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LikeTheDeadSea has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. LikeTheDeadSea

    Adults Taking Advantage....

    On particularly rough years, I mention the number of staff member visits during faculty meetings and they tend to drop off for a bit.
  2. LikeTheDeadSea

    School nurse interview

    This is a tough one, I experienced what has been described above - I asked for acknowledgement of my 4years of school nursing that was in a non-CSN role, and they wouldn't budge me up the payscale at all, I had to start at Year 1. This is public s...
  3. LikeTheDeadSea


    If residential, I'd try some good 'ol prune juice as a snack. If no relief, I'd take that kiddo to urgent care to get the private order. I'd suggest that the camp director work on building a relationship with a PCP in the area to get more spec...
  4. LikeTheDeadSea

    New to camp but not to nurses nf

    Did you ask to speak with a nurse that worked there previously? That's usually a great inside scoop. 🙂
  5. LikeTheDeadSea

    Has Anyone Worked as a Camp Nurse? What was Your Experience Like?

    Camp nursing and school nursing heavily overlap, and those that dislike one often dislike the other due to the independence/loneliness aspect. I would not work at a residential camp for generally healthy children that isn't staffed with at least...
  6. LikeTheDeadSea


    I would request a private order from the camper's pediatrician with their dosing/instructions on it and treat it like I do all private orders instead of a standing order, since the age doesn't align with the standing order parameters.
  7. LikeTheDeadSea

    New sub book suggestions

    I consider School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text to be like a bible of school nursing. I would also ask for your district's Health Services Manual, print out any school board policies that impact your office, and get the Communicable Disease in...
  8. LikeTheDeadSea

    Great School Nurse Day gifts???

    I gifted myself a thermos that is glittery from Etsy that looks like an Elmer's glue stick and it has my name on it and says "You're the glue that keeps the school together." People always ask who gave it to me, and I'm always honest and say ...
  9. LikeTheDeadSea

    End Of Year Medications

    I send an e-mail reminder to pick them up and a hard-copy reminder (with blank medication form for next year with my email and fax on it). In the email I write something along the lines of "Please let me know the time and date that you will be ...
  10. LikeTheDeadSea

    Personal Cellphone Reliance at School?

    My cell phone becomes a brick in half of our school buildings. My cell service doesn't like whatever the building is made out of. I know some of my colleagues have problems, too, while others' work perfectly fine in the same locations.
  11. LikeTheDeadSea

    Student w/ PDN

    I've had many a student with a PDN over the years, and I myself work part-time as a PDN - I've never had any assessment overlap except if a newer nurse was asking for a 'consult' about breath sounds or something.
  12. LikeTheDeadSea

    Postural Screening And Trans Gender Children

    Are you able to ask for a summary of their latest well visit and take their scoliosis results from that if they aren't comfortable with the screening? Healthcare provider assessment would trump my screening anyway.
  13. LikeTheDeadSea

    C'Mon Now!

    PJ Day over here today - I've had TWO kids wearing onesies get the zippers stuck at the bottom of the zipper after having used the bathrooms. Both were only wearing underpants under the onesies! Miracles performed today: 2 zipper fixes.
  14. LikeTheDeadSea

    C'Mon Now!

    How have we forgotten about this thread!? I've had 3 Kinderoos take their socks and shoes off while using restroom since yesterday. 2 took off their shirts! New technique?
  15. LikeTheDeadSea

    Where to Draw the Line...?

    Holy Moly! Insane. I agree with blocking and simply not giving out cell phone numbers broadly. I used to have my work email on my phone with an app that did push notifications. I finally realized I had the compulsive desire to immediately respo...