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  1. BettyGirard

    Do you keep clinic door open?

    Mine is closed but not locked. There's a sign that says "Come In" on it. It just gets way too noisy given where I'm located (not to mention blasts of cold air as one of the main building entrances is right here as well).
  2. BettyGirard

    dread this day

    Not too bad for me either (though high schoolers are typically not trick or treaters in the major sense). I'm also happy they hired an LPN to pull caths for this weekend so I don't have to stay and do it (nor worry about getting in early Monday to put them back).
  3. BettyGirard

    What tricks do you have for nausea?

    I'm serious, and stop calling me Shirley.
  4. BettyGirard

    What tricks do you have for nausea?

    I guess I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing alcohol preps.
  5. BettyGirard


    The scary part is all the uncontrolled gunk in the THC blends that is tearing up people's lungs.
  6. BettyGirard

    PreK Potty Problems!

    We don't have any "regular ed" preK. We start with K in our district. The PreK's that are in the buildings are all special needs and the district provides a low level aide (we call the attendants) to deal with various toileting issues whether it's changing diapers or soiled pants or just helping a PD kid move onto the toilet.
  7. BettyGirard

    Recess/Gym Restrictions - Where do your students go?

    Yep, no recess here (high school). I don't really handle temporary gym excuses, that's entirely with the PE teachers and they park the kids somewhere in their domain. If it's a long term thing, then we either put them in Adaptive PE or come up with an alternative plan to meet the PE graduation requirements. I'm certainly not going to play baby sitter just because someone broke their foot and can't run or whatever.
  8. BettyGirard

    How many?

    One school, 2400 students. Just me in the clinic. Have an itinerant nurse who works for the exceptional students (special ed) about half time. And this year we have an LPN in the main office to off load the discipline issues that I had been previously stuck with.
  9. BettyGirard

    New school nurse- not sure if I like it. Help!

    I agree with nursy. If it's serious, call 911. There's a limit to what you can do with your meager clinic capabilities. We don't even have what comes on a BLS ambulance, let alone advanced.
  10. BettyGirard

    Students injected with wrong item

    Of course, the diabetics won't fare well given TB derivative rather than their insulin, either.
  11. BettyGirard


    one doctor on NPR basically said smoke/eat the flower instead. I'm pretty sure this is the CDC's current recommendation. Nobody knows quite what is causing the lung injuries on the vaping, but there's a strong suspicion it's the stuff they use to extract the THC into the vaping oil (be it vitamin E or whatever).
  12. BettyGirard

    Transition to school nurse

    The paperwork is different for sure. Rather than your typical hospital charting (I was ER nurse many years ago before I switched to this). But you get used to it in a hurry. Fortunately, our school is large enough that some of that has been off-loaded onto nurses in other areas (special ed, discipline, etc). Still, there are vaccine forms to chase down, drug/treatment orders and plans to maintain etc... The actual treatment side is a lot less messy than I remember from my ER days. Of course, you have to deal with a few students who are trying to put one over on you, but on the whole, they're sweet and it is rewarding. The downside is the occasion when I have to deal with a student who is not getting proper medical care OUTSIDE of school. Can't vouch for NYC.
  13. BettyGirard


    There was just some report that nearly all the THC-laden vape juices have cyanide precursors in them. Still, it's not advisable that students vape even if it were a perfectly safe nicotine delivery mechanism.
  14. BettyGirard

    School Nurse Mentoring Program?

    Officially, we don't. Our supervisor nurse does tend to spend a lot of time with the new ones making sure they are set. When we brought on Trini this year in her role, I spend a reasonable amount of time helping her learn her job duties. I'm also trying to keep her informed of what I do, so that if she has to cover for me, she can.
  15. BettyGirard

    what is your process for sharing medical records to parents

    It's illegal under FERPA to deny the parents the information. Once we've verified we're talking to the parent (and it's not limited to the custodial one), we're not allowed to throw up more artificial walls around the record.
  16. BettyGirard

    High School Sports Physicals

    I'm not involved at our school. The forms gets submitted to the athletic directors office and I presume get stored in his files. I think he gets audited by the intermural league offices.