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  1. jommit52

    IV training for LPN's

    Does the company you work for offer it? Mine does, and they didn't tell me this when I was hired. So, you could check into that. Check your local community colleges too. The one I attended used to offer it, but they stopped this year.
  2. jommit52

    2010 LPN/LVN hourly wage

    17.25 per hour. plus .75 for midnight differential. .50 for weekend differential and 3.00 for covering for a call off weekend (2.00 or weekday). Location: Central Illinois...2 hours south of Chicago. New grad LPN
  3. jommit52

    LVN New Grad Looking for First Job

    It took me about a month and a half to find a job (in IL). Just keep looking and stay positive! Everything will work out!
  4. jommit52

    Salary for LPN supervisor at assisted living?

    at assisted living facilities by me, in central IL, starting pay is 15.00. They supervise cna's. Nursing homes around 18
  5. I just started my first LPN job about 2 weeks ago. There is nothing you can "prepare" for. I have wonderful, experienced co workers that are SO VERY helpful...you won't get that lucky sometimes. All I can tell you is to ASK ASK ASK. The hardest part of the job is to remember how to get on the computer, or which pharmacy to fax, or which doctor to call at what times of the day (the doctors that the residents have at this place are NUTS)...Its stuff like that that is hard. I trained 4 days on one cart, had one day alone, then will do that process again with all 5 carts until I get through them all. Everything is a "find out one the job" type thing. Most facilities have their own protocols on how they will do things. You will have tons of questions...and they are going to expect that. I get a lot of help from the residents...they tell me "hey, so and so Is starting to act goofy...you may want to watch her." You will do great...its a lot to take in though...but you will for sure learn sooo much. The HARDEST part is learning the names and faces!!! Good luck to you!!
  6. jommit52

    New LVN grad needs job..suggestions???

    I had the same problem as you did. I went on several interviews with no luck. Just apply everywhere. You might have to take a shift you dont want, or low pay...but if someone is willing to give you a chance then for sure take it! I just got hired at a LTC facility about 50 miles south of where I live. Its a bit of a drive, but thats okay. You might have to settle for something like that until you get your first year in. It was EXACTLY one month from the day I got licensed to the day I was offered the job.
  7. jommit52

    LPN/LVN rate of pay in your area.

    I just landed a job in Illinois near champaign. As a new grad I was started off at 17.85. plus 1.00 for 2nd shift and .75 for nights. 2.00 extra per hour for weekends and 3.00 per extra for picking up an open shift or coming in for a call off.
  8. jommit52

    hardest and easiest nursing class?

    we dont have specific classes...each semester is labeled as PNUR 1 2 and 3..or PNUR pharmacology 1 and 2. My least favorite was Pharm 2...second semester pharmacology. There was SO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!! my favorite class would be second semester theory (Pnur 2). I learned sooo much that semester...It was Hell, but so fun!
  9. jommit52

    nursing school clinicals?

    My program was 3 semesters... first semester (16 weeks): first 8 weeks was "lab time" where she taught us skills and such...2nd 8 weeks was in LTC one day a week from 7am to 4:10 pm. 2nd semester (16 weeks): first 8 weeks in a LTC center from 6:30 am to 4:00pm I think...one day a week. 3rd semester (6 weeks) first 3 weeks LTC. second 3 weeks Hospital acute care. from 6:00am to 1:00 pm. We also did one day rotations in ER and Dialysis.
  10. jommit52

    Where was your first LPN job????

    Well, I finally was offered a job!!! A LTC facility about an hour south of where I live. I can tell that its going to be a pretty good place to work too!!!
  11. jommit52

    Where was your first LPN job????

    Yeah, Thats what I have been doing. I have been to every LTC facility within an hour from my house. Pretty much all of the doctors offices in my area. Someone will call me soon!!!!! I hope. :)
  12. jommit52

    Just took nclex pn and finished with 205 questions!

    I studied like crazy for mine...question after question for about a month before the test. There was NOTHING on it that I remembered studying. My recommendation is that the day before the test just take the day off from everything to relax...I know relaxing is super hard at this point...but just chill...read a book, watch tv...whatever. Stay in your pj's all day... Whatever your favorite thing to do is....do that! lol It will help tremendously. My teacher told me to do this...and it sure did help. I was well rested the day of the test, and was able to take my time and concentrate! Good luck! You will kick butt!:redpinkhe:D:redpinkhe:D
  13. jommit52

    New grad question about home care

    I am having some serious problems finding a job....I looked into a lot of agencies. I came across Maxim health care. I searched their website and found that most of the positions require a year experience. I did find a couple positions that "encourage new grads to apply". I know they have offices all over the country!! So, you could check that out. Gooood luck! :)
  14. jommit52

    Where was your first LPN job????

    HI!!! I have been trying to find my first job for a while now!!!!! Just trying to lift my spirits a little bit. Where or what was your first LPN job, where are you from, and how long did it take you to get it??? maybe your responses will give us "new grads" some hope!
  15. jommit52

    Brightstar home health care.......???

    ...I totally decided to NOT meet the guy. Even though I am a new grad I am not THAT desperate for a job. I would rather stay at my "student worker" job at the college that pays minimum wage for now then to jeopardize the license that I worked so hard for. The right job will come along...just gotta be patient I guess. Thanks, for all of you input!!
  16. jommit52

    I have a few questions for all you LPNs out there

    1. what was your favorite class in nursing school and why? pharmacology!!! it was terribly hard and you will learn sooo much! and, the class went by so fast. 2. what was your worst class and what tools did you use to help you pass? our summer semester......it was ob and nero. i hate neuro....and i hate babies. make note cards!!!! and acronyms are a lifesaver. make sure you truly understand what your textbook is saying!!! dont just memorize. 3. how many hours per week did you study? pretty much every waking hour that i wasnt in class or working...i worked about 20 hours/week. 4. do you have any children and how was that like while being in nursing school?(i have a small child) nope, no kids....but sometimes, my boyfriend could probably count as one. every relationship will suffer a little bit. but, remember....the program will flyyyy by. everything will be back to normal before you know it. 5. what was your overall experience? tiring!!! you will be tired all the time. you will do great!!!! just don't get behind! keep up with your reading and it always helps to kiss *** to your teachers.

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