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  1. Duke University ABSN Fall 2024

    Has anyone else applied to Duke for their ABSN program? I'd love to connect with other applicants while I have daily anxiety about getting accepted or not!
  2. Duke University, established in 1838 as Brown's Schoolhouse, became Duke University in 1924. The School of Nursing was founded in 1931.
  3. Duke University DNP program

    Hi everyone, I'd like to share my experience with Duke's DNP program, hoping it might offer some valuable perspective (as I would have liked to have known this myself prior to committing). Unfortunately, my time in the program has fallen very sh...
  4. Duke CRNA 2024

    For those that applied to Duke's CRNA program for 2024!!
  5. Duke WHNP MSN Spring 2024

    I was trying to find a Duke MSN chat for Spring 2024 but only saw fall 2023. I just applied today and was wondering if anyone else did. I applied for WHNP :)
  6. Duke CRNA 2023

    Wanted to make a thread for those applying to Duke's CRNA program starting Fall 2023 🙂
  7. Duke MSN WHNP Spring 2020

    Hi all! I've just submitted my application to dukes MSN WHNP program for the spring and was wondering If anyone else out there applied or is currently enrolled!
  8. Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    I am (excitedly) looking into nursing programs to hopefully enroll in within the next year. I have been intrigued by Duke, not only for it's ranking but for the fact that I could add some specialty education, which isn't easy to find! Things I'm...
  9. Duke ABSN Fall 2021

    Hi everyone! I read through posts from previous DUSON ABSN cycles while completing my application and they were very helpful, but I noticed there were no new posts for the current application cycle, so I thought I'd start one. Just submitte...
  10. Duke New Grad Residency Summer 2020

    This thread is for all those interested in a new grad nursing job at Duke. Here we can help guide each other through the process and connect with others who have applied or are planning to apply. Has anyone interviewed? What unit are you interested i...
  11. Duke DNP Spring 2019

    I have just completed my interview to attend the Post MSN-DNP program at Duke in Spring 2019. I'm looking for others that are going through the process at this time and want to share some moral and professional support. I'd love to meet those who...
  12. Duke Fall MSN 2020

    Starting a thread for all those who have applied to the Fall 2020 Term at Duke. I have applied to the Pediatric Primary NP program.
  13. Duke ABSN Fall 2020

    Hello! I figured it was time to start this thread now that the application deadline is nearly here. Let us commence the stress and commiseration! I finally submitted my Duke ABSN application yesterday after being away from my computer for months wh...
  14. Hey guys! I figured I'd start this forum to meet and chat with everyone that's heard back or waiting to hear back!
  15. Hey y'all! I applied to Duke's 2019 PNA program and just wanted to start this forum to meet any other applicants and anxiously wait through the decision process together!
  16. ABSN Duke Spring 2020

    For all interested in the Duke University Spring 2020 ABSN program. Here we can help guide each other through this process.
  17. Duke ABSN Fall 2019

    Thread for the incoming 2019 Duke ABSN applicants so we can help each other out through the application process.
  18. DUKE MSN FNP Spring 2021

    Hello, I am starting a thread for Duke MSN FNP Spring 2021. Application status: Ready for review.
  19. Duke MSN Spring 2019

    Anyone else applying to Duke MSN program for Spring 2019? Application deadline is Monday and it's all I can think about! I'm applying to the PNP program. Would love to connect with some other potential cohort members!
  20. Duke ABSN Spring 2021

    For 2021 Duke ABSN applicants, in this forum we can help each other out by answering questions we might have!