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  1. nursetlm

    Help Type 1 diabetic and lunch

    My first grader tells me ahead of time what she plans on eating (I have school menu) and I dose her 10 minutes prior to eating. We do the same for her snack. If she doesn't eat something she said she was going to- we make up the difference in my of...
  2. nursetlm

    Staying or Going?

    No incentives here (yet.) I'm considering other employment.
  3. nursetlm

    Contracts for Next SY

    Yikes- I would be looking elsewhere. I wish you luck.
  4. nursetlm


    We have been in person learning since September with no shutdowns at all- we are taking all proper precautions. It can be done safely and we have been lucky. However I am at a K-3 school with 500 students - so cannot speak to older grades. No docu...
  5. nursetlm

    When to leave school?

    I'm finding myself in the same position and have started looking for a clinic job with similar hours. I will probably take a pay cut in my area- but the year round employment will level it out a little. I no longer need the summers off- my kids are...
  6. nursetlm

    Possibility of returning to school

    We have been in person since the beginning of September. I have an isolation room next to mine- I get to cover both. We require students to wear masks, socially distance (as much as possible) etc... We are not allowing nebulizer treatments thi...
  7. nursetlm

    Frequent Flyers

    It helped me when I first started 6 years ago- I had students being sent to me because they had gum in their hair- or couldn't get their shoelaces untied.
  8. nursetlm

    Frequent Flyers

    Guidelines for Nurse’s Office2016.docx I don't have any specific advice- but this form helps me quite a bit at the beginning of the year.
  9. nursetlm

    What do you do when a kid refuses to wear a mask?

    Our school is having the teacher handle it in the classroom. The kids are not to be sent to the nurse or timeout/ refocus room. That is just how our school is handling it- others may be different.
  10. nursetlm

    It felt wrong...

    Our district is using these questions for parents to check off before sending students to school.
  11. nursetlm

    It felt wrong...

    Just curious- when did he start getting sick/fever? Only at school?
  12. nursetlm

    We start on Monday - full in person

    Please keep us posted! Staff start back on 18th of this month- our students return on the 31st.
  13. nursetlm

    Strange New World

    I believe our teachers will all be taking temps of their classes and helping students wash hands or sanitize before gaining entrance to classroom. Temps will be taken before any student gets on the bus. Teachers have the s/s questionnaire that I was ...
  14. nursetlm

    Destroying of files

    I box up my documents at the end of the year and they are saved at our warehouse for 5 years.
  15. nursetlm

    Isolation Room Closures Between Symptomatic Students

    I worry about having 2 (or more) students at a time in there also. I work with elementary aged students and frequently have more than one student at a time with cough/ congestion, etc during a “normal” cold and flu season. I will be monitoring both r...