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  1. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    @lexnursingbee yes I'm still looking! @mbar7540 and I are trying to find a place rn, still in the works :') We can rent a three-bedroom+ house for a very reasonable rate I think. I'm so excited to have so many roomies this summer! ❤️
  2. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    Yes I'm flying out to do the nurse aide test too! Just joined the private FB group ?
  3. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    @GabbyB3 congrats!!! I'm from Arizona too but go to school in Philly--so excited to meet a fellow Arizonan :') Let me know if you're looking for roomies in Durham! I got assigned to Duke University Hospital
  4. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    @Mharris19 wow that's great, you're going to have so much fun! I've never been to Durham so I hope I'll be able to find my way around :') @steph2ac yes a FB page for housing would be awesome. @mbar7540 congrats!!!! Let's get housing figured out haha
  5. Duke PNA Summer Program 2019

    @Mharris19that's so exciting, congratulations!!! This was a long-awaited moment and I hope you've gotten the chance to properly celebrate :') I've gotten assigned to the PCU and am trying to figure out housing--are you or anyone else on this page int...