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  1. Iliauna

    ICU burnout?

  2. Iliauna

    ICU burnout?

    I'm a new grad in ICU for about a year as well. I feel the same way and just posted about it also. Our staffing is a big part of the problem. Our patients are really high acuity and there will never be 1:1 status and our 2's are poorly assigned as well. Nursing is not as advertised. I'm incredibly unhappy and regretful of my career choice. I'm tired of being hit and cussed out and destroying my body from lack of sleep/food/stress. I wonder if other ICU's are better than this... I hope it gets better for you
  3. I would really encourage you to shadow a nurse first. And look at what positions actually pay on hospital job advertisements. Don't bet on the salary estimates online. Most nurses I work with have to get a second job. And my hospital pays well (for nursing).
  4. Iliauna

    ICU Burnout

    I've been a nurse just shy of a year and work in a med surg ICU in a metropolitan area. I feel really burned out already... My unit is short staffed and the assignments aren't appropriate most days but my disappointment is less about my current position and more about what I feel the hidden truth of nursing is. I feel like I've been duped. Nursing is advertised as a good paying career with flexibility and many options, rewarding etc. What they should tell you is, this is a thankless career, you'll be verbally and physically abused, most patients won't appreciate that you run for 13 hours to keep them alive without eating and neither will your administration, and despite you sacrificing your health and sanity your hardwork will never be quite good enough, there will always be a push for you to do MORE, despite being pushed to your absolute limits, you will always be the scapegoat, your pay will in no way reflect what you do, and you'll likely need a second job (just ask any nurse:80% of the ones I work with have one). In short, I'm really depressed, I'm burned out, my body hurts and I'm always tired. I dread work, I spend my off days recovering from my shifts, (the no eating no drinking I'm physically sick all the time). Our patients are such high acuity and it's all hands on deck, most nights there is no one available to watch my people for me to eat or get a break. This isn't living. I have no balance in my life. I've read that nurses who go into this for the purpose of "helping others" are the first to burn out and that's me. The only days I feel like I can make it is when a family member or patient just simply says thank you. To feel the hell I put myself through is noticed by someone... But that is a rarity. Im already weighing my options for when my current contract is up. I could go back to school but I'm unsure of what those options would look like in reality. CRNA- do I want that stress level, how stressful is it really? NP- maybe but how much do they really make? I'm concerned I will go back to school and then the salary will be less than advertised and not worth the Investment (like my current situation). I want to be happy in what I do along with some financial freedom. Is it common to feel this way or did I spend 5 years busting it for a career that is not for me? Any advice for getting some balance in my life and/or alternative career options with a BSN would be most appreciated.
  5. Iliauna

    Job change, need advice...

    I am a new nurse and took a job across the country. I wanted to try something different and was hired for a progressive care position. While I love the people I work with the unit is not progressive care but really med Surg telemetry. Had I known this I would have never taken the job. The staff agrees this was a goal that the unit would be progressive care and that is why it's called that. So there was some misunderstanding in my interview process there. I really moved for the job and so this is very difficult for me. In addition I do not like the area and the move in general has been a disappointment and a mistake. I have been offered a position in the unit I've always goaled for in my home state... I have worked at my current job for almost 3 months and I am still within the "probationary" hiring period. My question is what do I do? Do I need to stay at my current job and tough it out and let this opportunity pass in order to save my credibility on my resume? I feel terrible and know I've made poor choices and put myself in this position so please no tough responses (I have learned my lesson). Do I have to list my current job on my resume if I leave since its within the probationary period? Will it always show up as me working there on a background check? I have never had a situation where I did not stick with something and I do not want this to follow me and look like a red flag on my resume forever... But I'm also tired of being unhappy. Please give me some advice here.
  6. This is typical. Are those statements very biased and close minded? Yes but you've just got to play the game respect the rules and then you can choose any employer with any perspective you want
  7. Iliauna

    My exam

    Enter an incorrect expiration and hit submit everyone gets to that page
  8. Iliauna

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    Were you not anxious after taking boards? No one said it's better than the official but for some people it gives peace of mind...
  9. Iliauna

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    If you enter an incorrect expiration date you can submit and still get "good pop up" I did it today. I don't know the accuracy but after talking with many people they say it doesn't work because "it allowed them go get to the credit card page" Pearson updated their site in 2014 so that everyone can enter their cc info, you have to click submit payment. I read if you failed you won't get pop up and then you get "credit info incorrect". I'll update if I really passed
  10. Iliauna

    MDBON Questions-PLEASE HELP!

    Go ahead and make contact with the board the phone lines are backed up so go to "apply for initial licensure" and you'll see an e mail address and send an e mail. The application packet took 3-4 weeks for me to get... Resulting in me having to pursue licensure through my home state and then endorsement. It is difficult because Maryland is a compound state. And they do want proof of residency (at least the application says) if you can get a person on the phone it may be different. But if so you need to get your lease set up so you can list that. Your school has to send transcripts but again you need contact with a person before you know what else. I never got that far cause I didn't want to be delayed in taking boards. Good luck
  11. Iliauna

    <-----going bananas

    Do the trick. I too am waiting for results and found a way. Go to register for exam, DO NOT get upset when it lets you pass to enter your credit card... Since updates to pearsons site anyone can do this... Enter your card information but do not give the correct expiration (as it can't charge your card) click next, then click submit. If you failed I read it will alert you that your card information is incorrect, if you passed you will get the big red triangle pop up stating "our records indicate you recently scheduled an exam you cannot register at this time" (I did this and got the triangle). I know people have said lately that the trick no longer works which may be true... BUT after reading a lot of blog posts people's reasons were as follows "it let me go to enter my credit card information then I found out I passed" . That is how the trick used to work! Now it works after you submit payment Good luck!
  12. Iliauna

    Chest tubes

    I can't figure this out and no one can seem to answer the question. Ok 3 chambers: I understand the water seal and how it works. What I don't understand is before air goes down the tube to the water seal it hits the collection chamber first, since the tube going to the collection chamber is not submerged in 2cm of water and therefore not a one way valve mechanism what keeps air from going up that first tube and to the patient? It can't be because there is drainage coming out because then we wouldn't have use of a water seal. And... In the suction chamber, how does the amount of water control the pressure? What's the physics there (I've graduated and take boards this week, I know my nursing care for this but I like to understand the why) Someone please answer
  13. Iliauna

    Chest tubes

    I am reviewing chest tubes for nclex. 3 chambers, first fluid or air is going to go into the collection then air into water seal and lastly suction. I understand the action of the water seal is to keep air out as a one way valve what I don't understand is what is keeping air from going back up right when it enters the collection chamber?? If it gets to the water seal chamber second what prevents this? If it's the path of least resistance then what happens when drainage mostly stops? Thanks
  14. Iliauna

    When will infusion complete?

    2045 + 0.5 (that means half an hour/30 mins) which would equal 21:15
  15. Iliauna

    When will infusion complete?

    It adds up. You're probably tired. Look again in the morning.
  16. Iliauna

    Please critique my new grad cover letter!

    I agree with scared silly ^ But just something I heard happen to a friend. She listed a preceptor as her reference and because the manager wasn't a fan of her (diff units) it cost her the job. Always be careful who is your reference if it's a small hospital.