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MisMatch has 14 years experience as a LPN and specializes in geriatrics.

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  1. MisMatch

    Bombed my second shift on my own

    Venting is good! I was in your shoes 4 years ago, wondering how I would ever develop proficiency in getting everything done each shift. It has been a long journey, taking 1 day at a time (sometimes 1 minute at a time). There are good days and bad days (sometimes good weeks & bad weeks). It took at least 3 months for me to no longer feel like a fumbling idiot then another 3 months before I had any sense of proficiency. At the 1 year mark, I sighed, relieved that I believed I could handle it. Now, I still have times of exasperation alternating with proficiency. Find good support "mentor" nurses. I went to mine a lot for the first 3 months. Mine weren't assigned by the facility, I sought out those experienced nurses that I respected who were willing to nurture (not eat) their young. They knew I was a willing learner, hard worker and able to do the job. They also knew I needed lots of guidance. Watch other nurses, ask them questions, ask for suggestions, observe "tricks of the trade" that work. You will eventually develop a plan that works for you. Give yourself time. You sound like a wonderful conscientious nurse. It does get better!
  2. MisMatch

    Questions about abuse...

    What type of abuse - elder, domestic, child? There are agencies that work specifically with each group, and they can all give you information for screening. I'm sure there's plenty of information on the internet from the various abuse support groups outlining what to look for and/or what to ask which will vary according to group/type. Once you gather the information, you will be able to piece it together to come up with a template to suite your particular situation.
  3. MisMatch

    Indentifying the dementia pt for meds

    We have pictures in the MAR; most have their name and photo outside their door. Some pictures predate their admission, so it's not really a good idetifier. The pictures do sufice as an identifier, along with the wristband to appease the surveyors. What I like about LTC is that I know my residents, including the ones with dementia. I only use the identifiers when being audited or surveyed!
  4. MisMatch

    how many of you are sick of.......

    If we had that kind of staffing, we might actually be able to give adequate patient care! The floor I work on has 3 LPN's and 3-4 CNA's for 70+ patients! Of those 70+, 12+ are vents/trachs, 20+ are tube feeds, several challanging psyc patients (including 2 who exercise their "right" to refuse their psyc meds and create havoc) and numerous dementia patients. There is no way we can adequately complete our assignment. We do the best we can with what we have - and we have a hard-working, caring crew!
  5. MisMatch

    Rx Adderall for a nurse

    I went through nursing school and have worked at 2 facilities while taking Adderall. When I went for the physical/drug testing, I needed to show that I was prescribed it when being drug tested. Nursing school required a letter from my doctor detailing why, how long I'd been on it, ect. There have been no issues for me. Adderall is one of the many tools in my ADD "tool box" that helps me focus, stay on task and get through the mounds of paperwork efficiently. Doing a med pass in LTC with all the meds to pass, tx, interruptions would be quite a challenge without it!
  6. MisMatch

    New to ltc, questions after 1st orientation

    The LTC facility I work in has precautions for C-diff, MRSA & VRE. Gloves and gowns are stocked on the door of the room with that patient. Gloves and hand sanitizer are everywhere. Personally, I wear gloves for checking blood glucose and antibiotic eye drops for those with eye infections, but not for routine eye drops and nose sprays. Protocol is to sanitize hands between each patient, soap & water handwashing after three patients. As for scheduling, nip this one in the bud! Let them know what you were hired for, and demand that they schedule you no more than that. They will push you to work as much as possible. If they told you 1-2, already are scheduling you 2-3, guarantee they will be nagging you to pick up 3-4 and calling you to work on your days off.
  7. MisMatch

    Night Shift Advice

    I will echo what super RN & coolpeach said. Overall, "true" nightshifters (those who work nights by choice rather than necessity) are a different breed. There is a skeletal staff so we learn to be more self-sufficient as well as part of a tight knit team. We tend to be more laid back. A good crew becomes very close knit and works well together - no room for "that's not my job/patient", everyone comes together to help each other out. I graduated in 12/08, oriented on days and have been on night shift since. In those 2 years, I have worked all 3 shifts (coming in early or staying over). Night shift is much more relaxed. No "powers that be" lurking around the corner or watching over your shoulder. Much less power struggle/politics/inflated egos to deal with. All my adult life I have been a night owl. I started this career at 50 y/o, tried all (2or) 3 shifts and have found night shift and I are a perfect fit. It's not for everyone. Give it a try!
  8. MisMatch

    Today I made a difference

    As a fairly newbie (1 year on the job today), there are 2 nurses in particular that I have looked up to as mentors. The one taught me that sometimes you have to break (or bend) the rules. Your situation would be one of those times. ABC assessment...Critical thinking...Common sense...Nursing judgement... Peronally, I would not find you at fault or wrong, rather I believe you taught another valuable lesson. Thank you for being an awesome mentor for us newbies!
  9. MisMatch

    Is it too late for me?

    I started back to school at the age of 50, had my LPN at the age of 52. I was one of two 50 y/o's in my LPN clinical class; the two of us had the highest grades in the class. We never felt "old" or "out of place", rather we were looked up to for our wisdom that comes with life experience. I turn 54 this week, have all my prerequisites for RN done and plan to bridge next summer. Education is a lifelong process. You're NEVER too old to learn.
  10. MisMatch

    Successful night shift stories...

    Ahhh night shift -most people either love it or hate it. Personally, I :redbeathe night shift. No families, no administrators, no inspecting powers that be 99.9% of the time. Night shifters are generally more laid back. We all pull together, since there are much fewer staff around. I have always been a night owl, and have no problem sleeing during the day, which is imperative to working night shift. Night shift is an experience worth trying for yourself!
  11. MisMatch

    Huuuge tax refund...bye NS debt!

    I'm getting a nice refund thanks to the 1st time homebuyers credit. I thought about paying off my ns debt, but opted to save it. Don't want to loose that house if something would happen to my job. I work an extra shift every week or two and use that to speed up paying off my ns debt.
  12. MisMatch

    Orientation for LPN in LTC

    What type/length of orientation did you have as a new grad? I started my first job as an LPN in a 100 bed nursing home/rehab center in February. My orientation was about 12 days working with another LPN, first following her, then her following me. This lasted about 8 days, then she was at the desk catching up on paperwork and I could go to her with questions - basically on my own. I don't feel like I've been adequately oriented. I work nights, rarely see any administrators, the place is consistantly short-staffed, everyone seems rushed, and I don't trust talking to anyone there. Please share your experiences - I'm curious, is this the "norm"?
  13. I just landed my first LPN position. My "interview dress" was matching pants/jacket, a blouse, minimal jewelry and makeup, with black flat shoes. I went on 2 interviews, had 2 offers. I also agree with researching the company you are interviewing with so you know about them. Good luck to you!
  14. MisMatch

    What's worse than nursing school???

    What's worse than nursing school? The abusive marriage I got out of - which was the reason I was in nursing school at 50+ y/o. At least there was an end - and positive outcome to the abuse of ns!
  15. MisMatch

    Starting Nursing Career Later

    I'm 52 y/o, just became a LPN last month and am now continuing on to my RN. Go for it!
  16. MisMatch

    lpn test in pennsylvania

    As a follow up, I received my physical license from the BON on 1/17/09, just 9 days after taking the NCLEX-PN (far from the 4 weeks they say it takes).

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