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  1. AdobeRN

    Part time gigs for retired nurses

    Try School Nurse substituting - the district I work for has several retired nurses that work PRN as subs. You are not stuck to a schedule, basically can pick and choose when you want to work and what grade level (elementary, middle or high school) or even be part of the vision/Hearing screen team (if certified to do this). When I retire in 15 years - LOL.... I plan on sticking around as a sub to pick up days here and there for the extra cash.
  2. AdobeRN

    New graduate working in Pediatric Home health care??

    Congrats! Another thing to consider is the valuable skills you will learn in Home Health that may be beneficial to a future hospital job. I worked as an LVN in Pedi Home Health - specifically with vent/trach kiddos. After I finished my LVN-RN bridge program and applied at the hospital for a pedi position - the nurse manager flat out told me I was hired because I had the vent experience that they were looking for.
  3. AdobeRN

    Kids staying home

    I don't - I feel we need to let parents parent - they know their kids best. Now if kids are out 2-3 days I will call them to find out details and push for a doctor's visit - although we don't require a Covid test we do require a doctor's note with some kind of diagnosis or a statement from the physician saying "not Covid related" if those parents are twitchy about personal info being shared.
  4. I really do like my job but for me nursing is just a job, not a passion, it is a way for me to make good money. As someone posted above, just gotta find your niche - took me a couple of positions before I found my happy place.
  5. AdobeRN

    Medication Pickup Letter

    I would create a Sign Up with Sign Up Genius - its free with a link in your email. Please schedule a time to pick up any medication, supplies etc that belongs to your child (insert signup genius link). For safety reasons, I am unable to send medication home with your student. Medication not picked up by (insert date/time) will be disposed per district policy.
  6. AdobeRN

    How do you/did you handle your anti-vaccine parents?

    I gave up on the education/teaching/explaining of the subject of immunizations long ago - I too learned it was not worth the time or effort and in the long run just left bad vibes on both our ends. I just give the facts of what is required of state of Texas, will provide the link to request the Exemption form and move on. I do find it funny that some of these parents come at me HOT right off the bat, I feel they want an argument or just expecting one, it's crazy. Sometimes I just come out and tell them - I really don't care what your beliefs, reasons for not getting vaccinated - all I care about is that my paperwork is in order - get me the form on time, completed correctly and I will leave you alone 🙂 Thankfully I work in a district that takes the immunization requirements seriously & my campus admin team back it up - we don't let folks complete registration, start school, pick up schedules etc etc etc until the immunization requirements are complete. Good Luck to you - I live in Texas and I hope the "reason of Conscience" Exemption never changes - getting parents to get a medical exemption would be a huge annoyance.
  7. AdobeRN

    Getting fired by a patient/ family member

    I totally get this. I was "fired" a couple of times when I worked in the hospital - first time I felt so bad, huge blow to my ego, like I had done something wrong when in reality there was nothing anyone could do to please the patient. Second time I was like "THank you Lord, get me outta here" - I didn't have the patience, nor the time to deal with the nonsense.
  8. AdobeRN

    ADN or BSN?

    I am not sure how the programs are in your area but where I live all the programs are so competitive - doesn't matter if its ADN or BSN. I'd apply to all and go with whoever admits you and if you end up with a choice pick the BSN program. In the long run having your BSN I think is more beneficial, may open more doors to different job opportunities.
  9. AdobeRN

    C'Mon Now!

    My clinic phone, all the phones in front office and our conference room (a total of 6 phones) were the only ones with the capability to call long distance for the longest time. I was so happy when the technology was updated and teachers could finally call from their own classrooms - it was such a pain when they would come to my office to use my phone, which meant they were sitting at my desk, using my computer, my pens, paper etc etc etc.
  10. Hiking, camping, backpacking are my thing - would love to travel more but still assisting kids with getting thru college with least debt as possible - gotta a few more summers of sleeping in a tent verses a nice hotel 😉
  11. AdobeRN

    Do school nurses ever give narcs?

    I am in elementary - Like others I give controlled ADHD meds daily. Narcotics - rare if any, I don't ever remember giving any in my 10+ years at this level. I tell parents if kiddos still need that strong of medication to control their pain they should stay home until pain can be controlled with tylenol and/or motrin - I do realize there are circumstances where it may happen but usually at the elementary level I get parents inquiring about pain medication policy after something like a minor surgery - T&A's, appendectomy, maybe fractures???
  12. I would consider it but only if extra compensation. Too many issues may arise that I don't want to be responsible for. Now if my district wanted to do something like team up with our Fire DP where there were other medical peeps to help out I'd probably do it - central location, not my campus 🙂 lots of outside help, well organized etc.
  13. AdobeRN

    Opening Texas

    I am hoping all the district Covid protocals/policies including mask wearing remains the same until we get out in May. Seems to me it would just be easier not to change anything, wait it out and see what happens in the next few months and make the changes if needed for the next school year.
  14. AdobeRN

    Staying or Going?

    I'll be back - here until I retire in 10-15 years 😞 I feel it will be better next year......at least I hope 🙂
  15. I think it is based on guidelines by State of Texas (TEAS) though really not sure??? But it is our district policy - parents don't care for the policy but it's a rule they got to put up with if they want their kid in Face-to-Face school vs Virtual. At K-2 level mask wearing is not required while in the classroom though we highly encourage it.
  16. Our campus has done basically the same - although at K-2 level doesn't really matter since if one is positive in class they all will be quarantined, but with grades 3-5 this strategy has really helped with keeping the amount of Close Contacts down.