What does everyone wear?

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Hey everyone! I'm starting as a school nurse for a middle school and high school next Monday. I am the only nurse in the district. I was told the previous nurse (position has been vacant for a year) would wear scrubs sometimes and sometimes business casual, more like a teacher. Both are acceptable, apparently. 

What does everyone wear? I don't have set guidelines. Help! 


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I wear scrub pants and school t shirts or hoodies. Fridays we can wear jeans. 


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I'm the only nurse in a PK - 12 building.   I was told I could wear anything as long as it was professional.    I do mostly wear scrubs, due to the ease of cleaning, its what I had available, and makes mornings easier than trying to put together a dressy outfit each day!   I try to participate in school dress up days, like pajama day, Hawaiian day, ect.  We also have Jeans Friday and I'll do jeans and a school themed shirt.   

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Scrubs are the easiest and most comfortable for me. Also, I like that it makes me easily identifiable as the nurse.


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I worked as a company nurse and they require me to be in smart casual attire, but since you have an option for scrubs...If I were you, I'd wear scrubs..students and school officers can easily identify you plus it's more comfortable. 

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I wear scrubs since I'm the only nurse in a K-8 school.  However, on special occasions (dress up days, jean days) I will participate in those.


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I wear a mix - mostly scrubs.  Sometimes I wear jeans with a school tshirt. 

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scrubs, it's required. We dress professional to our role. 

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Scrubs and I invested in a couple of lab jackets and got my name embroidered on them.

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16 minutes ago, NutmeggeRN said:

Scrubs and I invested in a couple of lab jackets and got my name embroidered on them.

I was thinking of this too! Especially if it was a dressier day. This is what my school nurse did when I was a kid, so I guess it is what is stuck in my head LOL. Dresses and heels and a lab coat. (I think I’ll skip the dresses and heels part though)

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Black scrubs everyday.  One less decision to make each day.  I bought 6 pairs of identical black scrubs off of Amazon and never looked back.  I don't even participate in jeans day anymore.  

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Not allowed to wear scrubs.  This is the status quo of most school nurses in my region. Business casual, I gear towards nice-casual because having to decrease the  life of $$$ business casual clothes by going through the wash daily with the sick kiddos is a financial investment I'm not ready to make.

I'd use whatever you have in your closet already 🙂