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  1. OB - PBDS

    I have to take the PBDS for OB. I've already taken the med/surg one (and passed), but my director requires all new hires to take the OB test. I've been searching online and can't seem to find any information about the OB test, so I thought I would sh...
  2. What do you wear to work?

    I was hired on at a hospital that has L&D and Mom/Baby on the same floor. The director told me that I could possibly have both types of patients at the same time. I was told the dress code was any kind of scrubs. I haven't started yet, so I don't...
  3. What do you wear to work?

    Just curious, do you wear hospital or personal scrubs to work?
  4. What pay are nurses making these days?

    State: South Florida Education: ASN Graduate in Dec 2010 Base Pay: 21.50 3-11pmshift differential: $3 more an hour Weekend and Nights shift differential: $6 more an hour First Rn job, no experience. free parking, 10 minutes from home. full benefits...
  5. Malpractice Insurance

    I'm new to nursing. I start my job in OB next month. I'm interested in purchasing malpractice insurance, but I have no idea where to start looking. Any recommendations? BTW, I'm in Florida. Thanks
  6. Best place to order scrubs online?

    I've never purchased scrubs online. Can anyone recommend any websites? Thanks
  7. I had a second interview today for an internship position.(The first interview is with a recruiter, then sent she arranges the interview with the director). The director was very nice. She explained how the internship program worked, then showed me a...
  8. How I got my (new grad) job...

    Congrats :w00t: So what do you have in that portfolio? I'd like to make one, but I have no idea what to put in it.
  9. Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    I took the NCLEX on Tuesday the 11th at 8:00. I was done in under an hour. I rushed home to my computer and arrived by 10:30. I did the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop-up. Today, the 12th at 7:30pm, I checked my BON (FL) and found my license n...
  10. work right away or continue with school?

    Thanks for all of the wonderful advice. The hiring process for new grads at my local hospital is daunting. First, pass the NCLEX and get licensed (you cant apply without having a license number); then the application period is the 1st-5th day of the...
  11. I'm unsure what to do and was hoping for some advice. I recently graduated with an ADN. I would like to continue on for my BSN degree someday. My question is do I work right away and go to school part time or continue with school and start working th...
  12. Share Your Saying

    Don't worry about the monsters in your closet; the monsters under your bed will get them.
  13. First Care Plan. HELP!!!

    Thanks for the help. I need to have a psychosocial diagnosis and I'm completely stuck. My pt was admitted for a stomach blockage r/t a previous(12 yrs ago) gastric bypass surgery. Her BMI is over 30 and she admitted to eating candy bars. That's about...
  14. First Care Plan. HELP!!!

    I'm having a hard time with my first care plan. I'm stuck on my psychological diagnosis. Noncompliance of dietary regimen r/t obesity aeb a BMI >30 and reported undesirable eating habits Is this even a good diagnosis? Any help would be appreciated...
  15. I just finished my first day at clinicals. We were at a nursing home. We were assigned to a patient and thrown to the wolves. This was my very first experience caring for people other than my family. I tried to explain that to our CNA but she didn't ...