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Journey_On has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Occupational Health and Mother Baby.

I have 13 years of nursing experience - a couple years in the hospital (stroke, IMCU, observation floor) but mostly out of the hospital. I am currently working as an RN in the hospitality industry (pre-hospital EMS and occupational health) and started a highly-desired job in Mother Baby in 2021. I have been very interested in pursuing a career in maternal newborn nursing ever since nursing school. I have been learning so much and am grateful to be working with this patient population.

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  1. Journey_On

    Mother-Baby Nursing Study Materials?

    You are very welcome. 🙂 I like it - I had actually wanted to get into OB nursing ever since nursing school; it just took me many years to get there. But it has been everything I thought it would be. I feel like I learn something new every day. I...
  2. Journey_On

    Mother-Baby Nursing Study Materials?

    Congratulations on your internship! I would look into the AWHONN Compendium of Postpartum Care, 3rd edition. If you have any questions during your internship or afterwards, please feel free to ask. Your unit sounds sort of like mine. I've b...
  3. Journey_On

    Bedside Report

    Also not a fan of bedside report. I understand that it helps keep the patient involved in their care, but it takes up more time. And I am often leaving past my end time most shifts.
  4. Journey_On

    Advice Please: Seeking Operating Room Job

    As someone who wasn't able to work their preferred specialty until 12 years out of nursing school, I say, go directly for the specialty you want. 😊
  5. Journey_On

    Media: Where are the Nurses?

    I haven't watched Chicago Med yet, but it's on my list to watch because Doctor Mike (on Youtube) ranked it pretty high on his most accurate medical dramas video. 🙂 Nice to hear another recommendation for it!
  6. Journey_On

    Media: Where are the Nurses?

    Thank you for this!! I can't wait for a day (IF there is such a day) when there is a medical tv show where nurses are accurately portrayed. I'm thankful for my husband who listens to me rant while we're watching them. I would be happy to be a nu...
  7. Journey_On

    Non-Hospital Nursing

    I have a non-hospital nursing position in the hospitality industry and do a little occupational health at the same place. I also have a per diem position at the hospital. It's the best of both worlds - I have a good work-life balance and get to keep ...
  8. Journey_On

    Transfer from Med-surg to MICU or L&D?

    I would go for the L&D position. 🙂 It sounds like it’s more what you want. Plus, I think it’s better to go straight into what you want rather than going to something else and transferring later. Best wishes with what you ultimately decide!
  9. Journey_On

    March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month - Wear Your Blue Ribbon

    Thank you so much, Brenda! 😍
  10. Journey_On

    March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month - Wear Your Blue Ribbon

    It went very well - no polyps or other abnormalities were found (other than the hemorrhoids, which we were already aware of). Thank you so much for asking, Brenda! 🙂
  11. Journey_On

    March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month - Wear Your Blue Ribbon

    Brenda, thank you very much for this. I didn’t even know it was Colon Cancer Awareness Month. I am having a colonoscopy next week due to a symptom I had/have. My surgeon wants me to be cleared from a GI standpoint prior to a laparoscopic procedu...
  12. You are not insane. I can relate. A lot of what you said rung true for me at my first couple of hospital jobs. I nearly had a panic attack in my car before a shift and felt like I was going to die or something. I would wish that I could be sick so I ...
  13. Journey_On

    How Could She Have Died?

    Thank you so much for this article. We have the warning signs in the admission folder we give to all moms, and we go over it in our discharge teaching as well. Good reminder to verbally review the signs during discharge teaching, as many might not be...
  14. Journey_On

    RN With Contamination OCD - Please Help!

    Of course! ? It is a product (not sure of the rules on here about links, but you can see the products at PhoneSoap dot com) - different variations of the product, but they all do the same thing - kill germs with UV light. I'm slightly embarrass...
  15. Journey_On

    RN With Contamination OCD - Please Help!

    EDITED to add: I've had contamination OCD for 10+ years, so this is not something that started with covid. I also have contamination OCD (all but diagnosed, but I know enough to know). It’s a struggle because it feels isolating - at least for me...