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When is everyone *supposed* to go back?

SaltineQueen specializes in School Nurse, past Med Surge.

...and how are you feeling about things?

I go back the 5th.  Kids are supposed to start the 12th.  I’m not holding my breath though.  My county is the only county in the state that didn't advance a stage the last time the governor loosened the reigns on things.  Full time, with distancing and masks is our basic plan (can also do virtual if parents choose).  I’m stressed!   

nursetlm has 8 years experience as a ADN.

Staff go back mid-August and the students start the 31st. Parents can choose between online, In person full time or homeschooling. Will wear masks when 6 foot spacing isn’t possible or when they are walking in hallways. Will be interesting for sure. I was told the room next to mine (connects by a door) would be my isolation room.  No idea if I will be expected to man both rooms or not. I’m hoping that those of you who start back early could give us an idea of how things are going and offer up any advice- because I’m not super optimistic at this point.  

Keeperofbandages specializes in School Health.

I officially report back 8/3 and students are supposed to return 8/24... Lets see what happens.

Nurse Trini specializes in LPN School Nurse.

August 24 for us, too.   I got my contract last week.   I go back on the 24th as well.    

On 7/29/2020 at 7:45 AM, Keeperofbandages said:

I officially report back 8/3 and students are supposed to return 8/24... Lets see what happens.

Same!! So stressed 😩

JenTheSchoolRN specializes in School nursing.

I've been in my building occasionally for prep with facilities, but right now, staff remote 8/24, staff in person 8/31, students in a phased in hybrid approach, starting with transition years in person first on 9/14. 

I'm back already.  Kids were supposed to start 8/10.  Our state (AZ) has pushed back in-person start until at least 8/17, and my district has already decided they won't consider in-person until after labor day - so we're starting with virtual learning.  Teachers can do virtual instruction from home or from their classroom.  Admin is in the office full time.  The rest of us are on rotating schedules to reduce personnel on campus - I work from home 1/2 time.  I have 1800 health cards to enter and at least three dozen families to urgently stalk/beg/remind for care plans and med orders, so I'm plenty busy.

The confusing thing is, the governor's order says something to the effect that schools have to accommodate any kids who can't learn at home....not sure how that's being decided, or where the heck they're going if there are no in-person classes.   I hear rumors that the SPED (self-contained) kids are coming back 8/17? 

Overall the answers are delayed, conflicting, incomplete, and poorly explained.  I am stressed too. 


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