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  1. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    @masutiraachu I can't speak for all the specialties, but for the ED it definitely seemed so!! If you are good and they want you!
  2. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    @masutiraachu CONGRATS!! I was in the ED last year! It was the best experience I have ever had!! I was given a preceptor and worked her shifts. For the ED, when applying for jobs basically you just submit an application to work there and interview. ...
  3. University of Utah Critical Care Internship

    Hey everyone! I know this is a very old forum, but I have some questions. Do you have a priority list for which units you want to work on after you graduate? The interview days are over 3 days. Do you interview all three, or are you just assigned on...
  4. EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    @nursegirl20 Don't give up hope! I emailed the assistant admissions lady and she said she still has not received any of the decisions from the admissions team. She said she will update OPUS as soon as she gets the names from them. We will all have ei...
  5. EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    @nursegirl20 Thank you so much for looking into that! This makes me feel so much better!!
  6. EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    @nursegirl20no ?
  7. EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    That’s encouraging!! Thank you!!
  8. EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    I looked at all the other discussion posts and they were notified at 5. Someone above said they were waitlisted for the FNP program, which is what I applied to. Idk. Maybe some people are going to hear later?? Praying for everything to work out!!
  9. EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    They notified everyone at 5. I would rather it say something, than nothing at all. :/
  10. EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    My status still says application received.... Guess I did not get in?
  11. EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    Hey everyone!! Has anyone heard today whether they got in or not?
  12. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    @mbar7540Thank you!!
  13. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    Hey everyone!! We need to purchase our own scrubs, correct? The document that says what we must wear is super hard to read. Can anyone explain our dress code? Thanks!
  14. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    Congrats guys!! So exciting!! Are y’all flying to NC to complete the nurse aide test? @GabbyB3 @elizasun
  15. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    Congratulations on getting the PCU!! My mom’s friend’s friend ? has offered for me to stay with them. I would suggest looking for some subleased summer apartments by Duke students that are going home for the summer.