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  1. AZMOMO2

    Gateway Community College Block 3 RN GWCC Program

    1 semester each Block. Semester is 4 monthsish. Unless you do the accelerated and then then are 8 weeks or so. If I remember correctly. It's been awhile now.
  2. AZMOMO2

    Whats the normal intake and output for a 5 wk old?

    Well your ratio is acceptable... although at 9 1/2 lbs? No way would 2 oz in 10 hours be enough... do you mean 4.42lbs? Then yes that would be ok.
  3. AZMOMO2

    Tips for a new lpn a a LTC Facility

    Do not be too hard on yourself... as you learn the patients and the meds you will get faster. The important thing is to get it right.I was an LPN in LTC and had 30 residents with two main med passes and 1 small med pass, along with the dinner meal to supervise and the treatments to do.You'll learn your routine of who is quick, who to do first, etc as you go. It is not uncommon for the times your are talking about. You won't believe it but you will actually memorize who gets what at each pass and you'll speed through these med passes with time.
  4. AZMOMO2

    Whats the normal intake and output for a 5 wk old?

    Depends on the size (weight) of the 5 week old. Is this a typical child, a premie, or micro premie? Was this for 24h or just the time you were there? How long was your shift?
  5. AZMOMO2

    Stepping Stones to Acute Care

    I was a CNA once upon a time. I was an LPN working in LTC, then Peds Homecare once upon a time. Then I was an RN working Peds Homecare who successfully transitioned into Urgent Care. Now I am an RN of two years, nearly finished with my BSN, working towards my MSN, who was finally offered a position in Acute Care! Tele PCU here I come. Very excited, nervous, and scared.
  6. AZMOMO2

    Stuck because of videos

    Oh thank God I thought we had to do the whole thing by memory like we did first semester in Nursing School! LOL Ok so two weeks of a break between old job and new job and I will knock this out. Then I can move onto my last three classes Stats and Community Health (now that the ATI test can be proctored) and then it's onto the MSN portion! Does anyone know which three classes are the three that = the BSN degree completion?
  7. AZMOMO2

    NextGen Clinicals

    Yes! I have it where I currently work! Bleck! Not a fan.
  8. AZMOMO2

    How did you guys make the choice to become nurses?

    My computer is special... apparently it hasn't gotten that concept, because I do :-( My toys when I was a kid= dolls and things I could fabricate into syringes, bandages, and IV equipment. It took me awhile to gain the confidence and get over my math phobia to actually get up the courage to apply for nursing school but, it never stopped being, "What I wanted to be when I grew up."
  9. AZMOMO2

    Stuck because of videos

    I was going along like gangbusters in this program and loving it. Then LUT 1 (Communications) and the record yourself portion and write a script, followed by the C349 (Health Assessment) record yourself portion. The rest of it DONE.... why on earth am I having issues with this? Because I have a phobia of the camera :-( Dumb and dumber.... anyone else have issues with this? (Mind you at this point I have completed 15 CU since Oct 1 so I am not behind at least)
  10. AZMOMO2

    How did you guys make the choice to become nurses?

    ok I will answer this... but first... how do you make paragraph spacing?
  11. Depends on if you already have a job? If you do wait at least a year because you will need all of the brain power to learn everything you need to know to transition from student to actually being a working nurse.If not working, start taking classes right away, because you are in student mode still and will be pleased with the easier pace of BSN classes, yet you'll be more marketable as a New Grad in a BSN program or once you complete it.I went back after a break, I was working while in school from LPN to RN. I am starting my first acute care hospital position since graduating in 2012 and I will tell you that I do not plan on doing much school work while training for this position.
  12. AZMOMO2

    moving to Phoenix az

    There is at this time a more than two year waiting period for the RN programs at the Community Colleges in Phoenix. After you complete the list of pre and co required courses you can apply to get on that list.Right now the market is saturated with New Grads and everywhere is BSN required, especially if you want to get into the Hospitals. There are also numerous University BSN programs that admit RN students and those who have also partnered with the Community Colleges. They have their own pre and co required courses and are more competitive to get into.Additionally, there are also the for profit programs that run up over 40k-60k for an Associates Degree with no wait, yet again the job market is pretty tight so coming out of those programs with a job is rare.
  13. Congrats to you! I just accepted a position in a Cardiac Care Unit and am pretty excited and freaked out. My orientation starts Dec 8th.My career has progressed from LPN working LTC to Peds Homecare, then RN at an Urgent Care. Just goes to show that with hard work and drive we can always continue our growth in this wonderfully crazy profession.
  14. AZMOMO2

    help with cardiac system!

    youtube Conrad Fischer videos! awesome content for Nursing School cardiology exams! Taught for doctors trying to pass their boards but it was the exact content taught in my nursing school and I aced this section because of it.
  15. AZMOMO2

    Waiting for Performance Assessment Results

    I had to log out and then log back in and my scored showed up.