What color scrubs does your school make you wear for clinicals??

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ProgressiveThinking, MSN, CRNA

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We have to wear white scrub pants with a navy blue vest. It's okay...I'd rather wear all blue though.



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Completely white, and completely the worst color choice. I hope it is resistant to coffee stains... But like someone said before me: I'll wear whatever they desire.:bow:

Journey_On, BSN, RN

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We wear all white scrubs with our school's patch on one side. We are also required to wear all-white shoes.

It's interesting though, at the hospital I am assigned to for clinicals, they are starting to have the nurses wear all-white or navy blue. So we may be blending in with some of the nurses. :)



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I'm so jealous of you guys! My school has TAN! I have no idea why they picked such an awful color....



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My scrubs are royal blue with collared tops (which I've never seen before...) and white tennis shoes. Nothing fancy, but I like it!



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We have to wear all white, including white shoes. I didn't like them. One of the instructors perceived that white was very powerful. I perceived that she was wrong.

It turns out that I was right. The uniform isn't powerful because it's white. It's powerful because the only color when you look at me is the patch on my left shoulder. When you look at me, you see my face and my hands. Occasionally, you'll see the rubber from my black stethoscope. My school selects the candidates competitively. The patch represents the grueling journey and rigorous selection process that I endured. Yes. When I walk through the hospital, I know that eyes are on me. My conduct is under constant scrutiny.

The funny thing is that like many of the students before me that had to prove themselves, patients have come to recognize that I'm a student nurse. They seem to feel the energy that I'm trying my best and that in turn, those that are around me are expected to bring out the best in themselves. Like the rest of the team, my focus is on the client. Like my uniform, only the relevant parts are brought forth.

All white isn't powerful... How I've perceived wearing my uniform has changed and become wonderful.

donsterRN, ASN, BSN

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We wear a really bright royal blue scrub; you can see us coming from a mile away.

Graduation is in May, and we're already planning the uniform-burning party...

Dawn Vylet

Dawn Vylet

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White top and bottoms with "nursing student" right on the sleeve in bright blue.



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Our's is jade green-I think that's the name of the color with a patch on the left arm. Anyways, I will never wear this freakin color EVER again in my life.



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we don't wear scrubs. We wear a white button down shirt, white pants and a vest or lab coat with a school patch on the left arm. I feel like the good humor girl. but the older generation does like it.

I can't wait to get some color in my life. It will be like when we moved from an apartment to a house. COLOR EVERYWHERE after living with builder white for so long in an apartment!



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No scrubs. Uniforms. All white. And they're actually pretty cute.

Bortaz, MSN, RN

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Ciel blue. Top and bottom. Hate it. Live with it.