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  1. lifelearningrn

    Measles!! No MMR #2 advice

    I would ask for medical documentation that she can't have the second dose. "terrible reaction" could mean anything in parent speak. Without documentation, I would require she get the second dose prior to starting school.
  2. lifelearningrn

    Spina Bifida Ambulatory

    He wears diapers. It's weird, after I posted this him mom had brought him to his yearly evaluation and the MD is recommending surgery for both the bowel and bladder. Mitrofanoff and ACE. Mom isn't ready for that due to his age. Thank you all for your thoughts!
  3. lifelearningrn

    Return after flu

    Wow- they're in a panic over one case of the flu? It's peaking right now.. you'll likely get a few more.
  4. lifelearningrn

    Child Abuse

    That's why they have 24 hours to report. Teachers are mandated reporters. The counselor is a mandated reporter. If he/she suspected abuse, he/she is MANDATED to report it, not pass the buck. I've had many teachers try to pass this on to me and I've told every one of them, if you suspect, you need to report it. I will happily show them how and if I suspect I report too. I have a teacher (who I do love and get along with) say to me, "Why haven't you called CPS yet for my student?!?".. (student wore the same dirty clothes everyday).. I asked her why she hadn't called, her response, "I've never called CPS on a student in my 20 years of teaching, but I guess I'll have to if you won't".. smh
  5. lifelearningrn

    Make Up Your Mind Please!!!

    The "my mom told me to come to you if I didn't feel good and you will call her to pick me up" thing annoys me to no end. Of course the first thing the kid is going to do ask to go see the nurse. If there is nothing excludable, I send them back to class (if they're frequent fliers). If they're insistent, I'll call the parent and tell them that I believe the child is okay, sometimes the parent will have them stay, other times they come anyway. I have a FF that came to see me late in the afternoon one day, no fever, just some nasal congestion. The next day mom kept her home stating, "she said she went to the nurse yesterday and that she had a fever and nobody called me".. I explained to mom that no, she didn't have a fever, just some nasal congestion. Mom was like, "well, she felt warm last night to I kept her home". The next day she sent LD to school, before the morning bell even rang, she was in my office saying, "my mom said to call if I still don't feel good".. No fever, sent her to class, called mom who agreed to keep her in class. LD came back at lunch, smiling, still no fever, but said the same, 'mom said to call if I don't feel good'. Sent back to class, called mom who agreed to keep her in school. Guess who didn't come to school the next day? I guarantee you mom couldn't get her out the door, because she learned the 'nurse will send you home' wasn't going to happen.
  6. lifelearningrn

    Latex Balloons

    Latex balloons are also a choking hazard for young children. I would keep pushing for documentation of the allergy (which can be progressive) and also consider keeping the 'no latex balloon' and band aid/glove policy out of an abundance of caution.
  7. lifelearningrn

    Spina Bifida Ambulatory

    He is really just like any other 1st grader aside from the bladder/bowel control issue.. I agree with you that I need to get the parents on board first. Thank you for your response.
  8. lifelearningrn

    Obese Kinder Child

    Sorry for all the questions today! I just had a teacher come to me to tell me how concerned she is for a little girl that is steadily putting on weight since last year (she was obese last year too). She was very confrontational, saying, "the little girl eats two breakfasts, one at home and one at school, and eats two lunches, the one the school provides and the one mom brings her! That's too much food!! We're ALL concerned, I know Mrs. XXXX (another teacher) brought this to your attention before!" First of all, this is the first time I've heard she eats her lunch from home as well as the one served at school, and the first time I've been told she eats two breakfast meals as well. Further, her mom is well aware that all the children are served free breakfast and lunch in school, and has never requested her daughter not be served. While I know obesity is a health concern, I am a bit annoyed at the manner in which I was approached in regards to the little girl. It was almost accusatory, like, "why haven't you fixed this problem- this child is in grave danger".. Yes, she has a weight problem. Her mother is also very heavy set. Her mom is also a very loving and attentive parent. How would you proceed?
  9. lifelearningrn

    Spina Bifida Ambulatory

    I have an ambulatory spina bifida student who can't control his bowel/bladder that I've been changing since PK. He is now in first grade. He has been showing more signs of independence, like unbuttoning and pulling down his pants and pulling them back up and zip/buttoning after diaper changes. Is 6 or 7 a good age to start having them self change or should it be when they're older?
  10. lifelearningrn

    504 Madness

    The way I interpret this, it isn't saying no documentation is necessary, but it saying that there doesn't need to be 'extensive' when there is a diagnosis of epilepsy, diabetes, bipolar, autism. Notes (1) This is an educational determination only, and not a medical diagnosis for purposes of treatment. This to me is just a "CYA" because educational institutions can not medically diagnose. Our school district requires medical documentation for 504 accommodations.
  11. lifelearningrn

    Mom takes forever to pickup

    I've had parents show up in minutes and parent's claim , "I'm on my way" and not show up at all (kid suffering in my clinic literally hours and then parent picks up at regular dismissal time.) It is frustrating to say the least. The only time I send them back to class to wait is if it's not a communicable disease (no fevers, excessive vomiting, excessive diarrhea, flu, contagious rashes, etc. go back to class). If it's lice, they can go back to class. Pink eye, they get a patch and can wait for parent in class. I feel terrible when they legitimately can't leave work and try to work with those parents. Unfortunately, it's more often the parent that doesn't work, that I have the most trouble getting in touch with. There are so many parent's that think that during school hours, they have no responsibility for their children. I've had parents say flat out, "I'm not coming, it's your job to take care of them while they're in school".
  12. lifelearningrn


    I'm not allowed to pull out splinters per district policy.
  13. lifelearningrn

    When Teachers Try to Throw You Under the Bus

    I generally call for "injuries" beyond scratches and paper cuts...
  14. lifelearningrn

    When will the lice drama end???

    Phone call from parent: "my kid came home with lice. Her doctor said that if we don't do a full school check, she's just going to keep catching it from the same student in her class that has it!" "student with lice has multiple family members with lice after school check."
  15. lifelearningrn

    Considering hospice

    Many will disagree with my advice here but if you feel like you're being called back to hospice, then go for it. Look for hospice jobs that fit you, and apply. Not all nurses are going to need that magic coveted 'acute med-surge' experience. Follow your own path.