? How is it diagnosed? What is the treatment? Thanks!
  2. BlueBear

    Med/Surg to ER

    I had 4 plus years on an ortho/med-surg floor and then went to the ED. I had to take arrhythmia interpretation first, and once I was in the ED I had to take ACLS, PALS, and I just finished TNCC. I will do ENCP next year. I think it is definitely do-able without a tele background, but it would definitely be to your benefit to have tele. So much of the ED revolves around cardiac monitors! When I started orienting, I didn't even know how to turn the thing on, never mind change settings etc. But, it can be learned, it just might be a little harder for you early on. Just make sure you do your arrhythmia interpretation course FIRST, and know that stuff inside and out. It definitely helped me. Good luck!
  3. BlueBear

    Just Go Pee!

    I believe this is part of the reason why nurses are not taken seriously and are not respected. For goodness sake, if you have to urinate you notify the charge that you will be "not available" for a few minutes and YOU GO! That is politically correct. As far as I am concerned, if you have to pee, you just go and do what you have to do and I highly doubt anyone will expire in the meantime! I work ED, but really, if the urge strikes then the nurse just needs to go, knowing that everyone can hang on for a few minutes longer!
  4. BlueBear


    Lots of pharmacuetical companies name their drugs in a way to hint at either what they are for, how they are dosed, etc. For example, Dolobid (I know, old drug but only one I can think of right now!) is given twice a day (bid). Lipitor is easy, as it is used to treat lipids. Timoptic for eyes (optic) and on and on. Can anyone think of any others??
  5. BlueBear

    Any Ideas on Graduate School????

    Check out St. Joseph's in Standish Maine. I am doing my Masters in Nursing Education there, and it is mostly through distance education. You are required to do one 2 week summer residency. You can do one class at a time, and the cost isn't too bad either. They are accredited. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  6. BlueBear

    MRSA - what can you tell me about it?

    I have seen lots of MRSA when I worked the floor. Universal precautions are a must - really more to protect your patients than to protect you. Many of us are already colonized with MRSA but for our immunocompromised patients, this could be deadly. Gown and glove when you care for her. Is she continent? If so, this is helpful. If not, be careful while changing her and make sure all contaminated waste and linens are disposed of properly. And don't forget that visitors also need to wear PPE so they don't spread the germs around the institution on their way out. I hope this is helpful to you!!
  7. BlueBear

    They buried my friend today

    I don't come here often, but I am glad I came tonight. I am so sorry. What a terrible tragedy. God bless you, his wife, and kids. I am praying for you all.
  8. BlueBear


    I work the ED in NJ and nurses do not suture. That is usually left to the PA's as the attending and their residents don't have the time. Of course, it it is a bad facial lac, plastics will be called in.
  9. BlueBear

    allnurses.com suggestions from users

    Brian, I know this will not be a popular response but I wanted to let you know.... I frequent Nursing Spectrum BB alot and the members there don't come here because it is too complicated. There are SO MANY forums to choose from! At least at NSBB it is all in front of you to pick and choose as you see fit. When you go to all nurses, there is so much to check every day, you just get overwhelmed!
  10. BlueBear

    Are You Board Certified?

    it may not be a fortune, but my hospital pays an extra $1/hour for certification. as soon as i feel comfortable in the ed i plan on sitting for the cen. i'll take that extra dollar per hour!!!!!
  11. BlueBear

    RN to MD?

    You will need a Bachelor's degree first-hopefully something in the sciences, but that is not required. There are some undergrad classes that are required, and you may not have taken them as part of your nursing program. You need 2 semesters each of general chemistry, biology, physics, and organic chemistry ( you need to take the lab portion as well). Once you have these pre-reqs, you can sit for the MCATs. I took them way back in 1990 so they might have changed but I remember them as being quite challenging, although not impossible. I think it is more important to decide what kind of profession you are most interested in. RNs and MDs think very differently, and thus interact with patients differently. You might want to also explore the Nurse Practitioner role and also Physician Assistants jobs. They are all very different and require different education, strengths etc. Good luck!!
  12. BlueBear

    Need Assistance from the many Pet owners here :)

    I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Cody (his picture is my avator). They are small dogs (
  13. BlueBear

    Mysterious Knee Surgery Deaths?

    I'm only getting bits and pieces of the story here in NJ but am very curious as to what is going on. I figure it has to be a specific individual contaminating patients. Keep us posted P RN. I would love to know the whole story!
  14. BlueBear

    Flu shots

    The flu shot is made with a killed virus, so you CANNOT get the flu from it. However, you can have side effects from it. I received a flu shot last week and it was the first one I ever had. They say that if you have never had the flu shot before, or have not been exposed to the flu before, your risk for side effects is greater. This is because your body has not had to fight off this virus before so now it has to work extra hard to build up your immunity. The shot knocked me out the day I had it. I was exhausted, achy, and generally felt lousy. The next day I felt fine, except for a sore arm. Will I do it again next year? Yes, because the side effects from the shot were not nearly as bad as actually getting the flu. Hope this helps!
  15. BlueBear

    smallpox link

    I understand what the point is, I guess I am nervous enough to think partial immunity is better than NO immunity!!!!
  16. BlueBear

    smallpox link

    I have NO IDEA id I was vaccinated. Pediatrician got rid of all old records! I was born in 1966-at what age was the smallpox vaccine given?