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  1. DogWmn

    Lessons from a night as a Patient Companion

    Thanks, I'm a retired LPN and now work as a Patient Sitter, it's a hard almost thankless job. But someone's got to do it.
  2. DogWmn

    That Dreaded 3-11 Shift

    I LOVE 3-11:30, I can sleep in if I need to, have plenty of daylight hours to do things and then go to work. I can't do nights, I've tried and it's not me, it actually made me physically ill.
  3. Medical Technologists are nationally licensed.
  4. I'm all for a national licensure and have been for years, however, I doubt it would happen anytime soon, it's a money maker for the states.
  5. DogWmn

    The 'De-Skilling' Of Nursing

    I agree with the OP, I've watched this happen over the last 40 years. First they ran us (LPN/LVN) out of the hospital setting and replaced us with CNA or Techs who've had a minimum of 4 weeks of task related training. As an LPN I was trained at the bedside to be a bedside nurse. We were trained to assess with critical thinking skills (yup that's right folks) look for opportunities to evaluate and talk with the patient at all times. I've also watched our scope of practice explode not just expand over the last 40 years. For the last year I've worked as a non-medical patient sitter and have watched what kind of care is given to the patient, I'm often ignored by staff when they are in the room because they don't realize I'm an LPN who let my license lapse in this state. Quite frankly the bedside care these patients get is abismal. The RN's are so overwhelmed its pathetic, the CNA/Tech's have a huge patient load and not only don't have the time but really don't have the skills. I also agree that we should have a national nurses union, however, I also see the one mentioned doesn't include LPN/LVN's. For years we've been shuffled off and all of a sudden the want us included...That'd be great so where is this national union that's all inclusive of licensed nurses. I have advocated for a national licensure agency for years, if we as nurses both RN and LPN/LVN have a national licensure it would also lend itself to have a national voice for ALL licensed nurses. We've been divided for so long, many RN's today have never worked with an LPN/LVN and have no idea what we can do and our skill level. My years of working in a hospital were great, the patients got outstanding care, those hospitals only hired RN's and LPN/LVN's - no CNA's no Techs. Those patients got TRAINED and Licensed nursing care. What I'm wondering is how to un-ring the bell, can it be done? As long as we have for profit health care in this country where the bottom line is more important than the patient...well you know the answer and it's no.
  6. Another great article - Thanks. While I'm still an LPN will remain so, when I went to school it was in a very very rural central Oregon area and we had to go to the main campus for the theory classes and the clinicals were at 3 different hospitals located miles and miles away 80 mile round trips were the norm for most of us and it was not freeway driving it was 2 lane back country roads and during the winter on snow and ice. Funny I didn't think much about that aspect of my schooling until your article. Again, thanks for a wonderful article as usual.
  7. DogWmn

    LPNs: Myths and Misconceptions (Part I)

    Thank you thank you thank you. I'm a don't want to be an RN LPN. One of the saddest things about nursing in accute care is the loss of LPN's and going to CNA/RN care. When I worked in a hospital it was all RN's and LPN's and the care those patients got was much better than what I observe as a patient sitter today. Again, thanks
  8. DogWmn

    LPN = Life's Perfect Nurse?

    Love it...Life's Perfect Nurses:yelclap:
  9. DogWmn

    Scam Schools And Diploma Mills

    Good article, the scammer schools are growing in all areas, I'd love to see them outlawed.
  10. DogWmn

    How to Handle Student Incivility

    I agree, and I went to school in the dark ages where there were rules and if you didn't abide them you were gone. These types of students would have been out the door with no recourse. What happened to plain old respect???? My biggest concern is what type of nurses will these students make? I don't think I'd want one like that as my nurse.
  11. DogWmn

    St John's Regional Medical Center Joplin Missouri

    My thoughts are with you all.
  12. DogWmn

    Thoughts are with all of you

    In Missouri and I hope all are well after the tornado. Stay safe.
  13. DogWmn

    Increasing ER visits because of no insurance!

    Ummm we don't have a "sliding scale clinic" anywhere near me in my area. and even if they did, I'm still without any funds at the moment and would have still had to use the ED. I think what many don't realize that health care in one area is not the same in another, some things available in one state are not there in another. I live rural and we have very few resources within a commutable distance. My bro lives in SoCal and I'm totally amazed how much better his healthcare is.
  14. DogWmn

    Rules of the Dr.office

    LOL, thanks for the laugh. I worked FP and Peds clinics and the parents are many times the problem not the kids. Rule: Yes the heel stick will hurt and your newborn will cry but the test is important. (many times I just make them wait outside the room) Rule: Yes I do have 5 or 6 arms to hold your child down for a shot but an additionl 2 would be nice. And no your 2 year old will not hold still for a shot...reasoning with them is not gonna work.
  15. DogWmn

    Increasing ER visits because of no insurance!

    Guilty, I'm a currently long term unemployed person, no insurance, no money, not elegible for medicaid or anything else. Last weekend I woke up with what I thought might be a serious eye problem...I fretted for hours, wondering how in the world would I pay to go to urgent care...they require $$$ up front and right now I have less than $30. to my name. As my eye got worse and more painful, I bit the bullet and went to the ED at small hospital, I was embarrassed and humiliated that I had to use the ED for this, but it was my only option. I was fortunate that the RN on duty was very empathetic to my plight and I was treated with respect by the understanding staff, on the other hand the Doc was an *******, due to the stress of going in my BP was through the roof and they wouldn't let me go until it went down, I tried to explain to him that I can no longer afford my BP meds and he just didn't get it, I again tried to explain that I don't qualify for anything...sigh. They left me in a darkened room with the lights down low and all that did was add to my stress, when the nurse came in to take my BP I asked him to use the regular cuff as the machine was pumping up so high it hurt and added to my stress and I also asked if someone would just stay with me and talk for awhile because if I was left to my own devices in the darkened room I'd continue to stress over all my problems...he did and guess what the BP went down and I could go home. I will be for ever greatful for that nurse who LISTENED to me...after all I'm now 60 years old and have lived in this body for a long time and know what works and doesn't. With the economy so bad and millions of people just like me I'm sure the ED is packed with non-emergent patients. I know it is my only option right now and I hate it. Now I'm trying to fill out all the forms that go with being an indigent patient...more stress. Until our health care system changes there will be more of the same.