Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

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Hey y'all! I applied to Duke's 2019 PNA program and just wanted to start this forum to meet any other applicants and anxiously wait through the decision process together!

Congrats guys!! So exciting!! Are y’all flying to NC to complete the nurse aide test? @GabbyB3 @elizasun

@GabbyB3 congratulations!!! Also, I know a few of us are looking for housing. I made a facebook page (I think I did it right haha), but I'll put the link below if you guys want to join!


@elizasun yay!! Excited to meet you too! I’m also at Duke Univeristy so I am looking for roomies around there!

@mbar7540 Thank you!! Do you want to make a private group too? ?

@saf17 Oh gosh ? I thought that's what I did! I am new to FB guys and I am like a grandma trying to figure it out!!! I'll do it tonight though!

@mbar7540 hahah I'll go ahead and make it right now!! ?

Yes I'm flying out to do the nurse aide test too! Just joined the private FB group ?

@elizasun are you still looking for a roommate?

Does anyone know if we will be able to pick shifts? According to offer letter, I'm working M-F but I thought I would be able to pick 12 hour shifts and work 3 days.

@lexnursingbee yes I'm still looking! @mbar7540 and I are trying to find a place rn, still in the works :') We can rent a three-bedroom+ house for a very reasonable rate I think. I'm so excited to have so many roomies this summer! ❤️

Hey everyone!! We need to purchase our own scrubs, correct? The document that says what we must wear is super hard to read. Can anyone explain our dress code?


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