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  1. NCLEX Review courses

    What is the best NCLEX review course to attend? I graduate in May 2010 and I heard that there are review classes you can go to for the NCLEX. They provide a comprehensive review of all material covered on the NCLEX... Does anyone know anything about ...
  2. Applying to USAF

    Hi everyone! I'm graduating from nursing school in may 2010 and I just started the application process for the usaf... Is anyone else in the same boat as me? I have been talking with my recruiter for the past couple weeks and he may come visit with m...
  3. I am so so nervous!! I just got hired at this great children's hospital as a student nurse tech. I love children and it's a good program they have going... You are rotated in all areas of the hospital every 2-3 months so you get to see the different ...
  4. Concept Map Generator

    I really really need help finding a good concept map generator for my care plan!! I've heard that there are some good ones online, but I haven't come across any yet. I would really appreciate some help! Thanks!!
  5. My scrubs are royal blue with collared tops (which I've never seen before...) and white tennis shoes. Nothing fancy, but I like it!
  6. help! I'm terrified of clinicals!

    I COMPLETELY understand how you feel. I am starting my 4th week of NS and i had my very first clinical experience yesterday! And, not to scare you, but we were literally thrown in. We didn't follow a nurse as other students did. Our instructor si...
  7. Okay, so i start my first semester of nursing school on august 27th. my orientation is on the 26th and as the time comes closer, i seem to be getting more and more nervous/anxious... It was just last month that I was saying "I am so excited and can'...
  8. What to do prior to NS?

    I started reading this book as soon as I posted this thread up called "Student Nurse Handbook: Difficult Concepts Made Easy" (2nd Edition) by Twiname and Boyd. It's actually REALLY helpful... Like I said I just started it and so far I've read about ...
  9. What to do prior to NS?

    heyy everyone!! okay, so i start the nursing program next month and i have done EVERYTHING required prior to the start date. but, is there anything else i can do??? i hate to sit here doing nothing for the next months and i want to do extra so i'm H...
  10. Palm Pilots in Nursing School?

    One more thing... What kind of voice recorder do you have? That's another thing I've gotta get!
  11. Palm Pilots in Nursing School?

    That's the one I was thinking about getting! The salesman at the electronic store said a lot of nurses and students have it... But it's just so expensive ! I'll take what you said into consideration though!:nuke: Thanks a lot!
  12. Hey everyone! I was thinking about buying a palm pilot for when I start nursing school this fall, but I wanted to ask ya'll if they REALLY helped. Also what exactly are they good for? I've heard a lot of students say they were good for clinicals, b...
  13. attn students in accelerated BSN programs

    Good luck to you! I don't want to sound discouraging to anyone going thru the ABSN program... Like I said I'm sure there are many nurses that have done it successfully! :nuke:
  14. Family crises and NS

    I am soo sorry to hear about your son...I don't have any children, but I know that no matter how old they are, they'll always be you babies. It's such a blessing that he is walking again! But, like another poster said, God knows what's best for you...
  15. got in!

    Yay! Congrats! I'm sure you know this, but stay focused and put your :redbeathe into it!