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LikeTheDeadSea has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. LikeTheDeadSea

    Medications For Staff

    Only if it fits in my budget and I have a plethora of stock. I point to the bottle they're asking for and they self dispense and administer.
  2. LikeTheDeadSea

    The N95 Battle

    I found an ancient box of them back in March in the depths of a cabinet - man-oh-man, the musty cabinet smell from the multiple decades they were probably in there was something else.
  3. LikeTheDeadSea

    What are off-limit medications for school setting?

    Friendly reminder that medical cannabis products are 'certified' and not 'prescribed' so from a nursing perspective can't be administered. I know many districts that even if a parent is coming to administer it (ie: managing seizure disorder), they have to step foot off of campus and administer it off the premises, otherwise it violates the Drug Policy.
  4. LikeTheDeadSea

    A Day in the Life of an Educator During COVID

    I must have missed this when it was posted back in the fall, but man, do I LOVE this story!
  5. LikeTheDeadSea

    Walk up thermometer

    I think this is the best comment I've read in all my years on this site.
  6. LikeTheDeadSea

    Huge Zoom Mistake....Nurse Instructors Caught!

    The school should have a Director or Officer of Diversity/Multicultural Affairs and Inclusion, or something of the sort as a title. At the very least I would hope someone reaches out to them.
  7. LikeTheDeadSea

    covid liaison compensation?

    Most of the districts in the Philadelphia region have 2 unions - professional and paraprofessional. CSNs are part of professional staff, non-CSN nurses are in the paraprofessional unions. Blows my mind when I hear unions not wanting school district employees in them.
  8. LikeTheDeadSea

    Asthma attacks and no albuterol.

    Do you have a district physician who can write a Standing order for inhaler use for known asthmatics if their inhaler is present? It's a nice CYA if you already know they have Asthma and that sneaky inhaler is in the backpack.
  9. LikeTheDeadSea

    Hopeful School Nurse!

    Lots of policy/protocol updating. Realistically the department can handle 1-2 projects/updates a year because we're so limited on times we can collaborate as a group during contracted hours. Really went through with a fine tooth comb everything that fell under the nursing umbrella.
  10. LikeTheDeadSea

    School Nurse Certification

    Sending you a direct message! 🙂
  11. LikeTheDeadSea

    Rashes on Darker Skin

    Under Specialties, there is also a "School Nurse" forum, come join us there! We would love to welcome you 🙂 I was going to link the same book above.
  12. LikeTheDeadSea

    Possibility of returning to school

    Symptomatic kiddos go behind a tarp/shower curtain set up in the corner of the office. There are 2 of those in my office. No Nebs. Return to School Guidelines - is your DOH on the same page as the CDC? If not, your district needs to decide what page they want to be on.
  13. LikeTheDeadSea

    Is Camp "On" for Summer?

    We're "on", but have a very transparent "this is us being hopeful" statement. What it will look like is still being discussed by our Board and waiting for state guidance, since that was a huge part of closing last Summer. (Residential, 6.5 week)
  14. LikeTheDeadSea

    staff rights

    Oh gosh, this definitely sounds like an HR and administration issue!
  15. LikeTheDeadSea

    Teachers retiring because of COVID

    There was mass exodus of retirements and leaves around me. Doesn't bode well for the sub shortage, but is nice for the younger teachers who have been waiting in the wings for contract spots to open up.
  16. LikeTheDeadSea

    Holiday Travel and Mandatory Quarantining?

    My state's travel stuff uses "recommend", even when referring to Hot Spots. Not "required." Super fun. ✈️