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  1. ProgressiveThinking

    West Coast University spring 2019

    That's why you apply to community colleges that aren't on the lottery system? All of the CCs in my area are based off of a point system. Cal-states are also cheaper. So is almost every other private school. I'm sure WCU is a good program, and I have friends who graduated from there. I also have ex-coworkers who went there and had to take travel assignments just to be able to afford make a loan payment and make ends meet. I'm just saying that I would only do this program if I was absolutely dead set on become a RN and I exhausted EVERY OTHER option because paying 1500-2000 a month of loans on a RN salary isn't exactly fun. You can become a RN and have little-to-moderate student loan debt, or you can become a RN be stuck paying 2k/month. Thousands of other people take the the former route, so all I'm saying is so can other people who are on the fence about the school.
  2. ProgressiveThinking

    West Coast University spring 2019

    I went to a California community college and and got my ADN for 2k. After that I worked 2 jobs and paid 8k cash for my BSN. There are cheaper ways to become a RN.
  3. ProgressiveThinking

    Advice for acceptance into CRNA school

    Like other posters stated, cast a wide net. The wider the better. If you apply to programs with larger class sizes you generally have a better chance at getting accepted, although some people question the quality of education that comes from larger programs (I'm in a large program and it's been good). Also, how was your GRE score? Like another poster stated, you can always get CSC and CMC as well, but at this point, aside from your cumulative GPA your application seems OKAY depending on what your GRE score and grad course grades are. Just keep on applying and eventually a program will probably accept you.
  4. ProgressiveThinking

    Pre-CRNA course offered at BARRY

    I got accepted into Barry without taking their course. Just sayin'
  5. ProgressiveThinking

    Finally Accepted!!! Need Advice.

    Have you worked in anesthesia with MDAs and CRNAs before? What exactly leads you to believe that CRNAs require medical supervision? Not being hostile, just genuinely curious about how you came to this conclusion is all... FWIW even a lot of MDAs don't think CRNAs need supervision for the majority of bread and butter cases.
  6. ProgressiveThinking

    CRNA class profile

    How old were you at the time of acceptance? 29 what was your overall gpa? lower than most other applicants what score did you get on the GRE? 309 and 5.0 on the writing How many years did you spend in the ICU? 3, but I had 6-7 year in nursing total by the time I started Would you recommend taking part of research to boost my application? Do research only if you want to do research. It wouldn't hurt, but nobody in my class has done research. I think it would be better to focus on getting the best ICU experience you can and doing well on the GRE if your school requires it. Get CCRN, CMC, CSC, etc. Do rapid response, be a code nurse, charge nurse, and focus on getting into committees (some schools like this). I was part of the patient safety committee. Would you recommend volunteer work to boost my application? Nobody has in my class has done research, but it wouldn't hurt. Again, I would focus on the other things listed above Very Important: what is the fastest way to get to the ICU? (I was recommended to take part of the New Grad Star program) Apply to as many ICUs as possible, regardless of whether or not they have a new grad program. My manager liked when people took initiative to take a critical care course on their own.
  7. ProgressiveThinking

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

  8. ProgressiveThinking

    Question from a Cali RN making good money.

    Well good thing you had enough personal insight to come to this conclusion. Sacramento is on my list of places to move after I graduate. I like the downtown scene! Good luck!
  9. ProgressiveThinking

    Will a good GPA outweigh lack of experience?

    Actually, all of the above matters to a lot of admissions committees. Whether or not it's a good idea to go into clinical with less than 2 years of ICU experience is an entirely different argument, but the key is to be as well-rounded as possible. If you lack in other areas do your best shine in others.
  10. ProgressiveThinking

    Bringing in the Boys: How to Attract More Male Nurses

    I've worked at multiple hospitals, and that's not the case. One hospital I worked at started me at 32/hr as a new grad. While working my way up their pay scale, 2 years in I was making 36/hour. Other individuals who came to work for the hospital after getting 2 years of experience elsewhere started out around 41/hr. If anything, in California, you make more money by jumping from hospital to hospital and negotiating your salary. Staying with the same hospital for your entire career will keep you underpaid, unless you're in it for a pension. I ended up moving to a different hospital and was paid more than other nurses with equal experience and certifications. I'm a male btw.
  11. ProgressiveThinking

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    refer to Bluebolt's last comment
  12. ProgressiveThinking

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    Well everybody, I stand corrected. This individual is in fact telling the truth. My apologies!
  13. ProgressiveThinking

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    Yeah, you can. You would have to upload it to dropbox or google drive or some other type of online storage website since uploading images to PMs is done through a link.
  14. ProgressiveThinking

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    Offsite and online are not synonymous. If you were a CRNA who was interested in advancing your profession during a time when politics were rife between CRNAs and MDAs in regard to competency, independent practice, and autonomy, it's difficult to comprehend why anybody with their profession's best interest in mind would go around advertising or suggesting that their competition was somehow academically superior and/or more innately intelligent than they were (this is what your post suggests). Anyways, If you're genuinely here to help people then my apologies. Even a picture of your license with everything blurred with exception of your allnurses name on a piece of paper would be sufficient.
  15. ProgressiveThinking

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    FYI, Texas Wesleyan University is not an online school. They have a distance learning option that requires you to be in an offsite class the same time that the on campus students are. Their classes are just streamed through satellite, but you can use a microphone to ask questions like all other students and you can see the professor and they can see you as if you were in a normal classroom. They're doing away with this option for the next cohort for various reasons. The AANA opposes online learning for CRNAs (with the exception of some fluff DNP writing/research courses). This is pretty open, and most CRNAs know this which makes me believe you're a troll. There's another gentlemen on here who has a youtube channel called Flightnurse2MD (something like that?) and he actually failed out of CRNA school. He went on to medical school and is now entering an MDA residency. His sentiments were different from yours stating that CRNA school (which he stated his GPA was not the high in) was not as supportive as medical school. Medical school gave him ALL of the tools to succeed and a far more supportive environment and that was more conducive to learning and not as turbulent as CRNA school was for him. Different experiences I guess, but I find your story difficult to believe. My gut tells me that you're a troll. Are you part of the CRNA and SRNA facebook page (since it requires verification of CRNA or SRNA status to join). Would you be willing to pm your info on facebook for verification and I would personally vouch for you without letting everyone know you are who you are? I would keep your info completely anonymous. Even just a PM with a picture of your license minus the number and full name like others on reddit do would suffice. Thanks