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  1. SaltineQueen

    What Now?

    Info for the school newsletter? What grades do you have? Any classroom lessons you can do?
  2. SaltineQueen

    did I act incorrectly>

    What was the complaint for, specifically? I might have asked the pt if the pressure was because he felt he still needed to go more or if it was pressure from his positioning. How long was it before you went back?
  3. SaltineQueen

    All I want for Christmas is . . .

    For the few I've been hounding to get that last vaccine to quit stalling & get it so I don't have to exclude your kid.
  4. SaltineQueen

    Confused and Depressed about Performance

    When she mentions what you need to work on is she talking about specific things that happened that night or just general? If you can rebut her generalizations with specifics maybe she'll realize that you are doing OK. For example, if she talks about clustering care you can say - well, I did do A, B, and C together...what else specific can you suggest?
  5. SaltineQueen

    BLS renewal

    I go to my local fire/ems
  6. SaltineQueen

    I don’t know if I like school nursing

    I agree that every student comes for a reason. But you need to put a stop to the true nonsense. It's your office now, you need to set boundaries - with everyone...kids, students, and even the principal. No way should kids be helping themselves to ice packs. If you're concerned about privacy with kids using your bathroom you need to communicate that with the principal. It'll get better as you start running things your way, just give it time.
  7. SaltineQueen

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Me too. Two days...we can do it!
  8. SaltineQueen

    Any Advice?

  9. SaltineQueen

    Immunocompromised Loved One

    The only thing I was told I would be excluded from when I was pregnant was varicella, which we never had anyways. I took care of MRSA, CDiff, TB... I think you'll be hard-pressed to find an employer that will always allow you to not be assigned isolation patients. But here's the thing...you NEVER know when you may have already taken care of someone who all of a sudden turns up MRSA+ or develops CDiff. Maybe you could wear your hospital's OR scrubs and keep hospital shoes in your locker so you don't take anything like that home?
  10. SaltineQueen

    Would you break a contract and switch mid-year?

    In addition to the hostile work environment, you should see if any whistleblower laws might apply in your case (??). I'd absolutely leave and not look back. Do you have liability insurance? I'd call them and use their legal help.
  11. SaltineQueen

    New school nurse

    You know what? You will panic for a second. It's daunting being the only medical person in the building. But then, all of a sudden, your training will kick in. You'll be good. My adrenaline always makes me so shaky!
  12. SaltineQueen

    Who gets the backpack

    It just depends on the situation. Sometimes the student does if they feel up to it, sometimes I do, sometimes the teacher will have a classmate bring it down. Our school is relatively small so I don't worry about being out the couple minutes it takes. My office is right off the main office so they can hold down the fort in most cases.
  13. SaltineQueen

    What is your late pick up policy?

    school resource officer It hasn't happened here but from conversations, I suspect we'd take them to the local police department if it got to the point when the secretary and principal were ready to leave.
  14. SaltineQueen

    Prepping for School Nurse Job Search

    I volunteered to help the nurse in the school my children attended with screenings. Then I subbed in the district. When a position opened up, she called me.
  15. SaltineQueen

    Release of Information

    Would any of you be willing to share your ROI forms? We are thinking ours is too vague so we'd like to rework it.
  16. SaltineQueen

    Wiping bottoms

    Is this a special needs child or no? Why are parents not doing anything at home?