Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

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Hey y'all! I applied to Duke's 2019 PNA program and just wanted to start this forum to meet any other applicants and anxiously wait through the decision process together!

Hi applied as well! I am super excited I did my interview the other day, but it's hard to really find any information about it anywhere idk what day we are supposed to find out or anything, any other information if anyone knows would be much appreciated!!!

If I had any info to share, I would! It definitely is hard to find anything about it. I did manage to find a previous forum for it, and it appears that they didn't find out until the end of March. I have no clue how many they pick or when we'll actually find out. But here's to waiting and hoping!

Hi guys! I also applied to the PNA program. Just wondering has anyone heard back yet?

Hi! I applied also and haven’t heard back yet :( anyone else??

Haven't heard back yet... thanks for making this forum. :)

I've accepted an internship elsewhere, but I wish you all the very best of luck and hope that you get to spend your summer at Duke!!! you're gonna rock it!!

I haven't heard back yet, but its very late in march or early April before we find out!

Did anyone get an acceptance yet? or did get an email saying that you'll hear in mid April???

I got an email today saying that I got in!

Congrats!!! what specialty did you end up getting?

Thank you! @mbar7540 I got the ER!!

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