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  1. nursekoll

    Heard a heart murmur

    And I got a DaveyDoo Graphic!!! So cool!
  2. nursekoll

    Heard a heart murmur

    Thanks everyone for your input and encouragement. Today I received the doctor's report and it did specify that education was provided to the parents regarding the transient nature of benign murmurs. "Heart murmur can come and go especially with a fever or viral illness" (kid was on Tamiflu-never told me!) Also that it would be entered into his history to be reassessed at future physical exams. I felt the report was very thorough and respectful of the collaboration/ sharing of information between school and Primary Care Provider. This is so reassuring! Lately parents in general seem very annoyed when I call about anything, so it's wearing on me. It's nice to be encouraged and feel respected once in awhile! I know I did the right thing, but worried others wouldn't agree.
  3. nursekoll

    Heard a heart murmur

    Just needing a little reassurance guys, because heart murmurs have burned me before. I heard a definite heart murmur at the left sternal border of a 10-year old kid that came in for headache and nausea with low-grade fever. I'm not even sure what prompted me to assess heart sounds other than this kid just didn't look right (skin was an off-color maybe). I heard it while student was both supine and sitting up. Had another nurse listen as well, just to make sure I wasn't hearing things. She heard it too. Called parent because of course I have no history on this student. Parents report JRA history "but he's outgrown it" and they never knew of any heart murmurs though all the testing that was done several years ago. I recommend they get it checked out because it's a new finding. They agree. After going to the doctor they call to report to the school secretary that there is no murmur. I know I heard it and I wasn't the only one who did. Now I'm questioning myself, and wondering if they're mad that I sent them for what turned out to be an unnecessary appointment. Any other perspectives on this??
  4. nursekoll

    Office space etiquette

    My office door is just off the main office and mostly I leave it open so that students know I'm here and available. I try to keep my attention off of what goes on in the main office as it doesn't usually concern me. If I overhear something that does involve student health, medications, or other health-related topics, I feel the need to join the conversation and do. I think this really annoys the front office staff. They accuse me of eavesdropping. MY DOOR IS OPEN, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?? Other times, they speak to me and I'm unaware because my desk faces away from my door and they don't call me by name or knock. Sometimes I hear them discussing a non-health related question or topic that I could help answer, even though they haven't asked me and it's hard to keep my mouth shut. Anyone else experience this and how would you react? They do have a radio with music on and speak very softly if it's a private matter. This is just the normal everyday chit-chat that I'm overhearing when I'm not with a student.
  5. nursekoll

    C'Mon Now!

    Teacher has organized a secret Santa gift exchange for jr hi/hs students. They exchange SODA AND CANDY in large amounts. I just saw the first of I'm sure many that don't feel well after that. And he hadn't eaten breakfast at all, but the large soda and chocolate bar most certainly raised his blood sugar in a hurry!! (not a diabetic, just saying.) Ugh
  6. nursekoll

    The Big Chill

    We have a rule that the PE teacher or recess staff person has to call the office for any witnessed student injury at PE or recess that may need an ice pack. This has cut down on those kids just wandering by the office and wanting some attention. They try to stop in for an ice pack and get the "I didn't get a call from your teacher. Go back to class and discuss the injury with them first." I like having another staff member acknowledging an actual injury and not just the kid making it up. Still get a few that probably don't need it, but it has cut waay down on the number of ice packs handed out (and gone missing).
  7. nursekoll

    How do you get paid?

    I'm part-time, Paid hourly. My district covers 2 school in the county with about 300 kids total (rural schools). I started at half my hourly hospital wage, but have moved up a bit since then. It's around $15-16k/yr now for part-time. My schedule is soooo flexible and for me it's totally worth the pay cut. If I'm busy I can work extra days, if my kids are sick, I can stay home no problem. I can pick up and drop off my own kids as well. How many Christmases did I miss in my 10 years working at the hospital? Too many! Not anymore, kids don't stay little forever! I'm realizing that now that I have a teenager!!
  8. nursekoll

    May the odds be ever in your favor...

    I actually walked into my office this morning to see my very first Christmas gift from a student! This is my 7th year here. It was a gift card to a local coffee shop. Enjoy your holiday break everyone!!
  9. nursekoll

    Random Lice talk!!!

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]28107[/ATTACH] Found this little bugger last week! Made a scotch tape slide and borrowed a microscope from the science teacher to check it out. It was tiny! Been dealing with this issue for over a month now. I had been asking if they were combing daily at home. They didn't realize I meant with a nit comb.
  10. nursekoll

    Family Protective Services

    Both times I have ever reported to CPS for suspected abuse the families abruptly moved out of the district in the days following the call. I'm not sure if it was the initial investigation or maybe they got wind of an investigation and they just up and moved. Sad, and I have no idea how either one turned out. No follow-up calls to me, anyways. My school's policy is to inform administration of any reports made, so maybe CPS contacted administration, but I had not heard anything after either report. I don't think CPS can disclose the source of the report. I do think it takes several or immediate danger for them to investigate promptly.
  11. nursekoll

    I don't do well under pressure. Pls help

    I don't like it when I have more than one at a time either. I feel like it violates any confidentiality of the student I'm focused on. Also, especially in the younger kids, they seem to "absorb" one another's symptoms. Kid #1 has a stomachache, and ends up with a peppermint, then kid #2 adds a "stomachache" to his initial complaint of cough so he can get one too. Kid #3 with a headache, starts coughing because he heard kid #2 coughing, etc. I find it's best to ask a quick "What are you here for today" and then have them wait outside the door on chairs, so there is some privacy and I can focus on each one individually. If they just want a band-aid, I either hand them one or tell them their teacher has band-aids. If teachers or aids accompany the kids, I hand them the thermometer if all they want is a temp check.
  12. nursekoll

    Handwashing at School

    I have a couple kids in elementary that are sensitive to the school's soap. They bring their own soap to use at school, provided by the parents. No Dr. order, just moms requesting this. I'm fine with it, as long as they are washing with some type of soap! I would be curious to see if the baby-wipe kids are sick/absent more than others. It doesn't seem to me that baby wipes would be very effective in removing germs.
  13. nursekoll

    What ta heck?

    This is the best response!! I think the common bathrooms and over 60% of people who don't wash their hands is the cause. Get out there and mix germs up with a bunch of new people at holidays. Puke fest here too.
  14. nursekoll

    Sex/Growth Ed for Middle School

    About the cards- I hand them out a week or so before the class and leave a drop-box in the classroom, also hand out another card during the video in case something new becomes a question. I tell the kids to write something on their card, even if it's "I don't have a question." Then I pick up all the cards so no one feels embarrassed to be turning one in. I flip through them and just skip the ones that don't have questions on them. Also, I've had more than two girls in different classes and heard of another at another school where they ask if they can go swimming while on their period without using a tampon and they think that the negative pressure will prevent the menstrual fluid from leaking out?!?! (my niece was actually told this by her school nurse!) NO, NO, NO who is telling you this stuff? SMH I tell them even if it was true (it's not), what do you suppose will happen as soon as you get out of the pool? Fun times
  15. nursekoll

    Chronic Lice

    Closest lice clinic is a 4 hour drive. . . family with limited financial resources. I doubt the district would pay for that. probably not an option for them. They checked with Dr about sklice and were told it would cost them about $400!! so back to OTC and combing. . . still had nits today when I checked. sad for this girl.