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  1. taRaNeika_88

    Am I too young?

    I am in the exact same boat.. I am 21 and I'm a LPN and I also have all of my pre-req's to start a bridge program.. The only thing that is different is that I am proud that I am young and am getting my career started at an early age.(No offense to older students) Just be confidence and make yourself happy!!!
  2. taRaNeika_88

    pass/fail with 265?

    I believe that you can pass or fail with the max amount of questions. I had the MAX and I'm a NURSE! Good Luck and Happy Nursing!!
  3. taRaNeika_88

    Second Day On The Floor ~Nursing Home~

    I start my first job Monday in a nursing home and I am very nervous. My orientation time is way longer than I anticipated so that is a plus.. Sorry you had such a bad night.. I've been told that those nights come and you just have to always be prepared for the worst.. Good Luck and Happy Nursing:nurse:
  4. taRaNeika_88

    AAHHHHHH!! retest tomorrow am

    Good Luck! Relax and take your time!
  5. taRaNeika_88

    Where was your first LPN job????

    I just got a new job at a nursing home. I've been a nurse for about two weeks but before I got a call it seemed like two years.... Don't lose hope, something will come through! Good Luck and Happy Nursing!!
  6. taRaNeika_88

    Does everyone feel like they've been hit by a mack truck

    I felt the exact same way!! Congrats and good luck with your official results.
  7. taRaNeika_88

    Passed the Nclex now waiting on a license number

    I took my test on Aug.25th and found out via quick results Aug.27th that I passed. The next day on Sat. I received some paperwork from the MS BON confirming my results and my license number..The website is down so that's the reason you can't get the number from the website.. I would suggest waiting for the paperwork in the mail if the site is still down. Congrats:yeah: and Happy Nursing!
  8. taRaNeika_88

    Starting New Job Monday!!! Nervous.... any advice??

    Congrats on getting the job!! I am also starting a new job on Monday and I am extremely nervous.. I have some of the same concerns as you do. I have talked to some of the nurses that I will be working with and they told me to just calm down and learn as much as I can during orientation.. Good Luck and Happy Nursing!!
  9. taRaNeika_88


    :yeah:CONGRATS:yeah: HAPPY NURSING:nurse:
  10. taRaNeika_88

    According to PVT I passed

    Congrats and its been proven that the PVT works sooo get ready to:balloons: CELEBRATE!*wine Good Luck and Happy Nursing!!
  11. taRaNeika_88

    New nurse first job!

    Congrats to you!! I just got my first job today also!!! This is the job I wanted because it's close to home and my car isn't super reliable. Good Luck on your new job and Happy Nursing!!
  12. taRaNeika_88

    took nclex yesterday...

    I'm sure you did fine.. 95% of NCLEX test takers feel doomed after taking it.(those are my statistics lol). The comment your daughter gave you should have given you a boost because that was very nice of her. I have a 3yr old and she just prayed with me and that was all I needed. Good Luck and Happy Nursing!!
  13. taRaNeika_88

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  14. taRaNeika_88

    Today is the Day!

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  15. taRaNeika_88

    Getting your license after passing NCLEX

    I took NCLEX Aug.25th and found out I passed via quick results on Friday Aug.27th. The MS BON website is currently down so I don't think its going to be up until they fix it. The only thing I have to go by is the paper they sent in the mail. Good Luck and Congrats!! Happy Nursing:nurse: