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HappyWife77 BSN, RN

Gerontology RN-BC and FNP MSN student
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HappyWife77 has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Gerontology RN-BC and FNP MSN student.

I started as a candy striper in seventh grade feeding patients, Nursing is my calling. I am a nurse first .

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  1. HappyWife77

    THANK YOU, to the staff, mods, and admins....

    Sending prayers for everyone...❤️ Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  2. HappyWife77

    Now what

    How is that possible? More details please... Not sure what you can do without a license. Hire a lawyer...? Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  3. HappyWife77

    Finally passed...yay

    Congrats! Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  4. HappyWife77

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    Ted Hose or tensigrips 😁 Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  5. HappyWife77

    ALF staffing and workload

    We have 2 nurses during the day(12hour shifts)...and 1 @ night. 90 residents. I absolutely love love love this job...after 26 years of working as a nurse I'm so happy!! The acuity is lower, we have pendants they wear to notify if they fall. It's private pay and very ritzy. We also have. Manager that does the care plans. I highly recommend trying it out. It's not as bad as it seems. Best wishes to you!!!
  6. HappyWife77

    How much trouble am I ? Scale: 1 to super fired

    I am glad you told her to take her tone out of her voice. Who cares if she's always like that....she probably needed to hear it anyways.
  7. HappyWife77

    job is getting to me today

    Joe, the only time I've ever seen a vial sit to be used again was when I was a patient in PACU for out patient surgery, and my RN was only assigned to me, she was giving me ivp pain meds while standing in the same spot the entire time....she never once left the meds or my side... until I was ready to get transfered. I hope this incident helps you become a better professional. Hold yourself always to the highest standards. Good luck!
  8. HappyWife77

    job is getting to me today

    This is basic 101 knowledge of nursing and narcs....The sooner OP realizes this and appreciates it, the better. No other way to put it.
  9. HappyWife77

    Starting Salary [new grad]?

    Indianapolis BSN only hosp. $20.84 new grad med surg. LTC ASN or BSN $25.00.
  10. HappyWife77

    Study Tips for Nursing Students

    Awesome tips! I like finding videos on you tube to watch over and over. Repeatedly hearing and watching videos really works for me. Thanks for the advice.
  11. You brought the best possible out of the worst possible! Good job. I'm sure that brought the most Peace to this family. That will always be in their story...that she was waiting to go until she heard his voice. God bless you!
  12. HappyWife77

    Am I going to suck as a nurse?

    Don't put stock in opinions of strangers who don't even know what your going thru. Nursing school is a beast, passing is what is required, and you can pass with a C. You are allowed to take classes over as far that goes. I think every single student and nurse has felt and questioned the decision to become a nurse because it's tough but please hang in there and keep on trying.
  13. HappyWife77

    Letter of resignation typed or handwritten?

    Congratulations on getting your dream job so soon! That's great! 3.5 weeks is close to a month and should be more than enough time. Please don't feel guilty! Enjoy the excitement of moving on. They will make a way to cover, they did before you and will after you. Best wishes!
  14. Absolutely! You nailed it here! Haha
  15. No problem doing it here, it seems it would kill two birds with one stone, while assessing the patient and administering the suppositories, it saves the patient from having to get in the same position twice. And it's really about the patient's comfort rather than our own...isn't it?
  16. HappyWife77

    PPD Wrong dose

    That is crazy.....using an IM to give a sub dermal injection? Exactly how big was the weal? I would ask her for sure....then have her demonstrate what she gave to make sure... Now I understand why my state requires certification to administer TB injections.

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