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  1. SaltineQueen

    Elementary nurses - mask question

    So in our state we have been told that when the kids are in their classroom, sitting down, socially distanced, facing the same direction like when the teacher is doing instruction the kids can take off their masks. Also the kids can take off their masks when they’re out at recess - but they need to wear their mask until they get to the point on the playground where they can be distanced enough from each other for that to be safe. What are you guys doing with masks when they do have the chance to take them off? The idea in my district is to get breakaway lanyards that the kids can clip to the ear loop of the mask that I assume they will wear all the time. I’m not in love with the idea but I haven’t thought of anything else especially for recess. Any ideas?
  2. SaltineQueen

    HELP! Don't know what to do.

    Was the school you got your AA from accredited? That’s my worry...any decent school will prepare you and make sure you know what the next steps should be after graduating. Even with moving they could have told you A, B, C, steps.
  3. SaltineQueen

    When is everyone *supposed* to go back?

    ...and how are you feeling about things? I go back the 5th. Kids are supposed to start the 12th. I’m not holding my breath though. My county is the only county in the state that didn't advance a stage the last time the governor loosened the reigns on things. Full time, with distancing and masks is our basic plan (can also do virtual if parents choose). I’m stressed!
  4. SaltineQueen

    Sending Home Any Covid Sx?

    We are told that one sx is enough to send someone home. BUT we have also been told that we can use some judgement. So my plan is to try to make a quick 10-ish minute decision, especially if it’s a kid we know has a history of being a FF or allergies or something. But, yes...I think there will be more kids sent home than normal. Especially early on in the year. On the flip side of that though I worry about the burden that will put on families going back & forth to the doctor for an alternative dx note or lost work type issues. This year is going to be so hard.
  5. SaltineQueen

    Type of mask or face covering?

    Our district is getting us face shields, and working with the local hospital to get us N95s. No mention of surgical masks but I’m sure if we ask they’ll provide them. They’re being great. Even offering to look into a scrub service.
  6. SaltineQueen

    SO nervous about upcoming year :(

    Those of you not involved need to go to your superintendent and insist that you be part of the discussions! We are the health experts, after all.
  7. SaltineQueen

    Contract for parents before students return to school

    It’s a good idea in theory but what do you do when (not if...cuz we all know it will happen) they break their end of the contract?
  8. SaltineQueen

    CNA 11 Years need your help

    You’ll be lucky if getting fired is all that you have to deal with. They could have accused you of stealing that bank card!
  9. SaltineQueen

    PPE concerns as we return

    Have you seen the NASN publication that just came out this past week? It suggests an isolation area preferably with negative pressure. I laughed and laughed! I don’t see how that’s going to be possible for my situation. There is no where to put an isolation area without major renovation.
  10. Indiana is $50 q2yrs, no CEUs, no prints. We have it easy.
  11. SaltineQueen

    2 weeks closed

    After today we are closed until April 13th. We work tomorrow to tie up loose ends & learn what the plan is. We've been told hourly people (like me) will have work to do if we want to work. I'd guess cleaning, putting together sack lunch/breakfasts, etc. But who knows...could change as soon as I post this.
  12. SaltineQueen

    ED nurse to School Nurse

    I will echo that the pay cut is significant but the perks are worth it. To be on the same schedule as my kids, in the same building as my daughter, is priceless. I'm going to cry at the end of this year because my baby will be moving on to the next building. The adults (staff and parents) have been far more difficult than the kids for me. And the worry about certain kids when school isn't in session. Just about the time I feel like nothing else can surprise me, something else comes up. Hospital nursing can be physically exhausting, but this job is emotionally exhausting. I did not stay PRN anywhere because we're fortunate that my husband's job pays the bills. Start subbing for schools around you to get a feel for the job and get your foot in the door. I had subbed at the school my boys went to and the nurse there called me to let me know the job I currently have was opening up soon. Maybe you'll get lucky and you'll be in a district that puts you on the teacher pay scale.
  13. SaltineQueen

    Those days where you mumble "WTHeck" to yourself

    She is a &@!)!@_ adult! Unbelievable.
  14. SaltineQueen

    Student with DM2 on three day outdoor class

    What do the parents want?
  15. SaltineQueen

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    My role in anything is going to be to defer to what my county health department tells me to do. What that will be, I don't know at this point...but I think it's only a matter of time until I find out. It's only a couple counties away. Our state department of health drafted a letter that we sent home.
  16. SaltineQueen

    Lord- Coronavirus drama

    My kids do this ALL THE TIME! Makes me crazy. Or they put it back when there's just a tiny bit left. God forbid they should have to put the bag in the trash & break down the box to put in recycling.

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