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  1. School Nurses: When is everyone back?

    Wow! Where are you located?
  2. School Nurses: When is everyone back?

    Where are you located & what are this year’s protocols? I’m in Indiana. I go back Wednesday, the kids a week later (8/11). This year masks are optional (so probably 3 people will wear them). Not sure how much distancing will be maintained...
  3. What's school nursing like where you are?

    Well, I'm on AN in the middle of my day, so... ??
  4. Got My Vaccine Yesterday

    I had COVID in November. Per our state and the CDC you can choose to wait, but you can also go ahead & get it within that 90 days. The medical director of out county health department says go ahead and get it, especially if you had a mild case ...
  5. Any Ohio SN?

    I'm in Indiana. I think it's crazy how states in the same region are doing things so differently! Our admin & HD have been awesome. We're pretty much sticking with CDC guidelines. Indiana does support the 10 day early Q return with stipul...
  6. Got My Vaccine Yesterday

    Well thank you
  7. Any Ohio SN?

    What are your thoughts on your new quarantine guidelines? How in the world is anyone going to keep track of whether or not masks were work and distance was maintained?
  8. Got My Vaccine Yesterday

    I've had one or two here & there over the last few years...but nowhere near as frequent as the last few days. I also have HTN, need to lose weight, and am stubborn & a terrible nurse-patient. ?? I did register with VSafe.
  9. Vision activity page

    Does anyone have any cute activity sheets or coloring sheets for kids who get glasses? I have a group of siblings getting them, who we really worry will lose or break them fairly quickly. I was trying to find something to really get them excited ab...
  10. Got My Vaccine Yesterday

    I got my first dose of Pfizer Saturday & have been having alarmingly frequent PACs. Doc's feeling is that it's because my sympathetic nervous system is in high gear producing antibodies. I'll probably be wearing a Holter over the weekend.
  11. COVID-19: Calculating Quarantines/Isolations

    My state put out a handy calculator. Scroll down a little bit.
  12. Elementary nurses - mask question

    We had a student at one of our elementaries get “lanyard burns” (for lack of a better word I guess) on his neck when his breakaway lanyard didn’t breakaway. I was worried something like that would happen. I would seriously rethink lanyards if I wer...
  13. We start on Monday - full in person

    We started last Wednesday full in person. It’s going very well. I’m with littles, in a smaller school. Kids are doing awesome so far. Hopefully parents will cooperate this year. Prayers for all of us!
  14. It felt wrong...

    Sent a kid home first day of school. Fever, stomachache & nausea. Likely not COVID but what if... Thankfully mom was cool with the situation. This year is going to be so hard. ?
  15. What are you stocking up on?