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KKEGS has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. KKEGS

    Any nurses NOT responsible for contact tracing?

    We aren't contact tracing at all this year but we used some COVID money from our state last year to hire 2 LPNs to help do the contact tracing. That was all they did was deal with COVID stuff so if a nurse was informed that a student or staff tested...
  2. We have done this already. Our district partnered with our county PH department and administered the first dose to our staff members. I wasn't paid extra because it was done during my normal working hours. The second dose was during our Spring bre...
  3. KKEGS

    Peak flow meters

    I have never used one either to be honest. If a student comes in complaining of SOB I listen to their lungs and give them their inhaler no matter what I hear. As an asthmatic myself if a student says they need their inhaler I hand it over. I know ...
  4. KKEGS

    I'm baaaaaack! :)

    Hello fellow school nurses! Remember me? 🙂 Well I am back after a year away from the school and just doing per diem agency work in the hospital. Agency work has not been as regular as I had hoped and rather than accepting a night shift position an...
  5. KKEGS

    Last monday

    My last Monday alarm clock as well!!! Can't. Even. Wait!
  6. KKEGS

    The school board closed our school...

    Our school was so small that there were only 6 teaching positions. 4 of the teachers have tenure and will be reassigned to other elementary schools in the district. 2 of our teachers did not have tenure. One was let go right away when other distri...
  7. KKEGS

    The school board closed our school...

    This seems to be the hardest on the adults. The kids have actually done amazingly well today. Extra counselors came from the other schools to be on hand just in case. Otherwise we kept the school day as normal as we could and ended the day playing...
  8. MN Public School District 2017-2018 Staff Dates (8/14 to 5/24); Student Dates (8/21 to 5/23) 2018-2019 Staff Dates (8/27 to 6/7); Student Dates (9/4 to 6/6)
  9. The school board voted 5-1 to close our Montessori elementary school. We are heartbroken. Listening to the sobs of those children in the meeting last night was one of the worst things I've ever heard. I tried to prepare myself all along for this r...
  10. KKEGS

    Spider bites

    I would probably send home any child that presented with those symptoms! Glad the parents took him in and got him some meds!
  11. KKEGS


    You guys are killing me today! :)
  12. KKEGS


  13. KKEGS

    School closures...

    UPDATE: For those who were following our whole saga with potentially closing an elementary school (the one my daughters attend) well...we're STILL waiting to find out. The original plan was for the school board to vote on May 3. Due to a "glitch" ...
  14. KKEGS

    One of the nice things about working in a school

    I totally agree MHDNURSE! I love how the beginning of the school year feels like a fresh start! And the end of the school year brings closure and a chance for relaxation and renewal. I love the pace of a school year, the lead up to and excitement ...
  15. KKEGS

    Summer 2018 Plans?

    I have a friend who goes to Haiti on medical mission trips. She has invited me but I feel like my kids are still too young for me to leave them for that long to go overseas. One day though! It's definitely on my bucket list!