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  1. LikeTheDeadSea

    My very first squad call

    Sounds like great intervention!
  2. LikeTheDeadSea

    job forcing app on personal phone

    My HH agency has an iPad (or a different brand tablet, idk the differences visually honestly) at the client's home with the app downloaded on it. We do our charting on it and put in our start/end times and the client signs it on there.
  3. LikeTheDeadSea

    Return after flu

    I forget if you're a public or private. If you're public there isn't much you can do since he's been cleared by an MD, so take a deep germ-free breath once you're outside! If you're private, the principal can panic and do whatever
  4. LikeTheDeadSea

    buying supplies with your own money

    Wow! I can't imagine that the nursing budget is literally just for your salary. The expect you to just magically do everything but supply you with nothing!? You have a heart of gold for not only staying there, but utilizing your own finances to supply your office.
  5. LikeTheDeadSea

    Latex Balloons

    I dig OldDude's response. I have a cousin who can "smell" latex because it makes the inside of her nose/throat start to itch while being around it. She carries an EpiPen. She's a teacher. She modifies her environment. No rubber bands in her classroom type of modifications. Without paperwork, it is tough to see where they are in terms of safety necessity. I have a latex allergy and it is something that gets worse with repeated exposure, so I can see the concern.
  6. LikeTheDeadSea

    When parents are not upfront on medical forms

    One of the great mysteries of life is when people withhold serious medical information from caregivers. Kudos to you for getting the kiddo transported somewhere that will hopefully get follow-ups in gear!
  7. LikeTheDeadSea

    Grant Input

    Hi friends, I am able to apply for a grant to "create and implement innovative educational programs." In past years it looks like many of these have been STEM related, as we did not have STEM programs in the past so that was the "hot topic." Grant amounts have been between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. I have a set Puberty curriculum, so that's not needed. This would be for elementary. Anyone have any luck in the past with this type of thing, or an idea of a health curriculum for younger grades?
  8. LikeTheDeadSea

    Privacy when calling parent about sick child

    I read your post shaking my head and then hugged my box of disinfectant wipes that sits next to my phone. I have no problem letting students use my phone. As others have mentioned, the bloody nose and waiting to get picked up heavily depend on how an office is constructed and impacted by time management and availability. When we're seeing 60+ kids a day and have 3 beds and 5 chairs and kids are rolling in left and right, common sense needs to be used to figure out where the best place for a student is in the moment.
  9. LikeTheDeadSea

    Another Measles Outbreak- Scary Stuff

    Time to dig out my Soapbox. Where did I put that thing? Can't be too far, I feel like I just had it out for the last outbreak....
  10. LikeTheDeadSea

    ODD WEEK!!

    I thought the same thing!
  11. LikeTheDeadSea

    Field Trip Bags

    I'd add instant ice packs. No more than 2 though. At the elementary level if more than that are available EVERYONE on the trip will have one by the end. So fancy.
  12. LikeTheDeadSea

    Frequent Flyers

    Welcome! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! I have to do a lot of staff education in order to decrease frequent flyers. I wish I could help but elementary is a bit different. I imagine middle school is even harder with the amount of teacher changes. No one knows who has been to you already that day so to that teacher it's the student's first request.
  13. LikeTheDeadSea

    Pay scale placement

    Even though my previous experiences was as a school nurse but not as a CSN, when I got a CSN position they started me at "year 1".
  14. LikeTheDeadSea

    Judgement being questioned

    Also, ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! Welcome to the School Nurses forum
  15. LikeTheDeadSea

    Judgement being questioned

    I think this is similar to many of our first-year experiences in a school setting. I've talked with other new nurses that it's almost like your building is trying to test how far they can push you. If they can take advantage and get a student causing disruptions out for a day, some people will use whatever they can to make it happen. Hold your ground - sounds like your administration is on board with you.