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  1. IsItFridayYetRN

    When is everyone *supposed* to go back?

    Same!! So stressed 😩
  2. IsItFridayYetRN

    List of questions and requests

    Thanks for this, @Flare! Some great info to consider.
  3. IsItFridayYetRN

    Does your office have running water?

    The girls restroom is next door to my office which was the theory into moving me where I currently am. But I’ve tried to explain to administration that it’s not really always feasible (or sanitary) for me to go with soiled hands to the restroom next door- especially if there is a class in there using the restroom at that time. And not to mention that often times the students need to wash hands before going to class. Going to see if I can either be moved back to my old office which has a sink and area that could be used for isolation room (that would be my pick) or have a sink installed in my office (which I’m sure will not happen!!).
  4. IsItFridayYetRN

    Does your office have running water?

    Mine does not have running water which worries me on a normal year, even more so this year. I totally feel you. Going through many of the same feelings myself.
  5. IsItFridayYetRN

    Type of mask or face covering?

    WOW!, that's awesome. No word about the district purchasing anything for the nurses. I guess I'll have to start shopping around! Yes, I agree with you. Hot spot here also. I will check out Ebay! Thanks for the input!
  6. IsItFridayYetRN

    Type of mask or face covering?

    Yes, I’m dreading it as well. My school is already out of control with teachers sending kids mainly to get them out of their own hair. The majority of what I see are classroom management issues and not really sick kids. Addressed with my administration numerous times to no avail. Now I’m afraid it will be even worse this year.
  7. IsItFridayYetRN

    Type of mask or face covering?

    My Fellow School Nurses, What kind of mask/face covering/ PPE are you planning to wear for yourself daily in the coming school year? I'm not sure if I should purchase surgical masks, fabric masks, etc. Should we double mask? And what about face shields? Overkill or no? Thanks 🙂
  8. IsItFridayYetRN

    So if they open no matter what...

    I'm nervous as well. I would be in what's considered a "high risk" category, which makes me even more scared about getting coughed all over all day long. My office is tiny and I do not know how possible it is to distance in there! Not to mention the normal multitude of nonsense that comes through my door every day. Hopefully administration will help to curb the "non necessary" visits. Which honestly, is well over half of the students that I see each day (and I'm very much underestimating). The school nurses in my district have received little to no information about the plan going forward. I feel like it will be a nightmare school year. I wish they would postpone the school opening until Labor Day. Although I did read something recently from a local doctor in my area who felt that one of the quickest ways to get control of this virus is for schools to open and kids to be back around each other. His theory was that since kids fare relatively well with the virus they no longer need to be at home. I am not too sure how I feel about this- it's not just kids who are at school though. What about the staff?
  9. IsItFridayYetRN

    SO nervous about upcoming year :(

    I'm also very nervous. Our district just released guidelines, but our nursing department has given us ZERO word on how the nurses fit into this whole process. I know that there is still a month before school is going to begin, but the not knowing all of these factors is driving me crazy.
  10. IsItFridayYetRN

    Cloth masks for kids

    Yes, I totally agree with you. My district announced that masks will be mandatory 3rd grade and up. And the number of days the kids will be at school per week all depends on what phase of reopening our state is in at that time. I just see this school year as being a total nightmare. My heart goes out to the teachers who already have so much to worry about in a normal school year. Now they will have to be the mask police too?!?!
  11. IsItFridayYetRN

    Work from home RN jobs? Pros and Cons?

    Thank you for your response 🙂. Did you do what you are doing in a hospital or office before you transitioned to working at home?
  12. IsItFridayYetRN

    Work from home RN jobs? Pros and Cons?

    Hi Everyone, I've been feeling lately (well for a couple of years at least) that I really need a change. Currently working in school nursing, but don't know how much longer I can take it. Considering a work from home type of job. I like having off when my kids are off, but would want more money and more flexibility with my schedule. I would really want more money than what I am making now, and am OK with not having summers off, but would like to do something part-time possibly. I've looked into certifications (HCS-D, HCS-O, case management, etc.) but am really not sure which route to take. Even debated grad school, but do not feel like my heart is into wanting to become and NP. I'm just at the point where I'm feeling lost and stuck. And as I look into available positions, I feel like the past few years that I've been working as a school nurse don't really add much to my resume clinical-wise. So my question is- if you work from home, what do you do? Do you have set hours, or is your job based on productivity and can you work the hours you want as long as your work is done? Did you have to work in a hospital or office setting before having the opportunity to work remotely? And is you a salaried or hourly employee? Sorry for so many questions, I just figured this would be a great place to start in trying to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Thanks in advance!

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