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Gerontology RN-BC and FNP MSN student
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HappyWife77 has 21 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Gerontology RN-BC and FNP MSN student.

I started as a candy striper in seventh grade feeding patients, Nursing is my calling. I am a nurse first .

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  1. HappyWife77

    THANK YOU, to the staff, mods, and admins....

    Sending prayers for everyone...❤️ Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  2. HappyWife77

    Now what

    How is that possible? More details please... Not sure what you can do without a license. Hire a lawyer...? Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  3. HappyWife77

    Finally passed...yay

    Congrats! Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  4. HappyWife77

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    Ted Hose or tensigrips 😁 Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  5. HappyWife77

    Asking for prayers: multiple nursing students died in car accident

    So heartbreaking.Prayers for the families and the community. Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  6. HappyWife77

    Esme Needs Your Prayers

    Praying for all her needs to be met and a speedy recovery. God bless you Esme💞 Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  7. HappyWife77

    Shift Warfare BS - vent/advice? (long/sorry)

    We do twelves as nurses and CNAs do 8's.... They do their rounding and it's between them... We have no issues, occasionally the previous shift is staying over to correct things. They get 1/2 hour together to do this, they work 7.5 hours a shift. Definitely stand your ground about no interruptions during nurses report! Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  8. Optimally he needs to keep his previous plans of a date night and having dinner...Even if it means losing an extra hour or two of sleep now and then. I worked full time with full time school for five years with a family. My sleep is what I had to compromise once in a while to get my quality studying in ( early am) and to be able to free up evenings with my family then stay up if needed. Family time and nurturing our marriage are extremely important for balance in all other areas. My priorities are what I live by, that is God first then my marriage, family, career... But that's my success formula... It worked great for me. I wish you the best, hang in there, it really will be over before you know it!! And it is a super intense program, you do have to apply yourself 100% to make it to the finish line, but not while neglecting your friends and family too. Praying for balance over you all! : yes: Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  9. HappyWife77

    LPN vs CMA

    Congrats on continuing your education to become an LPN. I agree with PP to know and understand your nurse practice act. I am blessed to work in a facility with a few QMAs ( qualified medication aides) and they have been there for > 10 years and they are great! They know exactly what they can do and what the nurses have to do. That's probably why they've been there so long. They pull the med sheets and the insulins and bring them to the nurse they're working with to give them. They know what they can do and that's the key! You can't let other people's behavior "Get to You". Just deal with it appropriately and move on. Don't internalize it and get upset. It's so not worth it. Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  10. Another angle-the nurse administering it would want to be the one following up. So yea, it would be best to give your own meds on your patient. Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  11. HappyWife77

    Burnt out

    Sorry your going through this...(((hugs))). I too have gotten into these funks! I've been LTC for many years... I know your burnt out, but I would suggest getting back in the BSN track. That way you can get the job you really want. LTC is very stressful and hospitals where I am from only hire BSN... (But they DO hire....and you'd probably have a better chance of moving on...) best wishes for peace and resolution to this funk your in!! 😏 Sent from my iPhone 6 plus using allnurses
  12. HappyWife77

    ALF staffing and workload

    We have 2 nurses during the day(12hour shifts)...and 1 @ night. 90 residents. I absolutely love love love this job...after 26 years of working as a nurse I'm so happy!! The acuity is lower, we have pendants they wear to notify if they fall. It's private pay and very ritzy. We also have. Manager that does the care plans. I highly recommend trying it out. It's not as bad as it seems. Best wishes to you!!!
  13. HappyWife77

    How much trouble am I ? Scale: 1 to super fired

    I am glad you told her to take her tone out of her voice. Who cares if she's always like that....she probably needed to hear it anyways.
  14. HappyWife77

    job is getting to me today

    Joe, the only time I've ever seen a vial sit to be used again was when I was a patient in PACU for out patient surgery, and my RN was only assigned to me, she was giving me ivp pain meds while standing in the same spot the entire time....she never once left the meds or my side... until I was ready to get transfered. I hope this incident helps you become a better professional. Hold yourself always to the highest standards. Good luck!
  15. HappyWife77

    job is getting to me today

    This is basic 101 knowledge of nursing and narcs....The sooner OP realizes this and appreciates it, the better. No other way to put it.
  16. HappyWife77

    Starting Salary [new grad]?

    Indianapolis BSN only hosp. $20.84 new grad med surg. LTC ASN or BSN $25.00.