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  1. AdobeRN

    50 school days left until Summer

    Never too early!
  2. AdobeRN

    Pt's wife just snapped at me

    Although my current case is OK with me using their fridge, microwave etc - I choose not too. In the past with other families I had the same complaint as others - houses were a pig pens yet it was implied many times that myself and the other nurses were the ones who made the messes - left food messes in the microwave, dishes in the sink etc etc. I pack quick, easy to eat food, bring a couple of bottles of water/drinks, bring my own hot coffee in a thermos - my patient's dad always laughs when he see's my thermos - it was my dad's from the 70-80's - one of those heavy Stanley ones - keeps the coffee hot all day, better than a Yeti The one time I did bring a salad and put in their fridge, the families teenage son ate it by accident.
  3. AdobeRN

    Face masks

    I wouldn't bother with the hospital - the hospital staff will need them more than our students, staff etc.
  4. AdobeRN

    Coronavirus and Schools

    1. I feel the same as you. Not concerned at the moment, casually listen to the news about it so that I can at least know something about the virus and what is going on in the world. My husband is also a fan of apocalyptic fiction, so he has been following it closely, last weekend he went thru what I call our "Zombie Apocalypse Supplies" to make sure everything was good/not expired, even added a few things to our shopping list to add to it - yep married a weirdo 2. Our school district has a plan in place & information out on the district website for what is currently happening - they were on top of it way back in January. Not sure what the plan would be if all of a sudden we were forced to close down though.
  5. AdobeRN

    OTC meds for Staff

    We have a policy that we do not stock any over the counter medications so there would be no need to have a specific policy regarding dispensing of meds to staff. I am glad - keeps the visits down from staff, on a busy day I don't need them interrupting me to ask about tylenol/motrin for whatever ails them. If I get asked I tell them we don't stock meds and direct them to the gas station mini mart down the street if they need something immediately or tell them to ask their fellow team members.
  6. AdobeRN

    Do you ever meet with parent lawyer?

    Along with the district lawyer your campus admin team should be present also.
  7. I worked with a few male nurses that wore them - nobody cares or paid attention to that.
  8. AdobeRN

    Not sure what to do.

    Yep - My agency requires us to get a signature on our notes from oncoming nurse or parent/guardian before leaving in order to be paid. Yeah, I would be waking mom up.
  9. AdobeRN

    No, parent of child, I don't have a lab and imaging

    This will soon be a reality for my campus. We have about 12 schools with a telehealth program right now, the rest of us will be getting it next school year.
  10. AdobeRN


    Same here - I only do an extensive assessment if they seem to be in alot of pain, crying, doubled over etc.
  11. AdobeRN

    Do you regret leaving bedside nursing?

    I left bedside to do school nursing - I have no regrets but I will admit to missing the ability to learn new things, see different things on a daily basis.
  12. AdobeRN

    Coronavirus concern for incoming student

    Check with your local health department. I am in Texas and our county health department stated there wasn't anything we needed to be doing right now - we are not to exclude kids.
  13. AdobeRN

    New to subbing

    I really don't have any resources to use but I just wanted to say the one thing I did when I was subbing was call the nurse I was subbing for and specifically ask if there was anything I need to know about. I always asked if there were diabetics and how they are treated during the day, getting all the nitty gritty details if possible - I also asked about any other special procedures - nothing like showing up to sub and find out you need to cath a kid when you haven't cathed a kid in years Good Luck!
  14. AdobeRN

    Pertussis Parent Notification

    I am in Texas - If it is a confirmed case we get a call from the Health department. I have had only had one confirmed case in my 10 years as a school nurse, parents never even bothered to let me know their kid was being treated for it. I was notified about 10 days after the kid had completed his treatment by the Health department. The Health department then sent me a letter to send out to parents.
  15. AdobeRN

    Snack Time

    Parent provided snack at my school also. Teachers decide what time they want to set aside for snack time. Snacks are not checked by staff. If there is a kid that has a nut allergy in class we will send a letter out requesting to send in nut free snacks but it just that ...a request, parents still can provide whatever they want for their kid. Even though we don't check snacks the teachers are pretty good about separating kids if there is an allergy involved - nobody is denied their snack.
  16. AdobeRN

    Private or State school?

    I didn't mean to insinuate it was easier - there were some hard days. It was like all of a sudden all the pre-req A&P info just "clicked" for me. The other part was that I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as getting thru school and earning some money, I was way more motivated with school once I was in the LVN program and the LVN-RN program.

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