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lifelearningrn has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. lifelearningrn

    School Nurse Pay

    It definitely depends on the district and the contract. If they have nurses under the paraprofessional umbrella, pay is significantly lower. In our district, we are on a teachers contract so we are on the same step scale as teachers. Until the pandemic, a minimum of BSN was required. They dropped that requirement in order to get nurses into school this year, so ADN nurses are here, but enjoy the same contract as the BSNs and teachers. I suspect that will change, and the ADNs hired will be grandfathered, and the requirement will go back to BSN.
  2. lifelearningrn

    Should Have Called 911

    What happened? It's a mistake we could all make.
  3. lifelearningrn

    Concerned - New Grad from Excelsior

    I'm confused. I thought you had to have a certain number of clinical hours to even be given permission to take the NCLEX??
  4. lifelearningrn

    Teacher Issue...

    We have a pretty strict rule against teachers calling parents to pick up their kids. When they do it, the front office first ask me if I called the parent, and when I say no, all hell breaks loose! (Okay, not really, but the clerks notify admins and a strongly worded email gets sent to all the teachers reminding them that they are NEVER, under any circumstance, supposed to call a parent to pick up their child!) I've had it happen a hand full of times over the years. Usually it's a kid that was never even sent to the office to see me.. but I do get bent out of shape when a teacher calls the parent after I've assessed the kid and sent them back to class. Don't let it go. Have a conversation with the teacher.
  5. It will, if they are given education, access and support through the process of applying for it.
  6. lifelearningrn

    Frequent Flyers

    Wow. If you have a headache, the last thing you should be doing is reading your phone. Did you institute a 'no phones in the clinic' policy?
  7. lifelearningrn

    COVID In The House—Literally!

    Hugs and prayers!
  8. I'm really confused as to how they didn't have a comprehensive plan at the end of last Summer. They could have (should have) been watching to see what implementations others districts in other states have been doing since the fall. I'm really surprised at how many schools have been closed for a year now, and still don't have a plan for in person learning?? I know it seems overwhelming, but a lot of schools have been open and mostly safe for months.
  9. lifelearningrn

    Contracts for Next SY

    So they want you to put in 80 extra hours during your Summer break, plus 2.5 extra hours a week throughout the entire year, with no extra pay? That's a hard no. If I were getting paid for all those extra hours, absolutely, even without a raise, the extra pay wouldn't suck.
  10. lifelearningrn


    Our school outlined a communicable disease plan (CDP) and a "color system" that is supposed to follow the trends in the community disease for guidance on when to shut down schools. The district moved us from Red (shut down- all online) to Orange (significant spread; mitigation necessary) in October and we've had all kids who's parents want them in school since then. Even what the infection rate skyrocketed after Thanksgiving and continued throughout January, we never shut down. A few campuses have had to close down for high numbers of infections in teachers/staff and or students, but it's pretty rare. By far teachers and staff members are getting sick and exposed by family and friends, NOT at school. I've had students test positive. Not once has anyone (unless a sibling) been traced back to a teacher or another student at school. (Elementary) High schools are the worst, usually because of sports or just high schooler being high schoolers. But social distancing and following protocols does work.
  11. lifelearningrn

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    How do your co-workers know you refused? Are you refusing or asking vaccinated co-workers to take Covid cases? Why discuss it at all?
  12. lifelearningrn

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine 😞

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.
  13. lifelearningrn

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine 😞

    I'm intrigued. Where can one go from LPN to DPN in approximately 3 years?
  14. lifelearningrn

    If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    I have had both Moderna shots. 1st: 12/26/2020- arm and jaw pain on the side of the injection. It was mild and lasted about a week. 2nd: 01/22/2121- my arm felt like it was hit by a fastball for about 5 days. I had a swollen lymph node behind my ear that resolved after a few days. Overall mild symptoms!
  15. lifelearningrn

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine 😞

    Almost every nurse I know (and I know lots) HAVE taken this vaccine. Good luck with your education in nursing. Hopefully you're open to learning new things, because you have a whole lot to learn. I must say for someone with a specialty in abnormal behavior, you misuse the term 'mass hysteria' rather often.
  16. lifelearningrn

    Just Can't Make This Up

    When we first returned to school face to face in October, I had a teacher tell me that her student's mom was home sick with Covid-19 and said student was in class. Called mom, who insisted her daughter has been living with an aunt, and her other with her father since before she caught Covid so there was no chance of the children getting it. The next day, older daughter wasn't in school but logged online, and told the teacher was going to be virtual for the next 2 weeks. I called mom and she said that the aunt's car broke down, and since she's sick she can't risk exposing her by bringing her to school. Got a call the next day reporting that the daughter tested positive for Covid and flu. When daughter came back to school, I asked her if she was living with her aunt or her mom. She told me she has always lived with her mom and that her mom thought if she stayed in her bedroom she wouldn't spread it. The only true thing she told me was that the younger sibling had been living with her father all Summer and hadn't been exposed. I don't trust the 'oh they've been separated since before'. The above story is not the only lie.