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pagandeva2000 is a LPN and specializes in Community Health, Med-Surg, Home Health.

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  1. pagandeva2000

    Brian Short News

    Blessed Be to allnurses: I used to be an active member of allnurses some time ago and reading about this tragedy really hurt my gut. I know that the many faithful participants, guides, moderators and administrators of allnurses MUST be in deep pain while trying to process through all of this. May the Creator embrace ALL OF YOU, the extended families of the Shorts and the AN community and bring peace to this. May this bridge togetherness and love. love to you all, Joy AKA Pagandeva2000
  2. LPNs are NURSES. And, I am also darned curious to know what state is insane enough that would actually not allow a nurse to call herself one. I don't see why hearts and thoughts would have been legally responsible either, especially if the patient was alert and oriented x3. I mean, she, herself did not touch the patient at all. Am also wondering if the patient refused to actually go to the ER via ambulance? How close was the hospital? Maybe this patient has a history of refusing to travel via ambulance, not sure. I think it would have been better to call 911, myself, but, there are patients inside and outside of facilities that do, in fact, refuse to follow protocol that makes sense. It did not seem, however, that the patient was being abandoned to his own devices, that they were planning to get him to help, so, I can't really say their intent was bad if he was not in immediate crisis.
  3. pagandeva2000

    A new cna student in nyc,need your advise

    If you can afford it, I would consider taking the PCT course as well. Usually, it just consists of additional courses in phlebotomy and EKG at the community colleges in the Queens area. Multitasking is the wave of the future. In terms of how easily you can obtain a job is hard to tell, but I would start at a nursing home. There are MANY in Queens. You may start as a per diem, but, it may be possible for you to move into a permanent part/full time. There may not be much of a pay difference, but hopefully, it can supplement your income.
  4. pagandeva2000

    termination for expired acls

    The same with my facility. Nurses who don't recertify their license are taken off schedule until it is taken care of. No use of sick or vacation leave. Sorry it happened...I think they should reconsider their decision.
  5. pagandeva2000

    what to say to patients' family?

    I would probably say that the doctor is running late and that's it. If, by some chance the physician does make hospital rounds before coming to his private office, I may mention that as well, but otherwise, there really isn't much to say, really. And, as mentioned, you could probably ask him what he would like you to say.
  6. pagandeva2000

    bullying at work

    What is difficult about this is during these challenging economic times, it is much easier said than done to leave a job because the choices may not be as plentiful as they were a few years ago. This traps many people to continue accepting the abuse to feed their familes, pay their bills and to make an honest buck. To be honest, each time I decide to pursue a second job, I get nervous because of the targeting that happens to nurses, especially the new kid on the block. You have to be on guard against the gang and that is uncomfortable.
  7. That, I can identify with. Some RNs introduce themselves as "I am the nurse, she is the LPN", and that implies that I am not a nurse at all. I am, just not a registered nurse. However, I practice as safely as I can, educate with reliable resources and don't volunteer information I don't know about until I clarify it with someone else.
  8. pagandeva2000

    A worn out topic

    There are several issues I see with this subject-one it is very hard for nurses to stand up for themselves when their own support system (meaning nursing supervisors, associate directors and DON)does not staunchly advocate for them. My DON, for example, would personally take gasoline and burn the entire hospital down before she stands up to even a 1st year green behind the ears short jacketed resident. Then, it is also what the residents witness. If they note that the attendings can disrespect nurses, they may imitate the same behavior, which does not help us. So, because there may not be any support, each nurse has resorted to their own tactics, but unfortunately, it is not consistent. I always advocate for myself, but the more timid one may not. Some are very tactful and charming, and know what to say and to whom... Sad, indeed. Nursing is still a subserviant position as far as many physicians believe.
  9. I have often wondered if I can do it again. If, and ONLY IF it didn't count for anything, and I can take it anonymously, why not?
  10. This is a situation that will always be difficult to fix, especially in the doctor's office. If the physician is not going to introduce this person as a medical assistant, but as a nurse, then, this is what the patient will believe. I have also seen other situations where the medical assistants have tried to correct both, the patient and the physician countless times to no avail. Same thing happens to physician assistants and nurse practitioners...they were the long lab jacket, carry a stethoscope and prescribe meds, so, no matter how much explaining, people will NOT accept that they are not a doctor. In my facility, they decided that RNs and LPNs should wear white bottoms and pastel tops while the assistants wear either yellow, pink or khaki colored scrubs to differentiate us, but they are still calling everyone who wears scrubs a nurse. I notice this occurs particularly with the elderly population. Between television and other propoganda, they have always viewed the person in white or scrubs the nurse. I only take issue with the MA that introduces herself as a nurse. That, she can control. The rest really can't, unfortunately.
  11. pagandeva2000

    bullying at work

    I have seen situations where people's personal belongings such as sneakers, cell phones, etc...have been vandalized by catty collagues. I would also document dates, times, people involved and also search for another position. Only you would know, but, how are the powers that be? Are they approachable or do you suspect they are part of the problem? Are there any other positions open in this facility? And, I would also review myself. What I mean is that there are some people who are not assertive, meek, shy, introverted and unfortunately are targets of bullying. Sometimes, a surprize comes when that same person advocates for themselves like a lion. You may have to do this, at least in the meantime. I am not saying to curse or support violent behavior, I am saying to stand firm in stating this behavior is unacceptable.
  12. pagandeva2000

    Written up for this???

    I guess each facility has their own rules about this. However, the mentality of the person who wrote you up is probably this: Whatever you complained about may be something this person is responsible for, but did not do. Because she is clicking with the powers that be, they were able to target you, possibly with a policy that actually exists. Or, one of the ones that you were chatting with may have reported it. They could have even cornered one of them and scared them into reporting you. I strongly suggest that from now on, keep conversation light. It's hard, I know, because our collagues suffer the same injustices that we do and it feels better to share, but get to know people and the environment if it is that important for you to share. Sorry it happened.
  13. I don't think that reporting it to the DON will result in a positive resolution. While nursing school states this is the step to follow, the real world is much crueler. Someone mentioned that you remind them, or even hand them an alcohol wipe. That is better, because you are keeping this between you and that nurse. In addition (and I hate to say this)...you were already called to the DON's office behind complaints. I am sure that your complaints were valid...it is shocking to see real world nursing versus textbook, but, these nurses probably gathered together, compared notes, and decided to target you. I also believe it is a reflection of management when too many things are done incorrectly, especially infection control and safety issues. However, my strong suggestion is to watch your personal practice when you care for patients...sometimes, we have to teach by example-like non-verbal communication. People will get to see that you work best when following the books, and as the tech said, they may tease you, but at least it won't be met with hosility. Good luck.
  14. Most of them...just kidding... Sociology made no sense, neither did English Literature. The patient doesn't care about my opinion about poetry. I felt it was wasted energy.
  15. pagandeva2000

    Pharmacology Mnemonics

    These are great!!
  16. pagandeva2000

    Another nurse bites the dust due to facebook

    I think that her comment may have been inappropriate because while she did not say a name, by saying 'cop killer', people knowing where she worked, etc...her comment was not really appropriate for facebook. What people have to keep in mind, however, is their conduct on facebook, twitter, etc... I used facebook, but to play games, keep current with my alumni and astronomy associations, and I enjoy posting positive or thought provoking quotes for people to read and ponder. Outside of that...saying what mood I'm in, discussing work, etc, is not done because these people are not my friends. And, we have to also keep in mind that judgements are being made about our participation on these social networks. An example is I have a friend who is returning to school and when I note that she has posted her reward points for games at 3am, but I also know she is not doing too well in class, I assume that she is more on facebook than she has her face in her textbook. Now, it could very well be that she has studied for hours and facebook is an outlet. We don't always know how people perceive us, so, we have to proceed in caution...even in our socialization. People violate our wishes to be 'tagged' and post your pics on facebook with no permission. I may have intended to go to that party, maybe already knew that a few people would take our pictures, but, I did not agree to have my face tagged and spliced all over facebook, myspace and twitter. Bottom line, the age of transparency is here...and people will take advantage of that in many ways to use against us.