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  1. Students lying about you

    Have you ever had a student lie about you? I am so frustrated! I don’t feel comfortable putting the ridiculous lies an elementary student has said on here. But what did you do? The mom either believes or makes excuses. My concern is what lie will the...
  2. Part-time School Nursing?

    Before Covid I worked part time, 5 hrs a day. If anyone needed medical attention the secretary would handle it. She is also an Lpn. Once in a while I would get a phone call asking what to do. I didn’t mind because it was rare that it happened.
  3. What does everyone wear?

    I wear scrub pants and school t shirts or hoodies. Fridays we can wear jeans.
  4. SY 2021-2022 Roll Call

    I’m here. This is my 7th year being a nurse for an elementary school.
  5. Have you ever tried to change a policy?

    Our lice policy is from 1997. We sent home for live lice, check them again when they return. I am also to check all classes they are in ? this can be an entire grade! This policy is so outdated. It’s not a school issue. It’s a home environment i...
  6. School Nurses: When is everyone back?

    Well..I was very wrong. No masks. No directions about anything yet. And no meetings planned before school starts next week. I’m completely shocked and so disappointed and furious. I have no words. I feel like I am screwed this year and feeling pretty...
  7. School Nurses: When is everyone back?

    I’m in Ohio. My first day back is Aug 18th. Kids (elementary) come the 19th. No directions have been given yet but I do think..and hope that masks will be required for students and staff.
  8. Help Type 1 diabetic and lunch

    There is a first grader who is T1D at my school. He has an insulin pump. I go to the cafeteria when lunch begins to check BS. Then go back after he finishes. I have all nutrition info or all wrappers are saved and administer insulin with his pump. He...
  9. SECOND nurses office?!

    I run 2 clinics in an elementary school this year. It has been very difficult and stressful at times since I’m the only nurse in my building. My clinic is where I give meds, treatments, see injuries, bloody noses... If a student has any symptoms ...
  10. Got My Vaccine Yesterday

    Yay! I’m I’m Ohio and was able to get mine today. I feel a sense of relief and hope. I already have an appointment for the 2nd vaccine. The rest of the staff will be getting theirs the first week of February. There were so many to sign up the he...
  11. Autistic students

    I call home and talk to the parent if I have concerns. They know them best. But I do know they can also send them to school not feeling well. Also, the teachers have a habit of exaggerating symptoms to try to get me to send them home ? I stick around...
  12. SO nervous about upcoming year :(

    Hi, I’m an lpn going into my 6th year at an elementary school in OH. An RN oversees several schools in our district. I have brought things to her attention that we need to update according to ODH but I’m blown off. So things are done the same wa...