TGIF! How was your week?


Here was mine...



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:roflmao::roflmao: Thank you!!! I needed that this morning.


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Hahahahahaha!!! I love that vine!! We have two hamsters and they are the cutest things!!!

My week has been OK. It's actually gone by pretty quickly so I like that.

Tonight I am going to a new workout place that I am trying and then thinking about starting my Xmas shopping. Kohl's has some great deals and their Veteran's Day sale on top of it.


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Got paid and it's our thanksgiving week break, next week. So pretty good!

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I lost (and recovered a dressy boot I had packed to wear when I saw (Lady Gaga) last minute wardrobe change...found the boot in the way back of my car yesterday! Left my phone and school ID at a luncheon venue, 30 minutes away from home on Wed- (a co worker picked it up for me). Thurs I overslept as my alarm is on my phone,. I did set the alarm on my Kindlefire but it failed me....I woke up at 7 vs 6

Thanks GOD it is Friday!!!!!! and I have nowhere to go and nothing to do this weekend!

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MrsNurse(x2) and I have a childless night tomorrow, think we will turn in early.


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Great because it is Friday!


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It's been an average week here. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Work has been steady and my kids have been busy with school activities and playing some game on their devices that they are all excited about (Road Blocks?).

Tonight they go with their dad and I'll pick them up in the morning so tonight I will enjoy some relaxing after working out. I'm volunteering at the humane society in the morning with the kitties.

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MrsNurse(x2) and I have a childless night tomorrow, think we will turn in early.

I'll bet you will!!!!

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I'll bet you will!!!!

OD- I was just waiting for you to chime in with Mr.:yeah:


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I get to go see my best friend's baby again tomorrow! Otherwise it's all schoolwork for me. Because...procrastination.


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Crazy week.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Be safe. Love you!