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  1. DogWmn

    Come to work or get fired-Hurricane Irma!!!

    I currently live in NE GA where a snow/ice event is rare, so rare that chains are illegal in this state and you can't even buy them. But several years ago while working as a PRN patient sitter/tech a snow/ice event was forecast. I called staffing and asked if they'd like me to come in a head of the storm as I doubted I could get out if the event happened as predicted. I was told I would have to PAY for my own hotel room which would have costed more than I would have made on a shift! No support what so ever. Well we had a really big snow storm for us and several inches of ice on top of it. I live rural and I couldn't get out was trapped in my home without power for several days. So I was off when the storm started but I had signed up for a shift now keep in mind it's PRN we called 2 hours before the shift started and if there was a patient we got the shift. No patient no shift. I couldn't afford several days of hotel room and food ect. The next day when I woke to the snow/ice and knew I was going to be stuck for several days I did call and tell them my situation giving them warning yet when my shift came up I was still trapped and couldn't get out and I wasn't fired but I got a huge ding on my record. If the facility isn't going to help us with hotel rooms and no guarantee of a shift ~ I certainly couldn't afford to pay for a room that would be more than I'd make for a shift and not get paid at all.
  2. DogWmn

    Nursing Student does not like PCT job

    Working as a PCT will teach you so much that you won't learn in school, real world experience with patients, their families and other staff. The big one will be time management skills ~ that alone will be worth it. As a nurse you will utilize your PCT skills every day ~ if your a good nurse. I worked as an aide (we didn't have CNA's back then) it gave me many opportunities to discover if nursing is what I wanted to do, I often talked with the nurses asking them questions about what they liked and didn't about their jobs it gave me an opportunity to observe what they did and also ask about schooling. Before you invest any more time in school you need to decide if this is really what you want to do.
  3. DogWmn

    Office Nurse: What's It Like?

    I worked as an Office Nurse in a University setting where FP residents were trained & we did OB, Peds, small procedures and I loved it it was fast paced and we did everything. I also worked in a rural FP clinic next door to a 35 bed hospital pre-urgent care again doing everything from cradle to grave. It was fantastic and you never knew what was coming in the door besides the scheduled patients. Lots of pt education and getting to know the whole family and their dynamics.
  4. Their pain is what they say it is, as nurses we are their to care for them not to judge them
  5. DogWmn

    I hate nursing

    I worked as an LPN for 20 years and finally burnt out ~ I never wanted to be an RN too far away from the bedside ~ I was lucky that most of my career was in hospitals before we were kicked out. They other part was in Family Practice clinics and for the most part that was a great job caring for patients from cradle to grave ~ then the Docs started hiring MA's so I did a stint in a SNF ~ in hind site I wish I would have gotten my PTA ~ I've talked to many of them and they all seem to love their jobs ~ so if you want to stay in the medical field and utilize your LPN experience go for a PTA ~ those jobs aren't going away and you can get additional certifications in specialties you have a national License ~ but fair warning make sure of your state regs and don't let your nursing license lapse I wish you luck
  6. DogWmn

    LPNs still in demand?

    Yes there are still plenty of LPN jobs ~ I've been hearing the "phased out" since 1972 when I graduated ~ it's BS
  7. DogWmn

    Terminated After Two Months!!

    I guess I'm floored ~ I'm an LPN grad '72 we had tons of clinical hours as my program was based on the old hospital based diploma program. I was well prepared for the job I was hired to do and those diploma new grads could hit the ground running with little orientation they were a joy to work with ~ my concern is this new grad's program is badly lacking if after 3 months of orientation she couldn't handle the job ~ scary So many schools today don't have enough clinical hours ~ my last term we were given close to a full assignment of patients we learned time management skills in school, we also had what we then called "brains" a form we filled out at report and carried in our pockets about each one of our patients with notes to make sure we did it right and on time. Back then we also had team nursing with total patient care ~ there were no cna's or techs only LPN's and RN's ~ those patients got fantastic care! I would ask the OP if others in her class are having similar problems?
  8. DogWmn

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    Oh so true I was an LPN from '72-'92 quit due to burn out and then in '08 I lost my real estate related job and my profession as the market crumbled. After 4 years I was able to get on as a patient sitter at a regional hospital ~ I was laid off 3 weeks before my 65th birthday. The nurses loved me and often requested me to sit with the most difficult patients due to my prior nursing experience, yet all I was told was to apply for other jobs at the hospital which I had done with few interviews. I have 2 friends who are in their late 50's and early 60's who are still working at that hospital as RN's and live in fear of loosing their jobs since we live rural there are not a lot of options. The 4+ years I worked at that hospital I was quite frankly shocked at how the older nurses were treated ~ they were our gold mines when I was a new nurse. Everything is so true ~ but what's the answer? Hospitals are unwilling to train and staff correctly and the patient care suffers. I'm terrified of ever being admitted to any hospital in today's world.
  9. DogWmn

    How would deal with these type of CNAs?

    I find this thread quite interesting. From '72-92 I worked as an LPN in mostly hospital environments, Med-Surg, Ortho, ICU and even ED ~ I ran the suture/cast room. During that time there were NO aids/pcts it was just nurses. We also had team nursing back then. We were all professionals, the patients were well cared for, we got our breaks and if we had a late admission we all helped out so no one had to stay late or everyone did until the admission was finished. I LOVED TEAM NURSING. As LPN's were run out of the hospital I became a charge nurse on a Medicare floor of a very large SKNF. The Aids and Orderlies were good and caring. Again Team work in play. We had 1 RN as a shift supervisor and the rest of the floors had LPNs as med passers, treatment nurses and Charge. I left nursing after 20 years with burn out. In '08 at the age of 58 I lost a job and profession I loved as a Real Estate Title examiner. After 4 years of unemployment I got a job as a Patient Sitter ~ so I got a real eye opener as to the Techs ~ some were great, some good some awful and often it was directly related to floor management. September of '15 I was laid off 3 weeks before I turned 65. Soooo I am now in a CNA program through our local CC because I need to work at least part time to supplement my SS. I'm very surprised at the depth of the program. It has many more hours than OBRA requires. We learn not just the skills but the whys behind the skills. I start clinicals this week! then we go for 3 weeks of "boot camp" to prep for the 2 part state exam ~ a multi-guess test and a timed skills test done with a state examiner standing over you! I'm old enough that I sat for the State Test Pool exam. I will be a "new" CNA soon and an older worker! I expect to be treated with respect by my co-workers and that means ANYONE be it nurse CNA, dietary etc. We are all there for one reason ~ care of the patient. So if one of you ends up working with me ~ I might not be the fastest, the strongest ~ but I will be a GREAT CNA! So for those of you who are having problems with your co-workers you need to spend some time reflecting on WHY and figure out what YOU can do to implement positive changes. My instructor in my CNA class is ALWAYS positive ALWAYS and it's infectious and it's one infection we should all want to get! To the OP ~ on your way to work think of one thing your grateful for ~ work on ways to walk through the door at work with a smile on your face and leave your problems at the door. Find little things at work that give you joy. If you can't do these things you need to consider either a job change or career change. Staffing in healthcare is abysmal and it's not going to get better. If you want to stay in nursing ~ become the innovator ~ the problem solver ~ work with ALL the staff to come up with ways for everyone to work smarter and involve the staff in these changes ~ make them feel they are part of the solution and part of the team. I wish you luck OP no one ever said working in the field of medicine is easy for anyone.
  10. DogWmn

    First Choice Nurse; Second ???

    Nat. Geo. Photo journalist. If still in med profession Physical Therapist.
  11. DogWmn

    Why do you think nurses leave the profession?

    After 20 years I had major burn-out. Also as an LPN trained in bedside nursing we were being tossed from the hospitals and I had no desire to become an RN. I did find another area that I liked and that was rural Family Practice clinics (long before urgent cares) we did and saw it all from cradle to grave! I loved it but the pay was pathetic and I could hardly make it from pay check to pay check. Choices continue to dwindle and nursing was all I had ever done so I left and worked as an admin in IT departments and enjoyed it that went away and learned to run titles as a real estate title examiner history of the land but as we all know that died in '08. So now I work part time PRN as a patient sitter with 1013's my long dormant skills came flying back to the surface and I'm good at it -very good, I often am requested for difficult patients by unit managers....LOL crap pay but it helps supplement my SS. Would I become a nurse again - NO? I see what goes on today and I would not care to do it again. It's the patient that suffers the most and bedside care has left the building never to return.
  12. DogWmn

    Lessons from a night as a Patient Companion

    Thanks, I'm a retired LPN and now work as a Patient Sitter, it's a hard almost thankless job. But someone's got to do it.
  13. DogWmn

    LPN Job in Athens GA

    I just saw this on the ARMC web site there is an LPN job at the hospital as an MEDICATION RECONCILIATION nurse. Not sure if I've posted in the right area but for all those GA LPN's it's worth a look.
  14. I worked in clinic's for years and we always checked with the lab as often they would change tube colors on us. About 2 years ago I took a pleb course and took a national exam...that order of draw is very important and it's always best to check with the lab if there is a question. You might also see if the lab has a sheet for order of draw and post it on the Unit.
  15. DogWmn

    RN's forced to do CNA work

    What a rare opportunity you had, to sit and observe the patient for a whole shift. I worked as a patient sitter for a year. Often when I needed a break it was the RN who filled in and they were glad for it.
  16. DogWmn

    Are there any LPN's not going for RN?

    At my age 61 nearly 62 I have no desire to go back. The areas of nursing I enjoyed most were clinic nursing and rarely do they hire RN's.