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  1. "Mary Jones approaches you, says she fell, and reports her left leg hurts. Describe how you would handle the situation." Obviously you would assess for an injury to the left leg. Why am I drawing a blank on what else to do??? Ugh! Thanks
  2. NCLEX application status (no response so far)

    This happened to me, and it was because I recorded my email address incorrectly on the application. Just a thought!
  3. Additional education

    I just passed my LPN boards, and am currently in the second semester of RN school. Are there any special certifications I can be working toward at this time? -J
  4. What orders would you question HELP!

    Thanks Daytonite! This was what I was thinking, but just needed the reassurance. :)
  5. What orders would you question HELP!

    if not a normal diet, then what kind of diet would be appropriate??
  6. What orders would you question HELP!

    Here's the situation we were given: 82 year-old male with a history of renal insufficiency and CHF taking the following PO medication: Lasix 60 mg BID, K-dur 20mgEq Bid, Digoxin 0.125 mg QD, and Niforex (renal multivitamin) QD. He is transfer...
  7. Impaired skin integrity or risk for??

    I'll give you the Powerlessness. There's a diagnosis there, but I'm just unsure of which one to use. The information we were given is: John also expresses a great deal of concern and anxiety about his current situation. Because he works for a con...
  8. Impaired skin integrity or risk for??

    Thank you Bug Out! This was exactly what I was struggling with as far as going with the "risk for" or straight to the "impaired skin integrity". What you said makes total sense. Nursing diagnosis should focus on things I can fix or prevent! That'...
  9. Impaired skin integrity or risk for??

    I'm working on a case study/concept map, and need a little bit of help. The case study is about a 52 year old with a right comminuted pelvic fracture that is stabilized by an external fixation device. He is on strict bedrest. I'm thinking a nursing ...
  10. How do you get through the end of semester lazies?

    I don't know how to beat the semester end lazies. I suffered from it big time this past semester!! I'll be following this thread for ideas!
  11. My plan is to not slack the last part of the semester. I went strong for the first 2/3 of the semester, but really started to slack and fall behind the last 1/3 of the semester. I plan on finding a way to keep me motivated throughout the whole semest...
  12. Who got an A on their final...

    I received a B on my final, but an A- in the class. I care far more about my total course grade rather than any one grade on an exam.
  13. How Do You Do It?

    I live on Diet Mountain Dew, and lots of it!! I am also a lover of a well placed nap. My naps are usually a couple hours long, but they help so much. A lot of times I'll go to bed at a decent hour and wake up 2-3 hours before I have to be to clinic...
  14. My first semester of nursing school is over, and our class has become very close this semester. We're all friends and we all get along so well. It makes me sad that, as I move on to my second semester, many of my class mates won't be going with me....
  15. Waiting for My Final Grade

    My grades came in. I received two A's and one A- for my 1st semester of classes. I'll certainly take those grades!!!!!!!!!!