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Journey_On has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Occupational Health.

I have 10 years of nursing experience, a couple in the hospital (stroke, IMCU, observation floor) but mostly out of the hospital. I am currently an RN at a theme park.

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  1. Journey_On

    Is It Just Me or...?

    I wanted to let you know you're not alone. The only hospital jobs I've had were in stroke, PCU, and 23-hr observation units. Nearly the entire time I was trying to transfer into Mother-Baby or L&D. The first time I got an interview but no offer. The second time, I kept being told that they were waiting for openings, and I was so, so burned out from hospital nursing that I left the hospital entirely. I eventually found a full-time RN job out of the hospital that I am enjoying, but I feel a little drawn towards OB. I've been volunteering on a Mother-Baby floor and the NICU once a week at our local women and babies hospital (non-clinical duties). Some of the staff have discovered I'm a nurse and told me to apply, and I have, but I did not get called for an interview (I think it's because I applied for a PRN job, and I have no experience, so of course I wasn't expecting to get called). This is fulfilling my desire for now. I'm happy where I am. Not super interested in getting back to the hospital. Maybe a clinic someday? All that to say - keep trying. Don't give up. And sometimes it helps to volunteer and get your foot in the door that way. 🙂
  2. Thank you very much for providing this offer! I just registered - very easy.
  3. Journey_On

    Brian Short News

    So incredibly tragic. My heart goes out to Brian's extended family and friends. May God fill them with love and comfort during this time.
  4. Journey_On

    Florida RN Salaries

    As a new grad (BSN), the pay was $22.12/hour in a city that was about 45 minutes from Tampa. The patient-to-nurse ratio was typically 5:1 during the day (stroke floor).
  5. Journey_On

    Would you like your job more if you were paid more?

    I no longer work at the hospital, but I was per diem at my last job, and the pay was really decent. I took quite a big pay cut when I left my hospital job, but looking back, it was still the right decision. I don't think I would have enjoyed that last hospital job even if it paid more, unfortunately.
  6. Just once, thank goodness.
  7. Journey_On

    Which states are CNMs permitted to do homebirths?

    CNMs can do homebirths in Florida.
  8. Journey_On

    The Stranger Within: Living With Mental Illness

    VivaLasViejas, Thank you for sharing this and bringing awareness to a topic that needs to be talked about more. I struggle with anxiety/OCD, but I don't know if many of my acquaintances or friends know it because I try to hide it (however, if you hang out with me long enough, you'll know). People sometimes talk lightly about mental illnesses, and some of the worries I have are irrational/dumb, so that makes me less likely to talk about it. I also have a history of other issues as well. I've seen how it has affected my life - esp. in school and work. School and work are hard enough, but when you add a mental illness into the mix, it makes things overwhelming. You could consider it a disability even, when it hinders your daily life. rn/writer said it well here: Pretty much no one else at work - that I've seen so far - look as overwhelmed and stressed out as me (in my bad moments). I just cannot handle stress well, and I tend to show it outwardly. I know I should be on medication again (have been on SSRIs in the past), but there's just a few things stopping me from taking that step again.
  9. Journey_On

    CNM giving up practicing...for now

    It sounds like you made the right decision for yourself. The fact that you felt a burden being lifted is a sign that you made the right choice. I feel similarly, even though I'm just a nurse-midwifery student. I love the midwifery model and enjoy sharing with others what midwives do, but I feel hesitant on what I want to do in the future. The call part worries me a bit. Best wishes as you find a new direction! It's interesting that you applied for a OB manager position because the OB manager at my hospital is a CNM!
  10. Journey_On

    Caught my first baby!

    Aww, congratulations - what an exciting moment for you!!
  11. Journey_On

    RNs who choose/like being casual

    I just switched to PRN status this past Sunday. One of the main reasons for the switch was because I needed more time to focus on school (pursuing MSN). I like that I don't have to work 3 days a week anymore, and I can schedule myself in whenever I want. I also have another PRN-type job where I could pick up shifts if I want to. I am quite sure I could get full-time hours on my floor if I chose to. It has been a little time-consuming finding my own insurance, but so far, the change has been so worth it. The pay is higher as well.
  12. Journey_On

    TGH internships

    Congratulations on passing boards! I would bookmark the TGH jobs website. From that page you can find a link on the left that says "Contact HR." There is a phone number listed there. I found that the TGH HR staff was pretty helpful. Sometimes they even called me when I was not eligible for a job for which I had applied (many places I found did not do that). I wish you the best - I know how hard it is for new grads (and even experienced nurses) to find a job!
  13. Journey_On

    Looking for Advice-New Grad, 8 patients?

    For my first job as a new grad, I had usually 4-5 (rarely 6) patients on days. For my 2nd job (with now a little over a year of experience), I get 5-6 patients on nights. I work on a tele floor/PCU. A PCU is usually considered a step-down from ICU. Many of the patients are acutely ill, and sometimes I feel like I'm not able to give the care they need. I don't think I could handle 8 patients.
  14. Journey_On

    how much orientation did you receive as a new grad?

    As a new grad, I got 17 weeks of orientation (average at the facility for nurses was 12 weeks).
  15. Journey_On

    Dream job if you weren't an RN

    That is so neat how similar our interests are! For me, it's 1) Actress (wish I had pursued this more in high school and college - I guess there is still time.....) 2) Working with dolphins and stingrays (not in the wild) (It's so interesting how some of you mentioned dolphin trainer! :))
  16. Journey_On

    Flagler Hospital

    Flagler Hospital is located in St. Augustine (east coast). It was Florida's first magnet hospital. I get emails from them from time to time - in fact, I received one from them last week, stating they had several open positions.