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  1. OhioBPH

    Independent Diabetics?

    My independent students (at the Middle School level) don't come to me unless there is a problem, usually with their pump or site, which requires a call home anyway. The local children's hospital sets independence as a goal. Once a doc signs that they are completely independent I am here for support if needed. they must have emergency supplies in the clinic as well as an up to date diabetic management plan, but that's it.
  2. OhioBPH

    Lice dilemma

    I am sure they would be on board, but honestly it seems like class discrimination. This is one of the poorest families in the district, the kids are more or less raising themselves, and they are already on the truancy list because they are responsible for getting themselves to school.
  3. OhioBPH

    Lice dilemma

    Administration is aware. We would leave her messages. We start break with a half day on Thursday.
  4. OhioBPH

    Lice dilemma

    Okay, let me start by stating that I am opposed to lice exclusions from school. I understand the many problems with such policies and have stated them many times. Our district has a no live lice policy. Students found to have lice are to be sent home immediately and may return when they are free from live lice. They are to be checked upon return and then 1 - 2 weeks later. There is a family here that has 2 students in my school, 1 in the behavior intervention school, and one at the high school. The youngest was found to have lice end of November. Mom is not reachable during school. There are no emergency contacts. Technically the student is supposed to stay in the office all day in this situation, but we made an exception due to an attendance issue/to not punish making it to school on time. I left a detailed message and I sent home fliers with info about lice, a form so that I could treat the lice at school if mom was unable, details about home cleaning as well as checking the whole family. The vice principal even purchased and sent home lice treatment. This student was out for five days after this. On recheck he had one louse, which I removed. Since then I have had two staff report to me that the brother has lice. Apparently a student that sit behind him is telling staff that she sees bugs in his hair. Ya'll I don't know what to do. I have a fundamental problem with excluding for lice, and I don't think that I can continue to use HIPAA as an avoidance mechanism.
  5. OhioBPH

    First day of the rest of my life

    I ended up with the grades is expected! Now I have 4 weeks off, 2 of which i'm on break from here, too!
  6. OhioBPH

    First day of the rest of my life

    Tonight is my last final of the semester! It is looking like an A and a B+ right now and im proud.
  7. OhioBPH

    What brought you to where you are now?

    I like to say I am in the middle of a very scenic route. I have been a CMA for almost 10 years, most of them in primary care pediatrics. I returned to school for a Bachelor degree in Public Health with the intention of moving on to medical school, then redirecting to PA school. I learned quickly that PA school is RIDICULOUSLY competitive, but also that to do the type of work I wanted to do I would need either a license in social work or nursing. Let's be honest, nurses earn more money! I had to look for a job that would accommodate evening nursing school and here I am. I really love my job. However it may end up being temporary. In my organization if you get your NCLEX there is a requirement to work in the children's hospital for a year before returning to school health. It seems likely now that I may continue on to NP school, there are a couple licensure entry programs in my area. That's a long way off now, I'll graduate with my ADN May of 2020.
  8. OhioBPH

    What ta heck?

    I don't know how these kids celebrate Thanksgiving, but I have had a disproportionate # of pukers today. It's been a revolving door of stomach ache with a pounding headache and SA/HA and vomiting all day.
  9. OhioBPH

    Glasses - Life Hack

    I've been using dental floss, but I just heard today that you can use a paper clip! It is probably a little more unattractive, but it allows for full use of the hinge.
  10. OhioBPH

    What are your hours?

    Our contracts are for 5 hours, so I am here 830-130 (Students arrive at 7:20, school starts at 7:44, 2:35 is end of day). This is for the many, many districts the local children's hospital staffs. That said, secretaries are trained in first aid and emergency meds as well as PRn med administration. The district nurse has an 8 hour day, I think 7-4, to cover the earliest arrival and latest dismissal.
  11. OhioBPH

    Grossed out for the first time this year

    Not work related, but a skeptics podcast I listen to is investigating urine therapy. Which is when you drink your own urine to heal your body. I have gagged. Mouth stuff always grosses me out, though. i would not have been much help to that kid.
  12. OhioBPH

    Parents are mad... xD

    I don't know why they are mad at you, they need to bring that up to the school board or whatever governing body runs your school (it's charter, right?)
  13. OhioBPH

    First day of the rest of my life

    First day of lecture went well, I am up to my eye balls in readings and videos, but plugging away so i don't get behind. It was rough being out so late, but I'm sure I'll adjust. Also, my lecture teacher looks like Maya Rudolph. The comedian.
  14. OhioBPH

    First day of the rest of my life

    It's semester one, day one. Class starts at 1715. Self care needs and Health Assessment this term. It's really happening.
  15. OhioBPH

    school nurse as a mom

    I am not able to do anything during school days UNLESS my district is off and my son's is not. However, I typically just enjoy my time alone, lol. The trade off is that I am home when he gets home, I can help with homework, eat dinner as a family, wake him up in the morning, etc on all school days.