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LikeTheDeadSea has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. LikeTheDeadSea

    New to subbing

    Although some parent scan be less than friendly, I always recommend calling the parent and just saying, "Hey, I'm a sub today and although I read the paperwork for your child, I know that every diabetic is unique and I just wanted to touch base with you to confirm, since you're the expert on your child's trends." Also, welcome welcome! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!
  2. LikeTheDeadSea


    Happy to see your username again!
  3. LikeTheDeadSea

    I hope this passes in NJ

    The Church of Universal Wisdom is based out of Medford NJ. You can pay them for a fancy letter. No chapel/meetings. If you deep dive on it, it was made by a couple chiropractors, only one of them is now alive per a news article Here is their website that still looks like it was made in the 90s: https://www.cuwisdom.org/index.php
  4. LikeTheDeadSea

    Used my scary nurse voice

    I love love love this story. Way to professionally put them back in their lane.
  5. LikeTheDeadSea

    Application process at Cleveland State for ABSN

    Requested move to Nursing Schools forum
  6. LikeTheDeadSea

    Altered MD Excuse

    I've gotten orders that have looked like this, which is always a fun phone call to make. I've even had an office nurse go, "Well you know what that they meant, don't you, you can't just make it work?" ...eyeroll...
  7. LikeTheDeadSea

    School Shoes For Nurses

    So lovely!
  8. LikeTheDeadSea

    Lice found, but not on head

    Where is this from? I want to get like 10 of them and make the bulletin board behind me feature them all. I think it'll be effective in keeping people out of my office
  9. LikeTheDeadSea

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thankful for all of you xoxo
  10. LikeTheDeadSea


    I always say that if they have a health concern, they should contact their Primary Care Provider as soon as they open, or discuss with the Principal their ability to stay in the work environment, as I do not dismiss/excuse adults, you are responsible for yourself. I mention that fever/vomiting/diarrhea can imply numerous things and that they can potentially be contagious, but I am not here to diagnosis, so if there is anything suspect, PCP or a walk-in clinic are great options.
  11. LikeTheDeadSea

    LPN to RN worth it?

    My mom always told me that education is never wasted, as you never know what the future will hold. Even if the additional credential is sitting unused in your back pocket for years, if one day you decide or need a career change for whatever reason, the RN may open more opportunities? If you have the time and can work the finances out now, it may be a good security net in the future.
  12. LikeTheDeadSea

    The rules apply...until they don't...

    I would like to print this in large fond and put it on my bulletin board. Alas..
  13. LikeTheDeadSea

    Good PRN job for school nurses

    I do camp and occasional home care.
  14. LikeTheDeadSea

    The Vehicle Has Not Come Yet To Take Me!

    This brought tears to my eyes at multiple spots. What a beautiful and heartfelt story.
  15. LikeTheDeadSea

    ? for those paid on teacher scale

    My "registered nurse working in schools" experience did not count. Only "school nursing" experience counted, which is considered just CSN scope.

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