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Casual LPN in both acute care/LTC

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  1. I don't mind the workload on nights at all. 2am isn't a problem. 4am isn't a problem. It's 10am the next day when I'm trying to sleep and can't get a quality sleep. It's 4pm the next day and I only got 5-6 hours of poor sleep and have to do another night and am obsessing about sleep. That's the problem for me. Otherwise, I like nights.
  2. OgopogoLPN

    Before the Morning (Failed CRNE three times. what now?)

    Because becoming an LPN shouldn't be a consolation prize for not achieving RN status.
  3. OgopogoLPN

    Turning down overtime....

    Ack, just turned down overtime for tomorrow. Double pay for 12 hours = a lot of $$$. I physically feel fine and could have done it, (and it would have like been an easy shift on a surgical ward on a Sunday = SLOW for most of the day). But I work FT and promised my kids I would be home all weekend. Family is more important....but damn it would have been nice! I can bank OT and get it paid later when my cheque will be smaller, or take it as time off. 12 hours (11 hours paid) at double time would be 22 hours paid at straight time or 22 paid hours off. Darn children . Just kidding.
  4. No!! Don't do it. There are many threads about SS here. Most not good. 30k is WAY too much to pay with no guarantee of an income after. I agree with the above posters. DON'T DO Sprott shaw!!
  5. OgopogoLPN

    Most horrific interview ever !

    That is an outrage!!!! Nurses deserve so much more!! I am in Canada, and also in a union, which I believe does make a difference. I'm not super pro union, but there's more pros than cons to belonging to one!
  6. OgopogoLPN

    Most horrific interview ever !

    Why do you sound so shocked at her LPN wage? I make $25.50/hour as an LPN, plus differentials, employer paid benefits and employer paid pension, as well as sick/holiday time.
  7. OgopogoLPN

    RN's replaced with RPN"S

    Alberta does have a very wide scope for LPNs, but at my hospital in BC, there are still by far more RNs in acute care and always, always more RN job postings than LPN job postings in acute care. I don't think that LPNs will every completely replace RNs in acute care.
  8. OgopogoLPN

    Is being an LPN REALLY that bad?

    I'm very happy to be an LPN...but will go back to school to obtain a BScN. Not because I don't enjoy being an LPN, but because I love education, I love learning and want to continue. No one in my famil has a degree and I would love to start and show my children that a good education is paramount. I actually have a ton of opportunity as an LPN in BC, Canada. Paid training opportunities to work as an OR nurse, Hemodialysis nurse, mental health, etc. We are highly utilized in acute care, which I understand is not the way in most of the USA. I could stay an LPN and be very happy, have a stable, well paying job. ($25.50/hour plus differentials and 100% employer paid benefits). Learn a specialty. No regrets here. :)
  9. OgopogoLPN

    I refuse to be a punching bag - NO MORE ASSAULT

    I am also surprised at the reported level of physical abuse here. I have never been physically assaulted in the slightest while working in acute care. (Working with sound mind, A + O x 3 patients). If a patients appears to be escalating towards violence or inappropriate verbal behaviour, we immediately call a "code white" and the team will be there ASAP. Mind you, I don't work in the ER and that is where you hear most of the code whites called for. I have had minor scratches and attempts to hit from the elderly and dementia residents in LTC, but I don't hold them at fault. It's their dementia. As long as they are safe and covered, we leave the room and try their care again 1/2 hour later.
  10. OgopogoLPN

    Work load question.

    Never. Union employee. However, we can technically be sent to another ward to work if they are over census and your ward is under. Doesn't happen often though.
  11. OgopogoLPN

    What is your current LPN salary

    $25.50/hour plus benefits, pension and shift differentials
  12. OgopogoLPN

    USA RN to Canada

    The BC gov't will not forgive a foreign or private loan, even if you work in one of the underserved areas.
  13. OgopogoLPN

    LPN/RPN Question

    Absolutely in BC.
  14. OgopogoLPN

    worst death you've seen

    Late 20's patient, lived with parents. Post op day 4 or 5, routine, non-major surgery. Got up to walk from bed to stretcher for post op test. Could barely make it to stretcher. Gasping for breath. Sats 38%. Code team called, there within 30 seconds. Worked on for over 20 minutes in the middle of the hallway. Patient's mom witness to the whole thing, could not be pulled away. Blood curteling scream when she realized patient had passed... Horrible, horrible death for those parents. Horricifc to witness.
  15. OgopogoLPN

    Are LPN's being phased out?

    Not in Canada. There are hundreds of LPNs who work in acute care in my own mid sized hospital. And every hospital. There is constantly new training (paid by the employer!!) and new areas of specialty being opened up to us. I personally know 4 LPNs who just completed the OR course and are now certified as OR nurses. Another 3 who just completed hemodialysis training and will be working as hemo nurses. All LPNs. All employer paid training and paid practicums. We just got another email this past week to invite us to apply for paid training in mental health, emergency room, perinatal and nephrology specialties. The future is bright for us!