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  1. I have no problem talking to a therapist and have done so of my own volition when struggling with issues in the past. But I would never avail myself if one who was also a coworker. Even if I trusted that nothing would get back to management, it's jus...
  2. Manager catch phrases

    All the members of our leadership team- basically everyone who has a desk job in our department- ends all their department-wide emails with "I appreciate you all!" They *have* to have learned it in some seminar. And it sounds hilariously inappropriat...
  3. What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    The opportunity to purchase a t-shirt if we wanted it lololol.
  4. My co-worker hates me for doing my job.

    Literally the only person I've ever seen get angry at someone wanting to watch them waste was later fired for diversion. I can imagine a way that the request could be phrased/toned to get someone's hackles up even though it's the law, but it doesn't ...
  5. Pay grades for different units??

    Everywhere I have worked there has been no difference. There is sometimes a small differential for certifications or a BSN, but some places don't even offer that, but rather count those things as points toward a "clinical ladder" program in which you...
  6. Making 100k salary/ income as a nurse?

    Many nurses work a full-time 36 hour job and a second per diem/PRN job (which can vary in hours from as few as one shift a month to one or more a week). The per diem job usually pays more/hour as it has no benefits. The reason for this is that per di...
  7. Input Needed - What brand of scrubs do you prefer?

    Wonderwink- I like their "origins" (basic cotton/poly) line as well as their various performance lines. Fit well, have nice pockets with interior dividers, wear well, and are cheap. I have some Cherokee Luxe and another of the fancier Cherokee lines ...
  8. ER rushing patients to the floor

    You realize that when an ER nurse transports the patient (mandatory for ICU patients in all facilities I've worked and common for all patients, especially on night shifts and weekends), she is also leaving her 3-7+ other, frequently unstable patients...
  9. How to protect yourself from infections after work?

    If I step in something horrifying, I wipe down the soles of my shoes, and I wipe my phone down with alcohol wipes now and then mostly because otherwise touching it to my face seems to increase breakouts, but I agree with above comments that this ritu...
  10. Weird how true mortgage companies don't provide mortgages for the love and gift of underwriting, though, and true grocers don't distribute food for the love of... grocing? True nurses *provide good nursing care*, period, and all of them have to eat a...
  11. I had a PICU preceptorship (that went very well!), one that I fought and begged for (because prior to that semester they didn't place in PICU) that I thought was the first step towards working in PICU. In the end I realized that my idealized concept ...
  12. ER rushing patients to the floor

    I was wondering about this, too. What course would you suggest the ER take with a full code patient six hours from death?
  13. Feeling VERY Incompetent

    One of my (dearly beloved) instructors as a student made the comment, when someone expressed concern over feeling like she wouldn't know everything she needed to be a staff nurse, "You definitely won't. You will know enough to be educable when you be...
  14. Possibly being recorded

    Yes, I encountered this with a patient who would have her phone on under the blankets and try to goad staff in to saying something inappropriate. This was just one in an entire galaxy of trying behaviors on her part, and not one that was ever formall...
  15. Possibly being recorded

    Why would a patient be liable for a HIPAA violation? They are not covered by HIPAA. HIPAA governs how healthcare providers and entities manage health information, not how everyone in the world does.