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SO nervous about upcoming year :(


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I’m an lpn going into my 6th year at an elementary school in OH. An RN oversees several schools in our district. I have brought things to her attention that we need to update according to ODH but I’m blown off. So things are done the same way they were done years ago. Now with Covid I am truly nervous that things will not be done correctly. None of the nurses are involved with the plan to start in the Fall. We are being kept out of the loop. I found out that the local heath dept isn’t even involved yet. How can that be??
I feel that since I’m only a “health aide” that my input isn’t wanted. I have some major concerns for my building and I’m not sure where to turn. Would calling the health dept with my concerns do any good?

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Do you feel like your building principal is approachable? Health Dept. may be a good ally as well, always good to have a relationship with your local one anyway, working in schools. Is your concern PPE? Protocols/Policy?

I think I would just keep bugging people with questions, and back yourself up with reasoning. For example, if you're concerned about PPE, find out what the state is requiring, and ask "So, the state is requiring XYZ, but we don't have the supplies to cover this. What is going to be done about it?" Keep working your way up the totem pole until you get an answer. It may be that different people aren't communicating and they all think the others are figuring it out. Best to figure it all out before September, that's for sure!!

Good Luck!


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I feel like we are very much is the hurry up and wait phase right now. My state (MA) is working on reopening guidelines for K-12. They released reopening guidelines for child care and camps a couple weeks ago and have already made changes to those guidelines. I would try to keep as up to date as possible with your state's guidelines. Does your state have a school nurse's association? Join it if you can and collaborate with the school nurses; many are in your same boat I am sure.

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We've been told that the next decision point is July 1 (rapidly approaching). We don't even know if/when they're going to have students on site again.


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I'm also very nervous. Our district just released guidelines, but our nursing department has given us ZERO word on how the nurses fit into this whole process. I know that there is still a month before school is going to begin, but the not knowing all of these factors is driving me crazy.

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It's scary that I've head that a few states (notably Florida, I'm not there thank heavens) are planning full attendance operations as early as the beginning of August. We're still in a holding pattern.


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Those of you not involved need to go to your superintendent and insist that you be part of the discussions! We are the health experts, after all.