Where was your first LPN job????

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I have been trying to find my first job for a while now!!!!! Just trying to lift my spirits a little bit.

Where or what was your first LPN job, where are you from, and how long did it take you to get it???

maybe your responses will give us "new grads" some hope! :mad:

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Sorry, but this was 8 years ago. My first LPN job was LTC (3-11). I was hired during my last week of school and started externing 2 days after graduation. This was in Louisiana. But keep the faith and keep your options open!!! Also, if you are offered a position that's not your first "choice" just try it, you may just enjoy it!!! Good luck!!!!

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This was four years ago, in February 2006. My first LPN position was in a LTC facility (a.k.a. nursing home) for the 3 to 11pm shift. I found this job one day after receiving my temporary license in the mail.

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My first job was at a doctor's office. I am in PA. It was good hours, bad pay. I agree with the previous poster who said if you are offered a job that you think you may not like, just try it. Jobs are hard to come by as it is and you can always quit. I turned down a few higher paying jobs at first because I din't like the shift. Bad move on my part. Being picky doesn't pay off....that is if you are able to work any shift. If you have kids, etc. I understand that.

Apply everywhere! Dr office, assisted living, skilled, prisons, home health agencies...

Good luck!

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Casual in both acute care and LTC. I usually take whoever calls first and if I like the ward/unit.

Got this employment a week after graduation (but that was 2 years ago and things are dramatically different even 2 years later) :(

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Live in south central PA, graduated 12/08, worked as NA in ALF while in school, moved right to the SNF (same company/campus) once I passed the NCLEX in 1/09. My position was part time, no benefits with lots of extra hours available. I questioned agency nurses at the facility to get their imput - where to work/avoid working. One place came up a lot as being good for new grads (good orientation), applied in 6/09 started there in 7/09, still there. It's not my ideal job, I look at it as "basic training"/"boot camp" that will give me the 1-2 years experience everyone looks for.

A willingness to be flexible helps. Don't start out looking for that ideal job, rather look to get the 1-2 years experience which will open more doors. Hopefully the economy will pick up in the meantime. It's easier to find positions on evening/night shifts. Be willing to travel to get to a job. Don't expect premium $$$, especially given the current economy. Long term care (nursing homes) seem to hire the most LPN's.

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I just got a new job at a nursing home. I've been a nurse for about two weeks but before I got a call it seemed like two years.... Don't lose hope, something will come through!

Good Luck and Happy Nursing!!:nurse:

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Hospital clinic. I had worked at this same facility and clinic as a Patient Care Associate. Also grabbed side gigs as a flu nurse, med-surg per diem (at my same hospital), and vaccination nurse for the US Army.

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Graduated in December 15th took NCLEX March 24th got hired on April 6th at an LTC in AZ. So like two weeks of pounding the pavement. I suggest getting a list of every LTC or SNF in your area and start passing out the resumes... thats what I did.

Yeah, Thats what I have been doing. I have been to every LTC facility within an hour from my house. Pretty much all of the doctors offices in my area. Someone will call me soon!!!!! I hope. :)

My first job was 28 years ago, I worked in a small rural hospital. Of course started out at 5.25 an hour. Worked all areas of the hospital second shift. I stayed there for 24 years, for the last 13 year I did Infection Control and Employee Health. Loved it.

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I graduated in '72 (yah I know the dark ages) and my first job was med/surg in a small rural hospital, they then asked me to transfer to the Ortho floor after 6 months because of my great skill set (it was quite an honor back then). After that, I worked at a LTC for 6 years and then went to work at a teaching hospital in their Family Practice Clinic and I loved it.

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