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  1. Journey_On

    Hospitals near Satellite Beach

    You're very welcome! :)
  2. Journey_On

    Hospitals near Satellite Beach

    Satellite Beach is a great place to live. :) I am not sure of hospitals that are known for being grad-friendly (as I haven't worked as a nurse on the Space Coast), but here are some hospitals that are within an hour's drive: - Holmes Regional Medical Center (Melbourne) - Parrish Medical Center (Titusville) - Wuesthoff Medical Center (Rockledge & Melbourne) - Cape Canaveral Hospital (Cocoa Beach) - Palm Bay Hospital (Palm Bay)
  3. Journey_On

    Florida Renewal

    I renewed my RN license on April 8th. By the 12th, the new renewal date was up on the MQA website. This number was listed in the Current Licensee FAQ section: (850) 488-0595, menu option 3.
  4. Journey_On

    How old were you when you finished nursing school?

    I was 24 when I graduated from an accelerated BSN program.
  5. Journey_On

    Gratuate Nursing Internships

    I don't know if they have one currently, but the Baycare hospital system offers graduate nurse internships. Tampa General sometimes offers internships as well. This may be a bit of a drive for you, but Lakeland Regional has a new grad internship listed on their site right now. You could also call any of the HR departments for these hospitals and ask when they might open up their next GN internship program.
  6. Journey_On

    L&D cover letter question

    RNCoastiewife is correct. :) Thank you for your input.
  7. Journey_On

    L&D cover letter question

    I have a question that is somewhat related to the OP's question. I am a nurse-midwifery student who is not working in L&D. I believe one of the hospitals I have applied to does not use CNMs. A question that often comes up in interviews is "What are your plans for the future/where do you see yourself in five years?" At a hospital that doesn't use CNMs, would it help or hurt to say that I hope to be working as a CNM?
  8. Journey_On

    Frontier in 2012

    I am a Frontier student, and I found out I was accepted to the program a little less than 3 months before Frontier Bound (orientation), and a little less than 5 months when classes actually started. There is a lot of support from the faculty and your classmates. Me and my classmates stay in touch quite frequently on Facebook, and Skype is also useful.
  9. Journey_On

    CNM Programs at Frontier and Stony Brook

    Yes, the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing is a distance-based/online program. You do have to travel to Kentucky (where the school is based) twice throughout the program - once before classes begin, and once before you start your clinicals. Everything else is done from where you live, including clinicals.
  10. Journey_On

    Anybody new gearing up for Frontier?

    Congratulations, EP Lover!
  11. Journey_On


    I am a RN-BSN. I've been looking for a job for about 6 months. I have 10 months of nursing experience. I don't really know how many applications I've filled out this round - at least 10. I have had 5 interviews since I started this particular job search (I had 10 interviews before I got my first job). At this point, I'm just getting tired. There is a lot I could say about this whole job search (and my first job search), but I don't feel like getting into it publicly. I know there are many people who are in similar situations. Somehow we have to keep our heads up and not miss out on the rest of life (even though it feels like much of our attention revolves around our job search).
  12. Journey_On

    CNM Programs at Frontier and Stony Brook

    The ACNM website also lists East Carolina University and the Midwifery Institute of Philadelphia University as distance programs, in addition to the three programs already mentioned in this thread. I am also a Frontier student. Feel free to PM me anytime. :)
  13. Journey_On

    Any CNMs that aren't mothers themselves?

    I am a nurse-midwifery student, and I do not have any children, nor am I planning to have any in the near future. I know of midwives who haven't had children themselves, and they are spoken of very highly. I think what matters more is that you have the passion to help women and infants. :)
  14. Journey_On

    Lots of FREE medical, etc. books on Kindle today!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this website with us! :)
  15. Journey_On

    Frontier School of Midwifery - Class of 82...anyone with me?

    Tanya, your experience would be fine! :) Like Ginny said, you only need 1 year of nursing experience, and it does not have to be in L&D. They will consider other types of health care experience, too. The work experience I had as an RN was not OB-related. Best wishes as you make your decision!