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  1. RN403

    Just got into LaSalle CRNA program for 2020

    Is anyone taking classes online this Fall??
  2. RN403

    Just got into LaSalle CRNA program for 2020

    me too!
  3. RN403

    Valley Children's

    Hello! Looking for opinions in regard to working at Valley Children's Hospital in Madera, CA. I have seen pretty great reviews on career sites about this facility. What has been your experience in working here, especially PICU? How is the acuity? Thanks!
  4. RN403

    Why I should become a nurse.

    I would look into shadowing a nurse to see for yourself. Reach out to hospitals near you to see if they allow this.
  5. RN403

    Is it illegal to place a towel over a patient's face?

    Yeah...unless you are planning on treating your patient to a hot towel facial I would just stick to the shield or mask.
  6. Use your professors and clinical instructors as references. Look for new grad positions or nurse residencies to increase your likelihood of getting hired. It is absolutely possible to find a job without prior work history.
  7. RN403

    New Grad Career Advice

    Any nursing experience is better than none. Starting out in home health does not mean you will never be able to work in the hospital. I have worked with many former home health nurses in the hospital setting. Keep looking for what you want while gaining experience. Good luck.
  8. RN403

    Best BSN fast track degree ?

    "....there's really no way ill get enough A's to get a the average nursing school requirement GPA" First, you have to change your thinking. Myself as with many others have struggled with science courses and have lived to tell the tale. Does your school offering tutoring? Have you tried watching YouTube videos to understand the content in a different way than what your professor is teaching? When there is will there is a way... "I think I am going to do the BSN fast track path. Pick a major such as Hospital administration, psychology, etc. Is this a bad idea?" From the pre-reqs you have listed I think you have taken a great chunk of courses that are usually required for BSN (or really any nursing) programs. Have you mapped out exactly which schools you are planning to get into? When you do I would reach out to someone in admissions or possibly someone who directs or works within the nursing department and ask to meet or talk with them about the courses you have already taken and what other pre-reqs they require. Maybe you could go in as sort of a "General Studies" major, take a year for pre-reqs, and apply to the nursing program at a later time. Make sure they allow this. Nursing programs are usually strict on their admission processes. You could pick a health related major such as Biology, Health Administration, Psych, etc. and go from there. However, be cautioned that ABSN programs are intense. It is by no means an easy route to a nursing degree. They are truly accelerated. At least in a traditional BSN program the pace is a bit dwindled.
  9. Does your school have a student resource center? You might speak with someone there regarding stress management tips and what you are experiencing.
  10. RN403

    Littmann stethoscopes

  11. RN403

    Cheap but Decent Stethoscope

    Litmann Classic II is decent and reasonable. About $70, which isn't much if you are planning to use it long term. I know you are planning on using it for school/testing purposes only, however, you might find that you need it on the job. While you may work at a "digital" facility there will be times where a manual BP will be needed. If you already have your own 'scope you will be ready. Otherwise, you can pick up a stethoscope at a drug or medical supply store for much cheaper.
  12. RN403

    ASN to BSN Question

    If you are planning on getting your BSN then I would just do it from the get go. Earning an ASN and then waiting to take boards until after your BSN program is not practical for a few reasons: 1) Your ATT will expire 2) Your chances of passing are highest immediately after passing nursing school and continue to decline the farther out you get 3) Most bridge programs (RN-BSN) will require you to be a licensed RN before you can graduate or take specific classes (there again, you won't be able to graduate until you take those courses) So either complete a BSN program from the start or plan to find other positions as an RN with your ASN degree. There are graduate nurse positions open that are NOT residencies but that offer a longer orientation for those that have no experience as an RN. Check into the hospitals around you to see if they have these positions posted if it is something that would interest you. Otherwise, obtain your BSN in order to be eligible for a nurse residency program.
  13. RN403

    This is it.

    I know it is easy to get to the end and starting feeling lax. But, keep pushing strong. You are so close!
  14. RN403

    Shift, SBAR, report

    Report, assessments & reviewing vital signs (followed by notifying MD of any abnormal findings if unable to fix issue myself), med pass, and lastly charting. It helped me to have a routine, although, especially on a busy ortho floor it will be difficult to stick to a "routine" per se. Watch how your preceptor navigates through their day and take mental notes. Always remember to prioritize the care given (who will suffer if I don't do this right now & who can wait?), remember your ABCs, & remember to delegate (if you are a student? this might work a little differently for now). Also, keep a "brain sheet" to help you organized. Lots of examples on this site. Important things to include in report include: Pain level, pain medications & last time of medication, neurovascular status of extremity involved and the opposing extremity, surgery date, any complications, PMH, allergies, pertinent labs (H&H, WBC, RBC, PT/INR) as most are usually on anticoag therapy).....so on and so forth. Does your preceptor use a report sheet that you might be able to copy? If not, tons of examples again on this website or even just on Google. Lots to learn on an ortho floor. Be a sponge. Good luck.
  15. I am aware. Our facility does this. I suppose I interpreted the question differently than what was meant.
  16. RN403

    LVN with no "paid" working experience

    Even if a job states "1 year minimum experience preferred/required," apply anyway. It is worth a shot. Good luck.