What color are your scrubs?


In FL & GA most RNs now wear royal blue. Is that the case everywhere?

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In FL & GA most RNs now wear royal blue. Is that the case everywhere?
I am in Texas. Licensed nursing staff at my place of employment is required to wear royal blue scrubs. Many of the local hospital systems also require nurses to wear royal blue or galaxy blue.
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In the NE in a major metro area; Where I work now nurses, (LPN and RN) are navy blue; the hospital system I'm joining the color for RNs are navy blue, LPNs are the light (ceil) blue.

Some places accept solid colors for Nurses, one hospital system I worked for didn't care what color, as long as one was neat and skin wasn't showing. ;)

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We mostly where royal blue at the facilities here! A few facilities are still allowed to wear whatever prints they want, though.

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We can wear any scrubs we want. Or we can wear street clothes. Today is my first day wearing street clothes-kind of. I'm wearing a company t shirt and gray pants. I ran out of scrubs after 7 days straight of work. /-:


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My hospital requires Olive green for all RNs.

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Navy here. The mandated colors would be enough of a reason to quit if I weren't retiring in less than a year!

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We wear navy, ceil or white.


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We have to wear navy


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It was Navy for RNs at my last job (but also Navy for CNAs/techs) and each of the allied departments theoretically had a different color as well. But some departments got fussy about their one color (usually when the men in those departments felt the color was too feminine) and got a second alternate color. And some departments allowed t-shirts or contrasting scrub jackets. So in the end what was supposed to be a color key for the patients wound up being pretty confusing.

It did eliminate Betty Boop scrub tops in adult units though, so that's something.


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Here in OK it seems like navy is the most common color, but one local hospital recently went with black. I have to say I like navy and would mostly wear navy scrubs regardless of a dress code.


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I'm in the north and at my hospital it's white scrubs but at my old hospital it was light blue (ceil blue) and the hospital I was considering it was royal blue or white. @.@