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PurpleLVN specializes in AA&I, research,peds, radiation oncology.

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  1. PurpleLVN

    Ampule Question: Does this make sense?

    Hey, you've said it all!! You're in NURSING SCHOOL and they always teach us techniques that we sometimes never use in the "real world" Don't worry about it, just git 'er done!! Good luck!!
  2. PurpleLVN

    Just lost my hearing in one ear- now what?

    I am so sorry to hear about your hearing loss. Would you be interested in working in a clinical setting? Research nursing? I think there are a lot of different opportunities you could look into. Or hey-I'd tell mgt and my coworkers my new predicament and they SHOULD step right in and assist with the tasks you may find more difficult to perform. You are not totally disabled-just hearing impaired. I wouldn't give up!! Good Luck!!
  3. PurpleLVN

    Vocational nurse training cost???

    Are there not community colleges or technical colleges with LVN/LPN programs in your area? I'm an LVN and I paid less than $6000 for a 15 month program at a technical college. I'd investigate other programs-there's got to be an excellent, affordable school somewhere in your area. Good luck!!!
  4. PurpleLVN

    AIDS Awareness

    Wow!! This was shocking by American commercial standards but eye opening and profound!!! I sure got the point!!!!
  5. PurpleLVN

    Yay! I did it! Let's get some excitement in the house!

    Congratulations!!!:dancgrp:Doesn't feel great when you attempt AND accomplish your goals!!
  6. PurpleLVN

    Can I be a nurse if I'm not a morning person?

    I know you're questioning about working day shifts, but what about nursing school itself? My classes started at 7AM. All my clinicals were 6AM to 3 PM!!! Just something you should think about.......
  7. PurpleLVN

    How do you care for yourself??

    Prayer, Mani/Pedi's, facials, go to gym 5 days per week, try to eat healthy and laughter!!!! I leave my job at the door!!!
  8. PurpleLVN

    IV Certification Austin, TX

    Hi AdalynnsMom09 There is an IV certification seminar in Dallas scheduled for October 28, 2010 at Methodist Charleton Medical Center. Contact info: Perivascular Nurse Consultants (Gannett Education) 800-866-0919. Hope this helps!!
  9. PurpleLVN


    I've never been disrespected by an RN, MA or MD-at least to my face- BECAUSE I don't allow them to. Keep your head up. If you walk around looking, acting and feeling "less than" you'll be treated that way. Show them what you're working with!! I am and portray the best "LVN" that I can be!! Be positive!! There are so many different clinical areas of nursing you can try. Don't limit yourself to LTC. Also, education is key-you may not want to be an RN but take some seminars, CEU's, etc. to enhance what you already know. Cheer up-things will get better!!
  10. an LVN? I have three years OTJ IV experience but no certification. I'm interested in taking a seminar for IV cert. So how does this work-do I perform so many hours/successful sticks after cert or will the experience I have count prior to cert for future employment and pay? I was told by the seminar sponsor that the cert will transfer when I become an RN-she said its a lifetime certification. But just thinking-do LVN's do central venous caths and PICC lines??
  11. PurpleLVN

    First semester LPN student

    Hi Linda, I truly know how you feel!! I completed LPN school 8 years ago but I remember the fear, stress, unsureness, terror, fatigue, incompetency you're probably feeling at this time. :chair: Kudos for getting into a study group-this is totally what helped me. I studied with a group of "older"students such as myself who were totally focused and didn't have time to waste and of course studying whenever and wherever I could alone. You probaly think you'll never "get it", that it won't get easier-you will and it does. For me-I'm a visual and physical learner-I have to see and do things; so hands-on works for me. I'm still getting those "AHA" moments-I read things in my nursing magazines or do things on my job and I GET IT!! Practicing with family and friends is a great idea. Take it one day at a time!!!! Wishing you all the best!!!:hug:
  12. Performing duties in the capacity of a licensed professional and signing off on them-This is on a totally different level than a loved one, church member, grandmother,etc. "nursing a loved one back to health.
  13. PurpleLVN

    Panola College ADN and/or on-line ADN program?

    Yes, I'm an LVN hoping to bridge if I can find a program that fits my needs. The school in Kansas (Pratt Community College) with the on-line bridge requires that students come to campus 4 times for the program. This can vary but of course I can make arrangements for this. There are so many programs-and from what I've learned on this website is that the programs in OK and other states can be easier for (acceptance, pre-req's ,etc) than here in TX. So I'm checking them all out and making notes for when I'm ready to make a move!!
  14. I've heard MANY docs introduce the MA's as "my nurse" so I don't think the MA's are being pressured by the docs-I think the docs are at fault for allowing and accepting and promoting this-especially in the clinics. I'm an LVN and MA's are taking over b/c the doc's are hiring them for less money and training them to do what I've been formally trained to do. So although I don't profess to be an RN-yet-I do feel your frustration!!!
  15. PurpleLVN

    Turf wars may have cost me my dream job

    ITA with caliotter3. You talked too much!! I would have mentioned applying for the other position and nothing further....bad mouthing a manager during an interview WITH HR???!!! I admire you for defending other nurses, and finding the manager unprofessional but she will hang herself eventually w/o you risking your chances for your dream job!! Hope all goes well for you!!
  16. PurpleLVN

    Panola College ADN and/or on-line ADN program?

    Thanks TXRN2B13-What other programs are you interested in? I've checked DNI and they are too expensive and unaccredited-so they would be my last resort. El Centro College wants med-surg job experience prior to admittance-which I don't have. I'm looking at a couple of schools in OK and one in Kansas!!