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  1. SaltineQueen

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    We are taught/expected to prioritize tasks. If I'm giving a med that requires my patient to be monitored, I'm going to let call lights and phone calls go for the time being until I know that the more critical task has been fully attended to.
  2. SaltineQueen

    Were you a frequent flyer in you’re own school days

    I don't even remember knowing there was a school nurse...I'm sure there was, but I never went to her. .
  3. SaltineQueen

    EpiPens for Schools

    Oops...meant to post this in the School Nurse forum. Can I delete or does a mod have to move?
  4. SaltineQueen

    EpiPens for Schools

    Does anyone know if there is still a shortage of EpiPens? I submitted our order to Mylan for our free pens and am just curious if it will take forever to get them again?
  5. SaltineQueen

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I don't know that I agree with "deserved to be charged" but LEGALLY this fits the definition of reckless homicide. Unfortunate that she is being made the scapegoat where there are so many problems in this situation, but her failure to act (following the 5 rights) led to someone's death.
  6. SaltineQueen

    Got thanked by EMS/Police and Mom!

    Brain fart. ANA? How'd the kiddo get a hold of the food to ingest it? Nice job!
  7. SaltineQueen


    I hate when people play the "...but herd immunization..." bull. It only works if enough of the herd is immunized, people! It's not just about you!
  8. SaltineQueen

    Most frequent complaints protocol

    For stomach ache...not just when they ate but WHAT they ate
  9. SaltineQueen

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    I know! We've had a 100 degree temperature swing in about 5 days!
  10. SaltineQueen

    Obese Kinder Child

    Who is giving her the lunch she brings from home? If the teacher knows she eats school lunch, why is she letting her have the one from home? Just leave it in her backpack.
  11. SaltineQueen

    buying supplies with your own money

    Have you tried reaching out to your local fire/EMS to see if they could help with basic first aid supplies? Or try reaching out to local service clubs like Kiwanis, Exchange Club, Lions, etc.
  12. SaltineQueen

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    I'm just back from 3 days off and a 2 hour delay today. Crazy cold. I think our coldest was -18 with a windchill of -45. All sorts of things were closed. They didn't even deliver mail for 2 days!!
  13. SaltineQueen

    Nursing Student Pregnant

    I got pregnant towards the end of school and was 4 months along at graduation. A friend of mine was a couple months ahead of me and took NCLEX the first chance she could after graduation and passed. We even had one student have a baby in the middle of the semester. I think she took one week off and then was back at it. Exhausting, yes, but it can be done. Best wishes!
  14. SaltineQueen

    Encopresis KG age

    I had a first grader in a similar situation whose mom eventually had him wear a thin maxipad. He was capable of cleaning himself up and changing the pad on his own.
  15. SaltineQueen

    Privacy when calling parent about sick child

    Never would I ever consider having a parent talk to a student on speaker phone! If she's so concerned about the flu she can (and should) use a disinfectant wipe on her phone. My coffee hasn't fully kicked in this morning, so I haven't read this through completely, but maybe this will help: https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/privacy/guidance/incidental-uses-and-disclosures/index.html