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  1. Hello all, So a friend recently traveled to Bermuda, and was told that RN's are in demand over there... You can get a 3 year working contract, plus they pay for your apt right next to the hospital, etc. I understand that many places do this, not just Bermuda... As a graduate nurse waiting patiently to take my :eek:NCLEX:eek: (::FINGERS CROSSED::), how does one even get started working abroad? Do any of these places even consider graduate nurses, or do you need experience as an RN first?? And if not, where do I even begin...? I'm young, and I want to travel--Working abroad as an RN would really satisfy me on so many levels... And any information on this topic is greatly appreciated. Thanks!:)
  2. whiteoleander5

    Is anyone attending Suffolk Community College

    Hello all-- I just graduated from the SCCC nursing program in May '10 ... Just wanted to wish you all luck who just got accepted! Its tough, but not impossible. And it goes by SO fast, I feel like I just started. If you guys need any help or advice feel free to contact me! GOOD LUCK:redbeathe
  3. whiteoleander5

    Somebody shake me..

    I am going into my final year of an ADN program, and can tell you that clinicals do get better. Not that it gets easier, but you get more comfortable with the routine of it. My very first clinical was in a nursing home and we had two students to one patient... We just helped with bed bath, and morning activities. But i was shaking like a leaf. You will always remember your first patient, though. Although I do still get nervous in clinicals... (Its not walk in the park! ) , I am happy to look back at how nervous/terrified/uneasy/unknowledgeable I was in my first semester and realize the progress and personal growth I have made! Just remember that everyone else is nervous too, and that it will pass. I wish you the best of luck!!:redbeathe
  4. whiteoleander5

    Need help with this dosage calculation.

    Thank you so much! Also, another question regarding infusion pumps... I know you can round to the tenths place, but that is only if a medication is added to the solution, right? If the situation doesnt involve a medication, you would just round to the whole number..... Am i right? If not please correct me.
  5. Hello all, Im doing practice questions, and came across this one... Its throwing me for a loop!...Please show me how to do it. :wink2: ***The nurse checks the physican order that reads: Ancef 500 mg q 6 hours. The premixed solution from the medication room contains is labeled: Ancef 0.5 gm in 100 ml solution to be infused over 30 minutes. The nurse is administering the IVPB using an electronic delivery device or infusion pump . At what rate would the nurse infuse the solution?***
  6. whiteoleander5

    I tried so hard.

    So on my first medsurg exam I got a 72, with a class average of 74. I am completely bummed about this because I KNOW that I have more knowledge than what my 72 reflects... I really studied so hard for this and I am doing all the reading, and staying on top of everything. I feel like my 72 makes me feel inadequate. I was told that the first exam is the easiest, but I know from personal experience that my first exam grade is ALWAYS my lowest-- So I hope this still applies for Medsurg exams. My friend told me to be proud of my grade (I did work hard for it...), but as someone who usually does really well, I cant feel anything but discouragement. I am having a bad week, and just need some words of wisdom.
  7. whiteoleander5

    I'm I wrong? Honest answers please!

    Why where these "kids" not paying tuition? Every single one of them had scholarships?... I think not. There are plenty of immature little snots in my program, BUT there are also plenty of immature older people as well. Try another program. Preferably a community college program that costs way less money.
  8. whiteoleander5

    Anbody Else Gain a Ton of Weight in Nursing School?

    I think Ive lost another 5 lbs on top of last semesters 5+ lbs. I cant even say that I dont eat or am eating extra healthy... I feel like the stress of it all just burns it away. I'll have breakfast at 9am and be starving by 11. And that usually never happens... Oy vey!:icon_roll
  9. whiteoleander5

    Falling into severe depression ...(vent)

    I am in my second semester, and can say that going through nursing school is so much harder when personal issues get in the way. I also notice that even minor personal issues seem exacerbated while in school... Meaning that a tiny fight that I would normally have with my boyfriend turns into a huge one, and if it is not resolved before I go to clinical the next morning, I am just extra cranky..haha. And it is all because of the stress that nursing school brings. There are many times when I just want to crawl into a hole, even when Im not going through any personal issues!... But it passes. I cant really tell you what to do in your situation. I wouldnt give up on nursing school before you have even tried it though... However, if you feel that your personal issues arent going to get better anytime soon, then nursing school could always wait. You really have to do whats best for you... The biggest thing I have learned in nursing school is that you need to focus on yourself sometimes too, that you are still a person and you have to make sure your mentally and physically ready to go through the program. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, though. Please keep me updated, I hope you find an answer soon.
  10. whiteoleander5

    What I learned at rotation this week.

    WOW what a week. I thought my week was bad, but you win the prize...
  11. whiteoleander5

    My clinical instructor threw me out of clinical!

    Good point. Perhaps I was just venting for myself.... LOL.
  12. I am doing a postop care plan of my patient who recieved ACL reconstruction surgery. I have to list two collaborative problems (w/ interventions), and then five complications (w/ rationales) that the PACU nurse can expect. Arent collaborative problems and complications interchangeable? Cant "PC: SSI" be listed both as a collaborative problem, and a complication? I am slightly confused here.. since I am not sure what the difference is, and even after reading my notes and textbook, cant find a good answer.:icon_roll
  13. whiteoleander5

    Has any one felt like quiting

    I am in medsurg right now, and honestly, could cry at this very moment. My eyes burn because I am so exhausted, and Im starting to get a headache. I AM SO FREAKIN TIRED! So, oh yeah... I feel that way right now. But when all is said and done, I know that I wont actually quit because its too hard-- I'll just have a good cry, check out allnurses.com, and hope for some encouragement GOOD LUCK! (Dont quit.)
  14. whiteoleander5

    My clinical instructor threw me out of clinical!

    I dont understand clinical instructors. I feel like pretty much all of them are the same, that I have seen/heard about: obnoxious, condescending, intimidating. We are there to LEARN. Not want to go home crying and want to quit. I feel like the way they approach us about things does not help us become better nurses, it makes us afraid to ask questions. Is it "Tough Love"? I dont know... Just wondering.
  15. whiteoleander5

    Heart palpitations as Im studying. Omg!

    There are many days where I am like "Why am I doing this again?"... Lol. I feel like I am shooting myself in the foot. I just cant wait for all this hard work to PAY OFF. I cant wait for the day when Im like "Ah, so THIS is why I worked my butt off for 2 years!" lol.
  16. Im in medsurg, and I cant believe how much there is to study in SUCH a short amount of time! This is the beginning of my third week of the class, and we have an exam next week. I have been doing okay up until this point, but today was really when it hit me... There are endless amounts of reading. And as Im thinking of all the things I have to do, I feel nauseus and Im having heart palpitations. I hate this feeling! Just wanted to share my experience. Im just kinda flustered at the moment...