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  1. RN403

    An open letter to the #NursesUnite movement

    Right on. All of this had me thinking as well... I wonder what kind of changes we could make for ourselves and our patients if we all united and posted on social media for things such as staffing or other issues. We could at least bring notice to the obstacles and challenges we face. This just proved that with union we can be heard and changes can be made.
  2. RN403

    To Colonoscopy or Not to Colonoscopy

    This is a fantastic idea. Prepping can be confusing for patients and this would really help.
  3. RN403

    The Perfect Shift: Are cameras on us?

    Usually, when it is a good shift, nobody states so. We all just give each other this look like "yeah, I know it's a great shift, but, nobody say anything." Once someone says it's a good shift it is jinxed!
  4. RN403

    PVT IS DEAD! Don't try the "new" trick

    Everyone now goes to the CC screen, even if you passed. There is now a new way to do the PV trick, however, it might be best to wait for quick results if your state participates. There are a multitude of threads on this new topic. You might search for them and find them of assistance. Good Luck!
  5. RN403

    Nursing and Michelangelo

    What a wonderful article -
  6. RN403

    How Are You Easing Your First Day Jitters?

    Great post! A positive attitude goes a long way. Your feelings are normal and your hubby is right. You will learn...that is what you're going to school for. The amazing thing about nursing is you learn something new every single day...as long as you are learning you are doing things right. Very best wishes to you on your journey.