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pagandeva2000 is a LPN and specializes in Community Health, Med-Surg, Home Health.

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  1. pagandeva2000

    Brian Short News

    Blessed Be to allnurses: I used to be an active member of allnurses some time ago and reading about this tragedy really hurt my gut. I know that the many faithful participants, guides, moderators and administrators of allnurses MUST be in deep pain ...
  2. pagandeva2000

    Tattletale nurse

    I have to agree with you there. I have not directly experienced it, but heard plenty of stories about it. Again, I discovered that the dynamics involved in home care can be so complex. You do see families playing one nurse against the other...some...
  3. pagandeva2000

    Tattletale nurse

    I would always chart my findings and report them to the agency. Keeping them out of the loop can be bad business for the people I am employed for. Not informing them or keeping them in the dark can lead to surprize situations that are not pleasent ...
  4. pagandeva2000

    Where was your first LPN job????

    Hospital clinic. I had worked at this same facility and clinic as a Patient Care Associate. Also grabbed side gigs as a flu nurse, med-surg per diem (at my same hospital), and vaccination nurse for the US Army.
  5. pagandeva2000

    Tattletale nurse

    You're right. I have found that chasing other nurses to make them do what they were supposed to do can be fruitless. I report it because I found it. If I don't report it, somehow, it can fall on me, so, I have no choice. After that, this is the a...
  6. pagandeva2000

    Tattletale nurse

    I think that the next time something occurs that leaves you in doubt, YOU be the one to report it to your agency-act like it is the first time you were aware of it...this way, it doesn't appear that you were the neglectful one. If the agency already...
  7. Will you be working 5 days a week? If not, maybe as your confidence builds, you can eventually obtain a per diem or part time med-surg position. If not, tell him that you have an on line friend who hates this particular mole over her right eye that...
  8. pagandeva2000

    Should I refer to my new RN director as Ms. Newboss?

    As mentioned, there are more battles to contend with than what a person demands they are to be called. What would concern me more is how the staff interact with this person. Is she approachable? Does she address issues effectively? Does she advoc...
  9. Are you an LPN or RN? I'm only asking because this reminds me of when I attended my best friend's graduation from the same LPN school I went to had an LPN guest speaker that spoke very highly of LPNs working in plastic surgery clinics. In fact, she...
  10. pagandeva2000

    Got fired... again. Should I not be a nurse?

    Setting up the meds, signing for them, but expecting you to give is a lot of nerve. Dealing with 70 patients is insane, but unfortunately, that is the experience of most LTC nurses...these facilities almost force them to treat patients like a meat m...
  11. pagandeva2000

    Smoking coworkers and fair breaks

    Tell them when you need a break and take it. Or if you need longer time for your break/lunch, let them know and take it. I smoke as well, but work in a clinic, where it could be a bit different. There are 'slow points' or down time in our clinics...
  12. pagandeva2000

    Answering "YES/NO" to contacting current employer?

    I tend to check 'do not contact'. Things can get very dicey when they know for a fact that you are looking for something else. Sometimes, supervisors take it personally, some are upset because they worry about who to hire to take your place, someti...
  13. pagandeva2000

    "I am sorry - I refuse to float to Peds!"

    While it shows good sportsmanship to call the charge nurse to share concerns, many times, you still don't know what you are getting into until you are actually there and are no longer in a position to turn around, because it will be perceived as you ...
  14. pagandeva2000

    Can the doctor refuse to see a patient?

    I have also heard that if a physician is treating a patient in his private office, that he can refuse to continue treatment as long as he notifies them in advance and allow them the chance to find another provider. Hospitals-not sure, but I suspect ...
  15. pagandeva2000

    I got fed up!

    It is true that a bridge was burned, and sometimes, facilities retailiate by making up lies. But, you did what you felt you had to do. I know you did not mean to burn that bridge, but nothing can be done now-we can't undo the past. I am the sort o...