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  1. Pressure reduction for ECMO kids

    we've had more than a few pts on ECMO who were so unstable, or their cannulas were so precarious, that we didn't turn at all, but its more typical to have to do small turns because they are unstable. We don't seem to have one set standard for our kid...
  2. What can you tell me about NEC?

    why not do trophic feeds and keep them on TPN until they're term, or closer to term?
  3. Too many SNAT patients!!

    I agree that it is often the boyfriend, but we've had several recently (and my most traumatic case) where it was mom. That case was so chilling because we did the first brain death exam, and afterward she just asked me for some washcloths, got into h...
  4. What can you tell me about NEC?

    Thanks, everyone. It really makes me feel better to read your responses.
  5. Too many SNAT patients!!

    see, our unit NEVER bans the family. I hate it! They say winter, particularly christmastime is busiest time for it. I've also heard the economy is leading to a rise in abuse lately
  6. It's always the little moments for me. When you can tell you've made a difference for someone. Certainly after a code or a hard fight to save someone. Or even a meaningful end of life case. One that stands out was a baby I had for two straight weeke...
  7. What can you tell me about NEC?

    I floated to NICU and my pt got NEC and likely won't survive. I have to float to NICU frequently (usually once a month) but we typically get feeder/growers assigned to us. I feel like I caught the symptoms early, but OMG, it was lightning fast and r...
  8. auditing call lights?

    my thought is that these hospitals with a focus on customer service need to have a pt consierge! They could run around fluffing pillows, bringing ice to pts, snacks to families, and all manner of butt kissing so that I can be free to actually provide...
  9. auditing call lights?

    wow, that RN tracking thing is INSANE! I think I'd quit at that point. Turnover in our unit is super high as it is. interesting to know that other places do this as well, I though it might just be my director's idea. Sarakjp, I know! huge pet peeve...
  10. why did you pick the speciality you are in?

    I always knew I wanted to do ICU and work with kids. I thought I wanted to do NICU, until I had clinicals and realized there wouldn't be much variety (NICU babies seem to have the same set of problems). I LOVE what I do because I never know what I'm ...
  11. auditing call lights?

    Any one else dealing with this at their hospital? We were told that our call lights were being audited from now on. In ICU we rarely have call lights (we're typically in the pts room or very close by, and the pts can't usually use them). Now anytime...
  12. Black - The New White For Nurses?

    our hospital's NICU just picked black for their scrub color and I was shocked! It seems like such a harsh, non-kid friendly color. Honestly, there is tons of research into colors and public perception and even specifically when working with kids. I'm...
  13. Patient assignments - Are nurses assigned to empty beds

    In the ICU, everyone can typically handle high acuity. If the pt is just a train-wreck from the get go, they will typically reassign the nurse's first pt to someone else so that nurse only has one pt, or the charge nurse ask us to help take care of p...
  14. e-MAR headaches!!!!!

    hmmm, that sounds terrible. Our physicians write an order and a paper order prints, and an electronic copy is sent to pharmacy. At most it takes 10mins for it to show on the emar and the pyxis. If its longer than that, I just call to pharmacy and the...
  15. Patient assignments - Are nurses assigned to empty beds

    In my unit we typically have one nurse "open for an admit", meaning one actual assignment, and one empty bed. They don't actually decide which room until there is a pt on the way, but its near the nurses other pt. I'm in ICU though, so that may be di...