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lifelearningrn has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. How do I use that feature?? I'm done with the those that refuse to look at this disease from a medical and scientific perspective. This is a nursing site, not facebook. It shouldn't be political.
  2. I came on this site before I took my first prereq for nursing. It was very useful ever step of my journey, and I've been a nurse for 6.5 years now! Welcome to ALLNURSES!!
  3. I have wondered about this myself. Anyone can say they're an RN here, there is no verification process, is there? I am reluctant to believe some posters here are nurses at all.
  4. Reference back to my shoe statement.
  5. These stats are indisputable. Any medical person in Houston, TX that wants to pretend all is well in the world and this is just common cold/influenza like illness, is being WILLFULLY obtuse. This isn't directed at any one individual here. If the shoe fits, wear it.
  6. lifelearningrn

    HELP PLEASE!! ER Nurse with Newborn at Home/COVID 19

    If you could make it work staying at home and keeping your family in a safe bubble, I'd do that. Take care of your family, the healthcare system isn't exactly taking care of their nurses right now. There isn't enough PPE to go around, and the PPE that is given is a joke. Look at the PPE worn by medical workers from Italy, China, Korea, Singapore, etc. and compare it to what our front line workers are wearing. If you can get by without the income, stay home and enjoy your baby while you can. I know you've heard this a million times already, but they grow up fast. You'll never get the time back.
  7. This made me LOL. Please forgive us Texans. Dallas/Fort Worth is as natural to us as NYC and LA are to the rest of the country.
  8. As of today, ICU beds in the medical center are 97% filled. Hopefully we won't end up like NYC. You might end up concerned if they decide to dedicate some of your facility to covid overflow. Texas CHILDRENS is admitting adult patients to help keep beds available.
  9. lifelearningrn

    Guns at the Bedside

    I think it would be insanity if NRA somehow managed to get something like this pushed through congress. If someone is in the hospital, one can only assume diminished capacity at some point during the stay (sick, medications, etc.). The last thing nurses need to be doing is entering the room and frightening a half asleep, half drugged, or disoriented patient to be met with a bullet. Nope. Nope. Nope. If you can't sleep without a gun while in the hospital, you've got bigger problems than whatever brought you there.
  10. lifelearningrn

    Covid wedding... am I the bad guy?

    Of course your brother wants you at his wedding. I would do everything possible to go, while also taking every precaution to stay safe.
  11. lifelearningrn

    Does Trump have Covid?

    No, I don't think he has it. I do believe he is taking his miracle drug and believes it's preventing him for getting it.
  12. lifelearningrn

    I'm really hoping to become a nurse

    Good luck to you. I didn't have a successful high school career either. Low self-esteem and fear of failure followed me well into adulthood. A baby-step approach worked for me. I was a stay-at-home mom of a baby and toddler, and having a rough time with isolation. My husband pushed me to go back to school. Just a class here, another there. I pushed back (self-esteem) and he insisted I just try. For a couple of years I took a class here, a couple there, and I found I was actually enjoying it, and getting good grades. After a few years I upped my course-load and got my AA in general studies. While that degree didn't afford me any good job prospects, it was still a milestone. I completed a course of study with good grades and now had a college diploma. I never would have imagined in the beginning that I could be successful and become a nurse. With another nudge from hubby, I took the nursing pre-reqs and applied and was accepted into a BSN program at a good state university. 2 years later I was an RN at 41 years old. You have a couple hurdles to overcome, but you can do it. Good luck.
  13. lifelearningrn

    Where do you stand on opening things up during the Pandemic?

    I think the states that are most aggressive in reopening, will likely be doing less testing and reporting, so not to look like they contributed to an uptick in cases. I honestly don't trust the numbers coming out of TX, FL, WI, GA, etc. I'm curious why DC gets daily rapid testing while the rest of the country it takes 3+ days for results. Only time will tell how this plays out.
  14. lifelearningrn

    Fear-mongering in nursing school

    The constant threat of 'failing out' was probably the biggest stress I experienced during nursing school. While I maintained a GPA over 3.0, just knowing a mistake could make it all go away and all the hard work would have been for nothing. In our program, you had I "do over" if you failed a class, the second fail kicked you out of the program. In our first semester, we had about 8 our of 100 cohort quit after the first exam, and we had about 20 students fail one of the first semester courses. Every semester had a few fails. I couldn't imagine the stress THEY all felt the rest of the way. The final semester was the busiest and hardest. It turned out about 3 of the students that had failed a class earlier in the program failed a class in the final semester. Luckily for them, they were allowed to repeat the class the following semester and graduate. I can't imagine getting to the end and being kicked out. I'm not sure if the nursing school makes exceptions always in the final semester, or if they do it on a case by case? Anyway-- I agree the threat of failing is the worst part.
  15. lifelearningrn

    Fear-mongering in nursing school

    30 page care plans? The only paper from nursing school that was over 2-3 pages for me was the community assessment, which was about 60 pages but done as a group project. I've never heard any other nurse who had to write 30 page care plans.

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