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LikeTheDeadSea has 6 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. LikeTheDeadSea

    Teachers and Staff Want To Be Taken Care Of

    I had a similar sounding year after some staff shuffling where I got a new building assignment. Halfway through the year I had "had it up to here" with staff complaints and visits that were not necessary. I ran a report of visit amounts and at the...
  2. LikeTheDeadSea

    Salary grid/contract

    This varies district to district. In my area, only work as a Certified School Nurse counts for steps. Doesn't matter if you've been an RN for 5 years or 20 years, you only get credit for your time working in the role of a CSN. Some districts will rea...
  3. LikeTheDeadSea

    Sexual/Reproductive Health Curriculum
  4. LikeTheDeadSea

    Go Bag

    Messaging you 🙂
  5. LikeTheDeadSea

    Side Job

    PRN pediatric homecare. (I hold a hard boundary that I'll pick up random weekend days / weekend call outs for the families I am oriented to. I won't commit to an every other weekend schedule or any type of rotation.) I work at a residential Sum...
  6. LikeTheDeadSea

    Menstruation Station Resources

    We had a girl scout troop start supplying as their community service initiative. I tend to ask the PTO for things that I can't order through our budgets. (ie: underwear for accidents)
  7. LikeTheDeadSea

    Counseling Staff Members On Sick Leave

    I would be clear that any conversation with her is with your "friend" hat on and not your "employee of same location" hat, since essentially you're being asked to discuss her employment status. Maybe a discussion with her direct administrator and som...
  8. LikeTheDeadSea

    Adults Taking Advantage....

    On particularly rough years, I mention the number of staff member visits during faculty meetings and they tend to drop off for a bit.
  9. LikeTheDeadSea

    School nurse interview

    This is a tough one, I experienced what has been described above - I asked for acknowledgement of my 4years of school nursing that was in a non-CSN role, and they wouldn't budge me up the payscale at all, I had to start at Year 1. This is public s...
  10. LikeTheDeadSea


    If residential, I'd try some good 'ol prune juice as a snack. If no relief, I'd take that kiddo to urgent care to get the private order. I'd suggest that the camp director work on building a relationship with a PCP in the area to get more spec...
  11. LikeTheDeadSea

    New to camp but not to nurses nf

    Did you ask to speak with a nurse that worked there previously? That's usually a great inside scoop. 🙂
  12. LikeTheDeadSea

    Has Anyone Worked as a Camp Nurse? What was Your Experience Like?

    Camp nursing and school nursing heavily overlap, and those that dislike one often dislike the other due to the independence/loneliness aspect. I would not work at a residential camp for generally healthy children that isn't staffed with at least...
  13. LikeTheDeadSea


    I would request a private order from the camper's pediatrician with their dosing/instructions on it and treat it like I do all private orders instead of a standing order, since the age doesn't align with the standing order parameters.
  14. LikeTheDeadSea

    New sub book suggestions

    I consider School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text to be like a bible of school nursing. I would also ask for your district's Health Services Manual, print out any school board policies that impact your office, and get the Communicable Disease in...
  15. LikeTheDeadSea

    Great School Nurse Day gifts???

    I gifted myself a thermos that is glittery from Etsy that looks like an Elmer's glue stick and it has my name on it and says "You're the glue that keeps the school together." People always ask who gave it to me, and I'm always honest and say ...

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