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  1. Mandatory Overtime

    If you're thinking about moving from a union state (like Minnesota, California, New York etc) to North Carolina to be a nurse, tread carefully. Have you looked into the salaries there? I started as a nurse in Durham NC a few years ago, and the pay wa...
  2. Pool testing problems

    Yep, they've been all valid tests (same experience here, it's really 7-8 drops needed, and the solution always runs out before the kits!!)
  3. Pool testing problems

    I know, it's crazy. I was convinced it had to be a bad box of the BinaxNow tests...but, nope, we switched boxes with the same results. Not expired, haven't been out in the heat or anything. And the ones coming back *positive* (the pooled tests)...
  4. Internal medicine clinic - what do I need to know?

    Thanks for this!
  5. Pool testing problems

    @Jedrnurse No, the setup for staffing (the schools get funding for outside help) is two consecutive days. So on day 1, collect the pooled specimens; get the results overnight; day 2 is for antigen followup on positive pools. I don't think they ...
  6. Pool testing problems

    @k1p1ssk Interesting! Ours are all nasal swabs though (Concentric by Gingko also).
  7. Pool testing problems

    I've been helping a school doing pooled testing (through Concentric). The protocol is to do pooled tests that are couriered to a lab for PCR, and then we follow up on any positive pools with individual antigen tests (BinaxNow) in the hopes of immedia...
  8. Competitive Edge

    I'm curious about where you live? Because in my area (AZ) they are begging for school nurses just about everywhere. Definitely no need to get extra certs or take a grantwriting class to be a competitive candidate here. There are shortages always, bu...
  9. I've been trying to get a outpatient job for a while, and have finally succeeded in getting hired in an internal medicine primary care clinic. The staff is just RNs, doctors, a receptionist, and a manager (no MAs or LPNs). I know I'll be helping...
  10. What do you do when parents scream at you?

    oh h*ll no! "Ma'am, I invite you to do so. Virtually every district in this state has multiple openings for nurses; in fact there are a critical number of unfilled positions. You too can enjoy these conversations for this salary!"
  11. Small town BC

    Thanks for the info, that's helpful! I already got the BC license - it took about a year and a half for me. I guess I was lucky. I passed on this particular job, for more than one reason. Among other things, most of my experience is in publ...
  12. I even wore them for a while as a school nurse!. I had never used one before COVID, and I was surprised at how practical it was to have all my hair tucked in. No breakage from n95 elastic straps ripping out hair, no hair falling in my eyes, and no he...
  13. Full time to PRN?

    I am not an ICU nurse and never have been - so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about - but I'm pretty sure that you're fine. At least where I live, there is a desperate shortage of hospital nurses and especially ICU nurses, even ICU nurses w...
  14. What do you do when parents scream at you?

    I do this also. And I absolutely do not tolerate adults yelling at me. I will say ONCE, calmly: "I promise that I will never swear or yell at you, even if we disagree. And if you continue to swear and yell, I will have to hang up." And if they do it...
  15. Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    Five of the eight nurses in my school district left after the 2020-21 year. Not the same kind of stress or acuity that hospital nurses are facing, but there is nothing fun about parents screaming against masks and vaccines while you spend litera...